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Legion Protectorate Consulting Services

Captain Enema

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[b]Getting tired of having to sort out your lame neighbors who can't keep a government for more than a week?[/b]

[b]Tired of hearing from those howling liberals about aboriginal rights?[/b]

[b]Do you just want someone to keep an eye on the place for you so you can smash and pilage other stuff?[/b]

"Legion Protectorate Consulting services is a unique organization in which we can call upon some of our finest members to stabilize fallen governments for you. You pay the bills, we do the work for you.

We will ensure that within 6 months 95 percent of the manpower used to run the protectorate will be native hires.

We will ensure that local governments will be ran according to local wishes.

We will ensure that local taxes are used for local improvements.

Infrastructure will not be neglected, Legion Protectorate Consulting Services will see to it that we leave the place better than we found it.

Further, Legion will organize social services, schools, power, water, sewer, and other services needed to run a proper nations.

Local police will be hired locally and fully trained by the finest trainers Legion has to offer.

You pay the bills, we'll do the work for you under your flag.

Crimes against humanity are not part of the package, if you wish to eliminate a ethnic group of minority population or perform torture you will need to sort that out for yourself and we'll happily refund your retainer and depart the area."

Good rates!

Hard Work!

Sign up today!

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