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Operation Sundevil

Captain Enema

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[b]Port Sudan[/b]

"It's well past the date for rotating the West African Division home. We have a replacement division here in Port Sudan. I want orders cut to put that division in movement and once it's deployed the West African Division will be pulled out," Lt. General Charlie Beckwith announces.

"Sir, won't that trigger some regional alarms?" asks Lt. Colonel Fortuna.

"Probably, all the better don't you think?"

"This could get interesting," Fortuna comments with a dry voice.

[b]Port Sudan, West African Division (Replacement) HQ[/b]

General Suwi Duvall, newly promoted, looks around nervously. He's one of the lucky 13, the 13 remaining survivors of the Battle of Dengali. This is his first divisional command and he's about ready to drop a bomb in his pants from the anxiety. He reminds himself that he's had more formal training and experience than most who have sat in his chair. He's steadily worked his way up the ranks serving in battalion, regiment, brigade, and division staff postings. Most of them in command positions, giving him a unique perspective in the intricate dance that is required to run a fighting division.

And the replacement division of the West African Division is just that, a fighting division. Not a bit of excess flab on it. Sheer, hard, raw striking power designed to smash holes in enemy lines to create breaches for follow on forces to exploit. He does wish he has a bit more in the form of mechanized infantry, but given the location he's content knowing that he has a surplus of main battle tanks to do his biddings.

"Sir, the last of the men have arrived. They have been cross-posted from the Heavy Division that returned from Austria. Well trained all of them, do you wish to look over their unit assignments?" his ADC asks him.

"No, you take care of it. Micro-managing isn't my forte," Duvall replies. With that said he retreats into his thoughts as he looks over the numbers and facts that tell him what he'll be working with in West Africa.

[quote]West African Division- Replacement
3 Armored Regimental Combat Teams- Heavy
Each RCT-
3 Armored Battalions- 162 MBTs
1 Mechanized Scout Battalion 66 IFVs
1 Services and Support Battalion 214 Assorted Vehicles
1 Air Strike Group
1 Ground Attack Group

12,500 men [/quote]

With the division is going a large supply of spare parts, vehicles, munitions, and fuel to bolster the Legion stocks in the Joint Project Area. A full regiment of mobile anti-shipping missiles batteries are being deployed as well. To facilitate this movement a short message is sent to the temporary government of Ghana.

From: Dellion, Legion
To: Ghana, Temporary Government

To whom it may concern. Legion will be rotating a fresh division into Ghana and we wish to commence a series of drills and exercises with your troops once they are in place to climatize them to the area of operations.

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Legion Troops have completed unloading in the Project Zone. The Replacement Division has been moved to its assigned area to assemble and get into a proper state of readiness. The departing division is pulled off the line facing the Republic of Africa to begin overhauling its equipment and updating it with the supply of spare parts brought by the convoy.

The theory being that the vehicles will stay in the ships as part of a mobile reserve and be assigned out to the next departing division.

Total Forces in the Joint Project Area:

1 Heavy Armor Division
2 Armored Divisions
1 Legion Airborne Regiment
3 Special Operations Groups
2 Air Strike Wings
1 Ground Strike Wing
2 Air Transport Wings
1 ASM Mobile Regiment
2 Engineering Regiments

Plans have been laid to reduce the total force drastically in light of the sudden decrease in tensions with between Ghana and its neighbors.

Total Future Force Numbers

1 Armored Division
1 Air Strike Wing
1 Air Transport Wing
1 Engineering Regiment

The units will begin pulling out of Ghana as soon as shipping is freed up to transport them. Until then they'll act as a buffer between Ghana and the Republic of Africa in the Joint Project Zone area of operations.

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