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Legion North American Development Cooperative

Captain Enema

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"Hello North America,

Legion wishes to expand our commercial reach into North America. We fully understand that there are vested interests in preventing colonization in North America by the ATO. We respect this and wish to say that this is not an effort to colonize.

Legion has a very liberal business registration policy. Any accord reached between Legion and a North American nation will be a jointly held entity. Investment will be made on a shared basis. Because Legion respects the local cultural phobia, probably a rightfully earned one given the history of North America, of a foreign military presence we will not be insisting on our traditional military security presence.

Rather, security will be held by the local host government and funded in part by Legion. All lands purchased will be privately held property, should the government collapse Legion will secure said property and continue the arrangement with the next government. Forces used to secure the properties will be civilian in nature in the form of Legion Security Services or more likely due to the distances involved North American police will be invited and paid for by Legion to help secure the project.

Legion merely wishes access to North American markets. We aren't looking to set up a colony. We will work with you and if you work with us we believe we can all make a boatload of money. Thus far Legion has harbors in Australia, West Africa, and on the Red Sea. Participants in such development project have free access to those Legion markets as well.

Well free in the sense we won't charge tariffs, but routine ship inspections are required of course.

Give it some thought, you know where to find us if you want to work out something in specific."

Robert Denard, Mad Dog Bob Denard


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