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Provisional Capital of Split, Strigia:

Mattias De Luit, Keeper of the Strigian Domain, and Christopher Khendon II, Monitor and second in command of the Strigian state, emerged from a long meeting of the provisional government Internal Council; representatives from the Diet, Advisors assigned to the Executive Branch, and members of the military had just hammered out a five point plan to start a soft-blitz in the foreign affairs world...they would start, of course, with Austria, their northern neighbor.

"Mattias, who do you intend to send to the Austrians? Their political situation, their rejection of their own Monarchy...it stinks of blatant anti-Royalism, and for all our insistance that you and I are not Tyrants or Kings, you know that's how the Austrian Media will paint us should this go south."

Mattias, often silent and sometimes considered tactiturn, smiled wanly at the older man. "Well, dear friend, I have just the man for the job as a matter of fact. He's courtly, urbane, a good fighting man in a pinch, and represents the..multi-ethnic nature of our people. He even won for himself honors on the field at Turku before the beginning of our exile...I believed you awarded him the Cross of Merit, did you not?"

Khendon snorted. "You mean Sirian Dare, Sir? The son of that Direlian chieftess from back in the day and her Marchar lover? It was kind of the lord Dare to pass his name and title to the lad before he died, but Sirian made a mess of things before we got him straightened out in the Legion. But that's fine...I'll ensure he understands the seriousness of our endeavor."

Mattias nodded. "See that he does."

*Days Later*

Diplomatic Contact initiated, flight information relayed, and all made ready, Sirian Dare, with his pale-dark complexion and sense of adventure, touched down in Austria to little fan-fare. He had not been told much, only that the woman he was meeting was named Jessika and that she'd be his diplomatic point of contact here. Fixing his suit and tie, he stepped into a vaguely Rennaiscance-styled building and awaited her invitation in the lobby.

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"Herr Dare?" Said a woman's voice as he entered the Rathaus. She appeared through a set of glass doors leading further back into the Austrian political center. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you, I'm Director Jessika Adler, of the Austrian Revolutionary Council." She was a woman of average height, no more than five foot, six inches, with long brown hair tied in a long ponytail that reached well past her waist. Her eyes were a bright green and they matched the green turtleneck that she wore under her black suit and black skirt. Reaching out, Jessika took Sirian's hand and smiled. "Please, if you'll follow me we can talk privately in my office. Things have been so hectic now in the Republic, I can barely get any time to myself."

She turned and led Sirian up the stairs towards the upper floors of the hall and turned into the spacious office that once belonged to Anke Vogel. Jessika still felt odd occupying the room. She had served as Vogel's clerk while the Republic was forming and after hearing the accusations against her old boss, it made Jessika question her own integrity. But it was a position she couldn't pass up, perhaps Anke would be acquitted in time, nevertheless Austria had to continue moving forward.

"Take a seat there, Herr Dare," she said pointing to a leather chair in front of her desk. "If you'd like anything to eat or drink I can get that served right away. Other than that, of what purpose am I honored with your visit." Jessika pulled out a pen and a notebook, ready to write once Sirian began to speak.

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Sirin nodded. "Water, if you please. As for the purpose of my visit here, m'lady, it is quite simple. The Domain of Strigia has sent me to procur the good faith and friendship of Austria going forward as regional partners and neighbors. Neighbors with good fences, perhaps, but good neighbors all the same. There is also a suprising lack of intelligence regarding the events transpiring here; we realize there is much to be done to fully inform one another of our great nations; but we wanted to make the good first step. And I, of course, will be happy to take your questions of ourdoctrine.

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"Well Austria has no qualms about a friendship with Strigia, in fact it would solidify our borders further, having not to worry about our frontiers to the south. As to intelligence about the Republic that could benefit you and your countrymen, I'm afraid I don't have much to report. The Republic has only recently been birthed and we are still dealing with the pains and inherit chaos of such a regime change. But the Council's hopes are that in a few more months, Austria will return to the stability it enjoyed prior to the Haas Wars of Empire."

By this time a servant had entered the room, dropping off a small glass of water for the Strigian Ambassador before leaving the room. "As to Strigia, I don't really know where to begin. Your nation is rather curious, Herr Dare. A conglomerate of people spread over and coming together across the entire world. It's like any other nation I've heard of. You will have to tell me more about you and your people, especially their history." Jessika said, still taking notes as Sirian spoke.

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