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Buying 4.5m/100 or 3m/50

Maelstrom Vortex

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1 slot available, first come first serve, if not moved upon quickly it will close due to inbound tech from other vectors.

You must be at peace, must stay at peace throughout whole deal. This is to prevent a perception of war aiding.
You must send your part of the deal first, if it's a 3 part deal, you must send the first half of the deal first, then I will send my part, then you will send the final package.
If you violate these conditions you will not be considered a trade source in future trades. This arrangement can become a long term arrangement, but may be punctuated by periods in which I receive tech falls from my alliance.
Scheduled aid must be picked up or send within 72 hours of the date it is due to be sent or it could be considered a violation of these terms, thus it is good to be an active player if you are intending on trading with me. Any aid offered by me not picked up within 72 hours of the date in question, except under exceptional conditions may be forfeit. Exceptional conditions are defined by me and at my discretion. If, for example, you end up in the hospital, I may still send you the aid at a later date when I have a slot free again if you make me aware of your situation. I track all trades closely.

7200 tech/year.

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