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Áine stared at the back of her sister's head. She hadn't fallen asleep since they went to bed at 22:00. She was cuddled up against her sister Badb - something her sister hated - but Áine liked reading her dreams. She was dreaming about dancing with a boy. Áine giggled and rolled back to her side of the bed, her sister was too crude for a boy to like her. [i]Beep...Beep...Beep[/i] Áine looked at her digital watch and sighed. It was time.

See President O'Reilly had been very busy lately. Congress was making many important decisions and he spoke many times on the House floor, trying to drill his views and ideas into congress. He was doing a good job, but he wasn't helping the people in Antarctica like he should have been. The Coast Guard, which is essentially the Navy of the USI, was not protecting Antarctica. They didn't really have any ocean bearing ships that could make it that far. Áine had visions of the poor people in Antarctica. They were working so hard yet they had no protection. And with the growing conflicts in Europe God knows if the USI would stay neutral... What did she have to loose? Her spirit couldn't be killed. She wanted adventure. She had been cooped up in the Orange House so long.....

After switching off her watch Áine slowly got out their bed and sneaked around on her toes to Badb. She kissed her softly on the forehead since that would be the last time she saw her for a while.
She pulled a pair of jean shorts over her undershorts and put on a tanktop type shirt. She packed plenty of warm clothes. She had saved up nearly $10,000 in gold in small manageable coins about the size of a half dollar coins.

Áine tied on her shoes and took a deep breath, she started to run. The guards were changing duty at this time. She would be caught on camera but it didn't matter, as long as she wasn't caught on the Island.
The only light in the entire building was moonlight from the sky. She darted down the orange carpeted stairs and ran down the main hallway. She zoomed past several video cameras and smiled for a few of them. When she got to the double doors in the front she pushed as hard as she could and slowly opened them. Alarms didn't go off since she was opening them from the inside.

From there she would be home free. All she had to do was catch one of the only flights to Mogtopia that week. The coins clanged in her backpack while she darted to the airport. She only had a mile to go. No one would mind a sweaty teen running for a plane right? Right. She had to keep that mentality. Run hard.. Run. Run. Run.


"Hi! Welcome to Douglas International can I hel-" Áine nearly ran over the woman holding open the door for her and observed the large airport. It was probably one of the most impressive buildings in Douglas. It wasn't tall, but it was long and always filled with people. Áine loved people. She didn't like when they pointed though. A family was waiting in line in security and a little boy stared at, "Mommy her hair is blue!" the boys parents turned around and looked at Áine. She started to get glares. It was illegal in the USI to change your hair color and no one would ever fathom that her vibrant blue hair was natural. She was lucky she even made it through security.

"What are all of these coins in your backpack missy?" An old man smiled at her warmly while he looked at her bag through the scanner. "You seem a little young to be going alone to Mogtopia, don't you think?" Áine wanted to take her bag and just walk off but the old security man seemed nice. He had a funny beard. "I'm going meet my mom. My dad wanted me to bring these coins to her.. She collects coins." The old man smiled and gave her her backpack, "Have a good flight young lady. Do not go getting in any trouble." While walking into the plane a slick boy behind her gave her a hard slap from behind in a very inappropriate place, "Hey little blue. You going to Mogtopia too?" Áine immediately turned around and slapped the 17 year old. She was 16 but wanted no buisness with a pervert.

"Wait little blue I want to speak with you!" the boy tried to stop her but she was quick. Áine rushed to a seat and sat down. She was in the plane now. If she did anything wrong she would get kicked off. There were witnesses now, she wouldn't get touched. Right? Yes.. That's right... Wait.. What if he sits - , "I think we got off to the wrong start little blue." Áine glared at him, "Touch me again and I sware to God I'll kill you in the most painful way." That sentence sounded much better in Áine's mind. "It's okay little blue I'm not going to hurt you. I just had to compliment you little blue." Áine took a water bottle out of her backpack, and started to chug and replied, "Use your words you pig.." The plane jolted forward and she sprayed water out of her mouth, getting the attention of the people around her, "I would stay on the down low little blue" the boy whispered, "people around here don't like it when people change their hair. Is your hair blue everywhere?"

Who the hell was sitting next to her? "Stop calling me that. And stop talking to me." The brown haired boy stretched and smiled at her. He was pretty well dressed for a freak. "It's okay little blue." Áine crossed her arms, "You are lucky I need to make this flight" she whispered, "I would have beaten the hell out of you for that." The boy whispered back, "My name is Tony. I'm from.." he smiled at Áine who was actually looking him in the eyes, "Let's just say I'm not from the USI. You from around her little blue?" [s]Little Blue[/s] Áine pulled out her phone and started pretending to text, "I'm from Ireland." Tony smiled, "I love Irish girls." Áine gave him a look of disgust, "Look I don't know who or what you think I am, but I'm not that type of girl." Tony sat back in his chair and relaxed, "Yeah but I've been to almost every country in Europe, North America, and Africa. I think you ran away or are running away from something and you need a guide. And I," he said bowing the upper part of his body, "am at your service." The plane got on the runway and the captain radioed in, "Get comfortable everyone, it's going to be a long ride."

A flight to a country that was the Las Vegas of the Eastern Hemisphere. Oh wait better yet she gets to ride with some type of a sociopath. "Tripoli is a great city little blue, you'll like it I'm sure."

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Áine slowly opened her eyes due to the uncomfortable coach seat. "Glad to see you are up Little Blue." Áine sighed and looked over to Tony who was enjoying a bag of fresh peanuts, "My name is Áine, stop calling me that." Tony laid a little bag of peanuts on her lap and continued feasting on his, "We are about to get to Tripoli. The cap' said so while you were sleeping Little Blue. So where is it that you are heading?" A rude man behind Tony said, "Some of us are trying to sleep you jerk." Tony turned around, "Yeah? Sounds like a personal problem bub. Bring it up with the complaint office, they are closed Monday through Sunday though." he finished off the retaliation by throwing up the crinkled bag of peanuts at the man and turned back to Áine who was giggling at him. For the first time, Tony saw her smile. Áine was so cute when she did anything. Her sour mood was because she was getting farther away from Ireland and because she was away from her sister. She was practically the master of Love and Wisdom anyway - although it seemed love sometimes outshouted her wisdom. What Tony did was pretty much what Badb, Áine's crude sister, would have done.

Tony smiled. Everyone in the whole plane felt like they were in a better mood. Even the seemingly rude English man behind them seemed happier. Áine had that effect on people. If she wanted people to be happy, they usually would be - sometimes it just happened without her controlling it. It can't really ever be a bad thing. "My hot Little Blue finally smiles?" Áine tried to hold back her smiling. "I'm not 'yours'.. Shut up." Tony took out his wallet and seemed to be looking through it, "So are you in a rush Little Blue or are you going to be sticking around for a while?"

Áine began to notice how attractive he was. Something he apparently knew. He had shaggy dark brown hair, light skin, and brown eyes. His skin had no blemishes and he was very toned muscularly. "I will be um..-" Tony cut her off, "Look there has to be a pizza joint somewhere in Tripoli. I'm sure I ate at one before. We can go to it. I'll pay for it so you don't have to use your gold. How does that sound Little Blue?" Áine thought for a moment, "How did you know I have gold?" Tony scratched the back of his neck, "I got nosy?" Áine blushed and smiled again, that was something Badb would do too. She pushed him and he happily smiled back, glad he didn't just really screw up.

"We will be arriving to Tripoli in the next fifteen minutes. We have already begun our decent, thank you for flying [i]USI United[/i]." Áine checked on her USI gold pieces. They were all still there. There was a little note too. [i]You are cute Little Blue[/i] Áine smiled but held it back, he had grabbed her butt without even asking! He was a pervert. Why was she starting to relax on him? Just stay calm.. And... I love, love notes.


"What do you mean she is gone?" slammed his book shut on his desk, "She snuck away last night sir... We caught her on camera. She went while we were changing positions." David picked up his phone to call Susan and tell her to make a diplomatic message to the world, asking for the 16 year old back. "I wouldn't do that David." Badb rubbed her eyes. She was still in her night shorts but put a pair of pajama pants over them. Her night shirt was basically a tiny t-shirt - she wore it because she knew Robert and David didn't like it. "She left me a note." Badb walked up to David's desk and pushed the security guard aside, he quickly left the room. "To Whom It May Concern" David read, "I am going on an adventure to North America. Don't try to stop me. If you do, I will leave this Earth forever. Your Step-Daughter, Áine." David sighed. She knew what she was doing. But she tended to get distracted - that was Áine's fatal flaw.

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OOC: Mogar you said you would reply but you never did haha. It's okay partner I am sure you forgot. I am just going to RP this. I was sure you wouldn't mind. I hope you can give a cool reply to it after!


Áine was scared out of her mind. She had never been in an airplane before.. Well once she had flown in a helicopter when the Blue Men had captured her but this was just as bad if not even worse. "When do we.. get out?" Tony was trying to see what kind of.. "upper body strength" the blond wonder two seats in front of him had. Tony then noticed the rather large young man next to her and decided not to get himself into a mess. He looked over to his Little Blue and saw she looked terrified. Her face would be pale if it wouldn't already be so white naturally. Tony ruffled up her hair and yawned, "Don't worry Little Blue, you have a better chance of getting in a car crash then in a airplane crash." Áine grabbed his hand and looked out her window at the sandy desert, "Yeah but people don't usually walk away from airplane crashes Tony.."

Tony had never thought of it that way. Well he had flown in hundreds of planes and he wasn't dead. Hopefully he and one of the hottest girls he had ever met wouldn't die just yet. "Yeah well don't get your seemingly small panties in a knot Little Blue; we are already halfway to the ground see?" Áine hid her face in Tony's hard chest while they plane dropped altitude quickly. Tony smelled good. Tony held good. For the first time in a long time Áine was falling for a boy, the boy wasn't falling for her. You're probably thinking how someone could fall in love with someone else on just a two hour plane flight? I wouldn't say they were in love but Áine definitely felt safer with someone who knew where he was and what he was doing. It seemed like he easily took control of situations and seemed to be pretty slick. He was like Badb. Maybe that is why she liked him so much? Maybe he was filling the void of Áine's sister that she missed so dearly.

Tony relaxed his arms around her as a signal for her to let go but she didn't get the idea so he - like any male - lost concentration with his short attention span. "Are your panties blue like your bra?" Áine quickly stopped leaning on him and blushed. "Don't worry Little Blue you didn't let me see much." Áine felt even more uncomfortable. Remember how I said they were almost in love? Yeah this is why they aren't. Áine knows that he isn't the perfect guy - then again who is?

"Stop looking at me you pervert" said Áine. Her cheeks were still rosy read and she now had her feet on the seat, bending her knees to her chin and having her thin backpack in between her legs and her body to cover her cleavage from curious eyes looking for a mate. Tony stretched and took his jacket off of his seat, putting it on. He straightened his yellow tie and shagged up his hair by shaking his head vigorously. "Remember Little Blue, it's a compliment." Áine rolled her eyes as she looked at the semi-green coastline and simply replied with am "Mhm." Mogtopia looked wonderful. The Mediterranean Coast gave the gift of some tropical plants to North Africa, but beyond that it seemed like a baron waist land.

"Time to get out this tin-can Little Blue. You ready?" Áine turned her head and cautiously said, "No complimenting me." Tony helped up the gorgeous teen, "If I'd lie to you I would feel really bad Little Blue." Tony offered to let her go first but she was starting to learn and let him go before her which may have been a mistake in itself. [i]He looks great from behind [/i] she thought. She watched while he stared down a blond with long legs while they walked by the front few rows and quickly felt aggravated around him again.
Finally they were out of the cold metal tube that scared her to death. What was the first thing Áine noticed when she stepped into the airport itself? The very first thought that raced into her complex, simple mind? "These people don't look like people Tony." While Áine calculated that the brown people around her must have been wandering the deserts for days and must have gotten burnt in the sun, Tony elbowed her hard in the side and told her to keep it to herself. It was the first time she had been in a foreign nation, let alone seeing someone with a darker skin tone then a Frenchman's.

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Numerous taxis were lined up along the exit to the airport, the drivers always knew that tourists needed a ride, and usually a guide to explore Tripoli, most just wanted a ride to the nearest hotel to drop off their stuff, then the hottest club for that particular day. the Muslim drivers all gave the pale blue haired girl a funny look, the Italian boy blended in with the tanned skin of the regular population, but a girl with fair skin like her certainly looked out of place. one of the drivers, An Arab in his 20s, gestured Tony towards him, "My name is Afzal, you and your girlfriend look like you need a ride, and maybe a guide, I can help you with both of those, I know all the sights around Tripoli." after loading up their luggage into the trunk of the spacious raxi, and getting a few dirty looks from the older cabdrivers, most of whom were much more religious than his generation, he got in and began to drive.

Tripoli is a blend of the old and the new, 50 story glass building stood amongst houses and shops hundreds of years old, and the people came from everywhere, the blue haired girl would not stand out if she developed a tan, there were girls with hair every color of the rainbow here, she would blend in with the crowds. "So where are you two headed? coming to visit the nightlife? or just in need of an escape from the realities of where ever you're from?"

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Áine felt very out of place in this mysterious Las Vegas country. She had never been so far from the Island or Ireland before. Tony held her by her hand and guided her to the hoard of taxis waiting to make a buck. Áine started to avoid eye contact with the brown skinned people around her. She had never seen people with skin this dark before except for the man from Cochin that spoke to David on a usual basis - Áine thought he had a really bad sunburn. She hadn't seen to many dark women and girls yet however she did see a few. They weren't pretty in the way she was or in the way girls on the Island were - however many of them were pretty in a different way that she couldn't completely comprehend but she understood that they were attractive to many of the men and boys around her and Tony.
Áine herself was getting many looks from older men however they were not looks of lust like Tony liked to give her. She was a young, pretty, white girl in tight revealing clothing and blue hair - she wasn't exactly the model for how girls in the Muslim part of a country were suppose to look.

A young man flagged Tony down while he aimlessly looked for a cab driver that didn't look like he wanted to stone Áine, "My name is Afzal, you and your girlfriend look like you need a ride, and maybe a guide, I can help you with both of those, I know all the sights around Tripoli." Áine hesitated but Tony was happy to find a cab driver that could get them out of the sun and to a nice hotel, maybe a restaurant soon? Tony laughed when he called Áine Tony's girlfriend. He slid his arm around her back and rested his hand on her hip, "We'd love a ride!" Áine pushed away Tony's horny hand and went put her backpack in the trunk. Tony had a small compact rolling bag that he did the same with. In the car they both sat in the back. Áine sat in the middle while Tony sat on her left. "You know Little Blue" Tony whispered, "for not being my girlfriend you are pretty close to me." Áine rolled her eyes but after a few moments she leaned against Tony and closed her eyes. Maybe she could get in a little cat nap? Tony rested his hand on her knee. Should she have swatted it away? She knew it wouldn't have discouraged him.

While Tony enjoyed Áine being exhausted he looked into the review mirror, "I am thinking about a good hotel Afzal. We'll go drop off our stuff and then maybe an Italian restaurant?" Áine had a gold coin in her pocket that Tony had noticed while.. appreciating her legs. He slowly slipped two fingers and took the coin from her pocket, "I got about $3,000 in gold right here. Do you think you could be our personal driva' for the weekend?" He sounded so Italian that he sounded like he was from New York. Tony held Áine while she began to fall asleep in his arms, her pale white skin glistened as she stayed perfectly still.

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Afzal stared at the coin for a moment, wondering where there people were from, he accepted all sorts of different types of money before, but a solid gold coin this size was certainly new, shrugging his shoulders he put the coin in his pocket and looked in his rearview at tony, since the girl seemed to be very relaxed on some type of drug, not exactly an unsurprising sight here. "With this kind of money, I could certainly be your guide for the weekend. How about the best hotel in Tripoli? It's only 3 blocks away from MoG[Tower], it has the nicest rooms and it one of the more serene hotels to stay at, since it's used by diplomats and there's no casino or club on the ground floor like in most hotels here, they have a 5 star restaurant instead."

While stopped at a red light on the way, Afzal texted a description of his passengers back to the intelligence officer stationed at the local taxi franchise, the message would be relayed through a half dozen levels of bureaucracy until someone would actually run a background check on the couple, and the taxi would essentially be used as a method of keeping track of where they went in the country, while foreigner were more than welcome in Mogatopia, the company had always maintained a policy of ensuring that anyone of interest had their trip followed, even if nothing turned up, it kept people employed and the citizens safe.

"you guys got a cell phone? I'll give you my number and you can call me any time to get you, I'll attempt to be in front of where ever you happen to be, but if you want to explore by yourselves, i can just pick you up where ever, if you need to know where something is, just ask!"

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