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Diplomatic Dispatch from East Asia


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After months of secret negotiations, the allied powers of Asia have forged a new pact, which brings about true regional security. Through our common spirit and purpose and our shared sacrifice, East Asia has stood up and forged a new Great Wall, not of stone but of men.

[quote][center][u][b]The East Asian Pact[/b][/u][/center]

[b]Article I.[/b] Non Aggression

A. All parties agree not to commit aggression against one another or assist in the commission of aggression against another party. B. No party shall allow their territory to be used as basing for military action against another signatory to this pact. C. Section B is non-chaining.

[b]Article II.[/b] Intelligence Cooperation

A. All parties shall cooperate on matters of intelligence and information gathering pertaining to the national security of each signatory. B. No party shall engage in espionage against another signatory, nor shall they use another signatory's territory to engage in covert missions without informing the other signatory. C. No party shall reveal intelligence assets revealed to them by another signatory to any third party.

[b]Article III.[/b] Economic Cooperation

A. All parties shall lower barriers to entry and promote trade between each other. B. All parties shall cooperate to ensure that their corporations and other economic entities respect the laws of all signatories when engaging in commercial transactions across borders. C. All parties shall cooperate on matters of intellectual property and shall not undertake policies which jeopardize the integrity of intellectual property of any one signatory. D. All parties shall form a international committee to peaceably resolve trade disputes, and shall have force of law within each country. E. All parties shall recognize the EEZs claimed by each signatory at the time of the signing of this treaty.

[b]Article IV.[/b] Military Cooperation

A. An attack on one signatory is considered an attack on all signatories. B. Should one signatory choose to undertake military action of a non-defensive nature, it may call upon the other signatories of this treaty to assist. It must do so 48 hours in advance, unless an action is to pre-empt near term offensive action. Signatories are not required to but highly encouraged to assist in military operations when requested. C. Confidential information provided by joint security operations, must be kept confidential amongst each signatory.

[b]Article V.[/b] Protectorates

A. This treaty may be invoked to secure protectorates within the East Asian Region, particularly if one signatory falls into anarchy. B. All signatories shall consult with all other signatories in allowing non-East Asian nations to take areas of East Asia as a protectorate.

[b]Article VI.[/b] New Membership, Revisions, and Cancellations

A. This treaty is foremost considered an alliance and secondarily a regional unity treaty. As such it is selective in its membership. B. Any nation with territory in East Asia may apply for membership in this treaty, but admittance is not guaranteed. C. Membership must be granted by unanimity of the present signatories who vote within 36 hours of membership being requested, a signatory may chance its vote at any time within the 36 hours. D. All revisions to the treaty must be done by unanimous consent of all signatories who vote within 72 hours. E. Any signatory may cancel participation in this treaty at any time with 72 hours private notice, however, it is expected that these former signatories keep information which they obtained as a signatory confidential.


For the United Federation of the East:

August Imperator Yuan Jia

For the Republic of Japan:

Signed for the Republic of Japan,
Prime Minister of the Republic Miyamoto Takahashi
Foreign Minister of the Republic Ryuunosuke Kobayashi
The First Parliament of the Republic

For Selenarctos:

Melchoro Diokno, President of Selenarctos

For the Serene Republic of Vaule (La Serenissima Republika Vauleya):

B.Svatek, Prime Minister
Pyotr R.I.

For la Royaume de la Lumière,
His Royal Majesty, Arsene Moreaux [/quote]

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We attempted something like this a long time ago with different prospective signatories. It didn't work out, but I see you gentlemen have handled it yourselves. A treaty of this manner was bound to happen eventually, so I congratulate the signatories on being the ones to achieve it. I will look into the Chancellery of Cyrantia's possible interest in applying for membership to this new group.

-Dmitry Garin
High Chancellor of Foreign Affairs

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