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Operation Pohang

Captain Enema

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OOC: this is a side show, I don't want it cluttering up the fatherland thread as I'm not entirely sure how soon I'll be able to really get posting on this.


"Right, send the word, the fleet is to proceed towards the Korean Peninsula at half speed to allow the transports to keep pace," Admiral Degrassi of the Ligurian Coastal Defense Force orders. As the ships rumble to life the sounds of helicopter rotors are already loadly clattering their way overhead as anti-submarine patrols are making regular passes ahead, to both sides, and to the rear of the fleet. This of course comes to no really great comfort to the men of the fleet and the Legion Rapid Response Brigade teams that are scattered throughout the fleet.

Back at the primary Legion Logistical Hub in Ehestadt a second force is waiting. Two hundred picked and hardened men lounge under the wings of their C-130 transport planes. They are well lead, well trained, and experienced paratroopers tasked with a specific mission of capturing a specific objective, titled Objective Guano. They are well equipped with munitions, weapons, armor, and of course parachutes. One wouldn't want to be attempting an airdrop without that last bit of critical gear, be more of a resupply run for cannibals if that was the case.

Down in the fleet a single LCDF Patrol Helicopter Carrier has a mission of its own. For now it is keeping pace with the fleet, but when the time comes the Captain of the ship and the 12 light patrol boats with the rifle company know their orders. They'll peel off and make their way to a slightly diffrent objective, with a slightly different plan in mind. Despite these two isolated exceptions the rest of the Legion Rapid Response Brigade is either at their posts on their ships or back at the Legion Primary Logistical Hub waiting for orders. All of them are tense as they wait and wait and wait some more for the orders that will hurl them into battle.

ooc: small fleet of transports plus coast guard escorts with anti-submarine helicopters slowly heading towards Korea from Ehestat.

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With the reports of multiple nuclear detonations ravaging the Korean Peninsula the fleet detours to avoid being contaminated by the radioactive fallout. They take up position around Dokdo Island and send in small teams of men to check for Korean soldiers and to offer them aid if any are discovered.

Admiral Degrassi immediately wires Legion Council in Port Sudan and updates them and requests permission to prepare for humanitarian operations on the Peninsula.

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