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The Politics of Convention

Minilla Island

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As the National Elections of Minilla Island are coming up, it is customary for parties to have their conventions to select those who will carry the banner for their respective parties. The ruling Unitas Party is having their convention in the seaside community of Port Charlotte, on the southeast corner of Sulawesi island. The suite at the PacHotel Palace, on the beach on the Banda Sea, the men and women in this suite will be the one who'll make that decision, as they are the power brokers representing the more influential provincial organizations. In the middle of this is Foreign Minister Peter Paul Gualtieri. He is holding court with Frank Satriale, the New Iberia boss. Art Branch, the joint Java boss, and Joe Hahn, the acting boss of Neutrallis. They are having drinks as someone puts on the TV. On the TV, the National Front, is finishing up their convention in the City of Gamera, Copernica province. Their leader, George Lincoln Rockwell, is giving a speech that is igniting the crowd.

OOC: Wife is calling me, to be continued.

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