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Port of Sudan Imports and Exports

Captain Enema

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"Ingalls Shipbuilding, a forerunner in ship design and construction in the Gulf and around the world, would like to present plans for its [i]Conveyor[/i]-class [url=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d4/Sabrina_I_cropped.jpg]Bulk Carrier[/url]. We would be willing to sell three existing vessels to the Legion, with the opportunity for Ingalls to construct the other three within the next twelve to eighteen months."

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"Port of Sudan Imports and Exports is buying them directly. Given the ships will be entered into the Legion Naval Reserve Transport Fleet we'll be given significant loans from the Legion Government to purchase the ships.

We like what we see, we'll take them."

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"Very good, we will dispatch the three existing ships with skeleton crews to a port of your choice, which will be provided free-of-charge. Although a standard hazardous ferry fee may be applied to the purchase cost if these ships will have to be delivered through or into an active conflict zone. A standard [i]Conveyor[/i]-class bulk carrier built at Ingalls Shipbuilding is set at the price of 140 Million ANF (Acadian National Francs) (OOC: $1 USD = 4 ANF). The three existing ships can be bought at 100 Million ANF, while the three ships that will be laid out within the fortnight will be set at the standard price.

We thank the Port Sudan Imports and Exports for doing business with one of the leading shipbuilding firms in the world, and hope that you are impressed with our engineering. Comprehensive maintenance packages for refits and general maintenance can be acquired with Ingalls Shipbuilding for an extra nominal fee."

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