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[b][Classified and encrypted conversation][/b]

"I talked with Ranil."
"While he does not believe the Princess to be competent, the amount of love and adoration she receives is worrying."
[i]"Brainwashing?" [/i]
"A possibility. Somehow, though it is curious how she would've done this so quickly."
[i]"There are methods..."[/i]
"Methods that I don't want to know about. Now, what about your plan?"
[i]"I'll proceed with the next phase. The PM did say our friends need help?"[/i]
"He did, yes. All the help they can get."
[i]"Then that help they will receive. I'll see you."[/i]
"Until then."
The call was ended.


[b]From[/b]: Laura Leclerc, CEO Sostra Holdings
[b]To:[/b] Principality of Aeon

[b]Topic:[/b] Construction of factories

[b]Body:[/b] To whom it may concern,

In the interest of furthering relations between Sri Lanka and Aeon, we would like to request permission to build a few factories in Aeon, to provide your people more easily with goods and technology that we produce.
We have not yet decided what sort of goods we will make in those factories, but at least one will be capable of sustaining heavy industry.
If you are interested, please do reply.

Laura Leclers, CEO
Sostra Holdings

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[quote name='Lynneth' timestamp='1306967080' post='2722215']

[b]From[/b]: Laura Leclerc, CEO Sostra Holdings
[b]To:[/b] Principality of Aeon

[b]Topic:[/b] Construction of factories

[b]Body:[/b] To whom it may concern,

In the interest of furthering relations between Sri Lanka and Aeon, we would like to request permission to build a few factories in Aeon, to provide your people more easily with goods and technology that we produce.
We have not yet decided what sort of goods we will make in those factories, but at least one will be capable of sustaining heavy industry.
If you are interested, please do reply.

Laura Leclers, CEO
Sostra Holdings
From: [/b]Livia Toth, Deaconess House Sidamo, Principality of Aeon
[b]To:[/b] Laura Leclerc, CEO Sostra Holdings

[b]Topic:[/b] Re Construction of Factories
Body:[/b] Madame Leclerc,

It was indeed a testament to the greater fortune that has met the East African people since the blessed Aeonic appropriation of the former Nodic state months ago that I did receive your message. It is with the humblest of thanks that I shall accept the construction of your wondrous factories within the Aeon holdings of East Africa. May I offer a smidgen of guidance over the matter?

Afar Administrative Zones 1 through 5, Beneshangul Gumuz, and Korahe are all excellent districts with which to set up a number of these factories - there is already a predominant heavy infrastructural presence in these regions, reminiscent of our past warmongering ways, that is ripe for conversion to the Princess' goal of peace and stability. These districts are by far the most needy - all have requested additional help in restructuring present assets into more... tangible forms.

Of course, the Southern Nations, Nationalities and People's Region (SNNPR) would be essential in establishing Administrative, Production and Distribution capabilities for the Aeon. The SNNPR has become the defacto governing province within the Aeon territories, and should be developed as such.

I pray that you find this response to be satisfactory. Know that the hearts and minds of the [i]'Aeonic'[/i] faithful in those frontier districts and elsewhere will benefit immeasurably from your prompt procurement of these venerated facilities. You will forever hold the East African peoples' gratitude for this immensely generous offer.

Nature has ordained that certain seeds require assistance to fulfill their destinies. Unplanted seeds dry out and die.

Yours truly,

Livia Toth, Deaconess
House Sidamo, Principality of Aeon

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[b]From:[/b] Laura Leclerc, CEO Sostra Holdings
[b]To:[/b] Livia Toth, Deaconess House Sidamo, Principality of Aeon

[b]Topic:[/b] Re: Construction of Factories

[b]Body:[/b] Honoured Deaconess,

I thank you for the swift reply to my previous message.

In addition, I thank you for the detailed information about the potential locations where we would be welcome to build these factories.
I have already consulted with fellow investors about these possible locations, and we have come to the conclusion that the only real option is to build factories at each of these locations.
Thanks to the heavily modular nature of our modern 3D printing factories, retooling requires less than 24 hours, enabling us to produce many goods almost exactly in the amounts as the market demands them.

This includes the SNNPR. While we believe that a region dedicated to administration is important, it must be capable of defending itself.

If you agree to this, I will immediately prepare for construction of the factories.

Laura Leclers, CEO
Sostra Holdings

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[quote name='Executive Minister' timestamp='1306987941' post='2722378']
A message of agreement would be immediately sent in reply, together with orders that all districts receiving Sri Lankan goods, services and personnel be compliant with any and all necessities required to get this new found industrial capacity up and running efficiently.
With this approval, Sri Lankan freighters (owned by Sostra holdings, Dahl and other companies that were friendly with each other) soon arrived in Aeon with materials, architects and equipment to build the factories, planning to take the manpower from the local population.
It was expected that the first factories would be finished in roughly two months, with some dozen others following soon after and over the course of the next 8 months or so.

Of course, being largely based on 3D printing, these factories could be retooled in record time, provided the appropriate blueprints were available. And they were functioning already.

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Soon enough, skeletons of the buildings were appearing in the various regions.
Interestingly, the construction workers were being paid as much as they would be in Sri Lanka, which probably was quite a bit more than in Aeon. Laws mandated a minimum wage over there, but CEC had a habit of staying well over that minimum wage, depending on the kind of work, its importance and the associated danger.
Building the top of an unfinished skyscraper was quite a bit more dangerous than making a single-family house, after all.

Some of CEC's overseers watching over the construction were wondering whether this temporary increase in pay would prompt any sort of reaction in the workers once the factories were finished and could begin production of their goods.
These people would have to live with their normal wages afterwards. Perhaps there were unions that could help them to demand an increase in pay?

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Several factories were beginning to take shape.
Any problems that the world had were unheard here in Aeon, on the construction sites. Few, perhaps even none of the workers knew of the conflict in Kazakhstan, the tensions in Germany and other problems all over the world.
They were being paid for their work, and that apparently was good enough for them. Politicians could concern themselves with the ails of the planet, after all.
The simple worker had other problems, such as making sure that regulations were adhered to.

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  • 2 weeks later...

With time came the end of the construction efforts. Many of the factories had been completed, one even had begun its work already.
Within weeks, the last factory would be finished and could begin producing the goods which it had blueprints for.

The first cheap yet powerful holoPCs, courtesy Ultor, would find their way into Aeon's electrical stores.

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All factories had been completed by now, and the success communicated to Aeon.
Production would begin as soon as all factories had their necessary blueprints and been refit for the task they were to have in the future.


OOC: From [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=90657&view=findpost&p=2735988"]here[/url]...
Also, Cochin is allowed from here on for the solar sat shens


"First, for her Highness, a short explanation of solar power."
[quote]Solar power is the conversion of sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly using concentrated solar power (CSP) or to split water and create hydrogen fuel using techniques of artificial photosynthesis. Concentrated solar power systems use lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam. Photovoltaics convert light into electric current using the photoelectric effect.[/quote]
"Taken directly from an encyclopedia.
Now, regarding the solar satellite...
Obviously, we have the technology to power small satellites via photovoltaics. This is basically just the same applied on a very, very large scale, with the resulting energy being beamed down to the planet at a designated location.
The true problem is, how should we design the satellite, how big will it be, how much power do we want and and how exactly will we build it?
And, do we want more than one?"


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[u][b]Yohannes IV Complex, Mek'ele, Tigray District[/b][/u]

Janine smiled as she stepped off the bus, ignoring the choking fumes the massive vehicle left in its wake as it roared from the curb. Brushing a lock of knotted black hair stuffed beneath her work uniform's cap, she started off towards a wonder of technology that rooted itself in her very own hometown.

[center] [img]http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2437/3918289676_03499dfa05_o.jpg[/img]
Squinting her eyes to adjust to the clean, antiseptic tone of the Sri Lankan structure, she paused, waving to a number of co workers nearby. With the Nodic influences on the workforce still not uprooted from existence, Janine merely took the largely disproportionate number of women and infirm laborers and machinists as the norm. In Nod there were simply those that fought and died for the Brotherhood, and those others who strove to serve in whatever other capacity they could. Incidentally, both the Aeon AND Nodic East African states set an amazingly high benchmark in both disabled persons accessibility and maternal benefits in the workplace.

Rushing into a still vacant elevator, the girl quickly mashed the door close button, eager to be the sole occupant of the cabin. As the elevator slowly descended, she marveled at the illuminated panels and small holographic diagnostics of the machine. The technological marvels within this Sri Lankan factory was what the first Executive Minister - the leader she had been instructed by her parents, and society to obey - had promised them, in exchange for their work, dedication and faith.

That promise of a better future had come in small increments under the Nodic administration - 'Smart' showers complete with a digital display and processing unit that can record an operator's preferred water temperature, mixing in predetermined soaps, shampoos or conditioners into multiple sets of shower heads that efficiently targetted the body, 'Electro-chromic paneling' or computerized doors, walls or other dividers that were opaque when necessary, see-through when required, while also acting as one big touch screen, to the smaller, less extravagant things like improved, dependable infrastructure, transportation and education.

Indeed, beneath the hardened, militaristic and xenophobic Nodic and to a lesser extent, Aeonic nation, was a softer underbelly. The average citizen was not that different from a 20th century citizen of earth - there were artisans, athletes, craftsmen, warriors and philosophers. Despite the popular opinion across the globe about the Nodic state, the nation was not comprised of soulless, violent and hive-minded beings. All desired stability and order, yet their ideas on how this should be achieved varied widely - like most people on Earth. The difference between a Nodic citizen, and one not of the Brotherhood was a simple issue of self-control.

All were individuals, and all differed in their political or social perspectives. Yet all shared a single common trait- an extremely strong sense of Brotherhood and community. Positive contributions to society as well as personal improvement were the norm - vagabonds and homeless individuals were shunned mercilessly, their freedoms and rights stripped for the good of all, lest their influence spread. Bourgeoise lifestyles were seen as reprehensible, and a spartan, minimalist lifestyle was adopted. Indeed, even as Nod fed off of this desire, so do the Aeon - the foundations of the Princess' teachings of living in a 'harmonious existence' with others stems from this Nodic social trait.

Janine was a deviant - she merely wished to work, living the lifestyle she was comfortable with. If that meant working for the Sri Lankans, under the care of the Aeon, so be it. Whether or not it was right to so quickly give up on the Executive Ministry of the past was a question she chose to merely ignore. Such conflicts were well above her.

Exiting the lift, she immediately noticed that something was amiss. Gone were the usual Sri Lankan liason officers that greeted Aeon work crews and informed them of the daily itinerary. Instead, men and women she had never seen before stood in their places. These people had frowns or cold stares, and where the usual smiling faces were, tersely pressed lips took their places. They were brusque as they ordered workers away from their normally used cubicles and work stations, instead reorganizing and shuffling them elsewhere. Janine would breathe a sigh of relief as she was waved away, and she headed for her usual place in the scheme of things.

Yohannes IV, named after the ancient Ethiopian Emperor, was a complex that housed a number of Sostra's 3-D Manufacturing Units (3M-Unit). These units were a form of additive manufacturing, capable of constructing entire working 3-D products in one single location, limited only by the unit in question's size. Janine was tasked with 'feeding' raw material into a component of one of several 3M-Units, the former acting within the latter as a part of a comprehensive working concept that allowed products to exit the unit in a completely usable fashion.

Entering a compartment designated as "3M-Unit 04", Janine stood to the side, plucking at keys that presented themselves on an electro-chromic panel. Each object on the touch screen display flickered and disappeared as she pressed upon them, until finally the panel became clear and promptly shot up into a cowling overhead, allowing her to pass. She surveyed the contents of her compartment with a relieved smile etched on her face as the panel shot down behind her. Nothing had been disturbed, no signs of deviance from current norms.

Stepping up to a console located in the center of her chamber, Janine gazed over it to take in the sight of 3M-Unit 04 in its entirety. Roughly the size of two large sport utility vehicles side-by-side and encased in its entirety within electro-chromic panelling, Unit 04 was already slaving away, intent on creating something within its confines. Puzzled, Janine activated the console and soon a portion of 04's EC covering turned translucent. Inside, a dozen articulated mechanical arms moved at a feverish pace as they constructed the object of their desire to the smallest microscopic component.

This was strange, normally the Sri Lankan's had stressed the need for every member to be totally onboard a project before construction was initiated. Taking a quick diagnostic of 04 one last time - making sure all 'nano-lathes' were adequately supplied with what the readout stated was standard high impact polymers, metal alloy and powdered activated carbon, she shrugged. Checking the feeds, she watched as the lathe nearest to her articulated ninety degrees, spraying a thin black powder into a stream of coherent light, while a second followed soon after it, creating a boundary of fuzed plastic composite around it. As if satisfied with the relatively abstract pattern it made, 04 lowered the platform housing the layer a fraction, and the lathes once again attacked at it with vigor.

Any 3M-Unit the Sri Lankan's made, from the model Janine operated infront of her, to the larger scale versions located elsewhere within Yohannes, manufactured product with the same concepts - merely scaled up to size. Essentially, any 3M-Unit works from a pre-defined blueprint in memory, such blueprints simply being full scale 3D computer generated models that are fed into the 3M-Unit's main processing bank. Once the model is loaded, it is 'sliced' into many layers down a user selectable Z-axis.

With a traditional lathe, stock material is spun in place while tools are used to remove small amounts of stock at a time until the desired end product is achieved. The Sri Lankan's created a free form solid manufacturing system that relied on a principle opposite to the lathe. Dubbed the 'nano-lathe' system, each lathe consists of a tri-pronged head mounted on a fully articulated arm within the 3M-Unit's main manufacturing cavity. The nano-lathes themselves use a purposefully focused, high powered laser to fuse dispensed particulate stock material that is pumped into its path via two coaxial tubes. The laser beam typically travels through the center of the head and is focused to a small spot by one or more lenses. Stock can be anything from metal alloys like aluminum, stainless steel or even titanium, as well as composite materials like silicon for electronic components, plastics or even ceramics.

An individual nano-lathe works in tandem with other independent lathes to quickly and precisely spray down microscopic particles, fabricating a layer of the object in the XY-plane on a designated platform. The platform is moved down as each layer is completed, while also working with the articulating arms to ensure as much of the limited manufacturing space is utilized efficiently and effectively. Metal powders are delivered and distributed around the circumference of the head either by gravity, or by using a pressurized carrier gas. An inert shroud gas is used to shield the present focus of each lathe from atmospheric oxygen for better control of properties, and to promote layer to layer adhesion by providing better surface wetting.

In the case of finer products, such as silicon wafer based electronics, nano-lathes switch to 2-photon photopolymerization (2-PPP) microfabrication. By coating wafers fabricated by the nano-lathe with a special polymer called DAPB (di-n-butylaminobiphenyl), a lathe laser can solidify very fine features, since the polymer only becomes insoluble at the precise focal point of the laser. Instead of using expensive electron beams or extreme ultraviolet lithographic equipment, a nano-lathe utilizes a simple 520-nm beam to directly write on wafers coated with the DAPB. Since two-photon absorption drops off rapidly with distance from the laser's focal point, only molecules precisely centered on the focal point receive enough light to become insoluble. The trick is that the laser's focal point is much smaller than its wavelength, enabling 65-nm features to be patterned with the relatively cheap laser.

The nano-lathe process is unique in that it can go directly from raw material to functional product, in many cases without any secondary operations. Microscopy studies show finished products to be fully dense with no compositional degradation. Mechanical and stress testing revealed outstanding 'as-fabricated' mechanical properties. The 3M-Unit and its proprietary technology was truly a marvel, akin to the television or personal computer and was intended for applications such as immediate repair and overhaul, rapid prototyping, as well as full on manufacturing.

Curious, Janine deactivated the projected console, heading towards 04's processing bank. The high impact polymer and metal alloy was normal, but the activated carbon was not. That sort of thing was reserved for super-capacitors and other electronics the Sri Lankan's had not mentioned. The EC panel door again shot up in response to her probing fingers, and she strode out of the compartment-

-before nearly being bowled over.

Clad in black and grey fatigues, the men were definitely not working with the Sostra, that much came to Janine quite easily. Their purpose within Yohannes IV, however, was much more difficult to discern. Ducking back into the confines of her compartment, she watched the men struggled to carry a large piece of sheet metal past her location. It was just as she saw strange pock marked burns in the sheet did a figure promptly move to block her view.

The figure was feminine, clad in a black jumpsuit two sizes bigger than skintight. Janine frowned at the intruder just as the woman spoke. But not before seeing a number of [url="http://i710.photobucket.com/albums/ww106/mofailla/Newish/render01.jpg"]strange objects[/url] being carted away by workers flanked by men in [url="http://i710.photobucket.com/albums/ww106/mofailla/CNCTS_Nod_Combat_Armour.jpg?t=1279907824"]familiar[/url] looking body armor.

"Please, Sister, everyone has been instructed to remain at their stations. Proceed as scheduled."

The woman had blonde hair, and a sombre, morose look etched across her face. It matched the tone of her voice...

Janine gasped, clutching her mouth with a hand to stifle a shout. She knew who these people were! Or rather, who they were working for.


A message would be immediately be sent to Sri Lanka - specifically the Sostra Holdings HQ. The newly founded Aeon Worker's Union, borne from the inspiration Sostra had bestowed upon them, would invite Laura Leclerc to the Yohannes IV complex to celebrate this first in East African labour history. There, the AWU would seek to personally thank Laura for bringing such progress to the Aeon state with a formal gathering between union stewards representing facilities throughout Aeon, government officials as well as the Yohannes IV work detail. Merely a standard public relations meeting for Sostra's newest market in East Africa, as well as a standard photo-op.

OOC: Written on commission for Lynneth.


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[quote name='Executive Minister' timestamp='1308984737' post='2741032']
A message would be immediately be sent to Sri Lanka - specifically the Sostra Holdings HQ. The newly founded Aeon Worker's Union, borne from the inspiration Sostra had bestowed upon them, would invite Laura Leclerc to the Yohannes IV complex to celebrate this first in East African labour history. There, the AWU would seek to personally thank Laura for bringing such progress to the Aeon state with a formal gathering between union stewards representing facilities throughout Aeon, government officials as well as the Yohannes IV work detail. Merely a standard public relations meeting for Sostra's newest market in East Africa, as well as a standard photo-op.

OOC: Written on commission for Lynneth.

OOC: Most glorious

[b][Sostra Holdings, Headquarters][/b]

"Miss Leclerc, a message from Aeon."
"A message? What's it about?"
"Apparently, there's now an 'Aeon Worker's Union'. They claim to be inspired by our company and want to invite you."
"A union? They'd like to invite me? Oh, that does not sound fishy at all. I don't like unions."
"So you won't go?"
"Oh, I will, but I won't be going unarmed."
"So, full load-out?"
"For once, yes. Upgraded and improved, taking into account new technologies and whatnot."
"Of course, Miss Leclerc. Would you like a guard, as well?"
"Two should be enough."
"Very well."


A few hours later, a message was sent back to the AWU, confirming that Laura Leclerc would attend, with two advisors.
The [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/AE/CNRP/Possible/1308367475695.jpg"]first advisor[/url] knew much about worker unions, but usually was part of the foreign affair corps. Of course, he knew very well how to do battle.
The [url="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v284/Lynneth_del_Serpentas/AE/CNRP/Possible/130566341587.jpg"]second advisor[/url] usually was part of the police, in the anti-terror units. He thus knew much about rooting out terrorists, their ways of thought, etcetera, and would potentially be of use in the case such people attacked.
The two were acquaintances, perhaps even friends, having met three years ago at a reception where the former eventually was so drunk that he'd have to be carried home by the latter.
Laura herself was clad in a business suit. All three wore a Nanosuit 2 with full upgrades under their clothing.

Around a day and a half later, Laura and her two 'advisors' were casually walking into Mek'ele, towards the Yohannes IV Complex. Even without their elaborate get-ups they would be looking quite out of place, all three with European heritage in an African land, as ambassadors from Asia.
But that did not interest them in the slightest. They were here because of the AWU's invitation.
After perhaps half an hour, they had arrived in front of the complex, looking for someone to meet them. The man wearing the 'space suit', Walter Bergs, spoke up first.
"Hrm. No welcome reception? No drink, cake?"
"The cake seems to be a lie, gentlemen. But perhaps we will find someone in the facility's interior?"
"Perhaps," admitted Bergs. "But I can feel the dramatic tension. There is so much of it."
The man in the elaborate uniform, Markus Wilhelm von Zauss (or just 'Zauss', for his friends) sighed, looking at Bergs. "Oh, you've been reading too much of this internet website, what was it? Something with tropes."
"TVtropes. And I'll let you know that it's physically impossible to read too much of it."
"You still need to cut down on that."
"Stop it, both of you. We need to concentrate on the facility."
"Sorry, Ma'am," said the two.

With this banter ended, they entered the facility.
"Ahh, what do you know?"

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[b][u]Temple Cuatro, 100km West of Dallol, Former Nodic Administration Zone 2

[/u][/b]The man looked ragged as he stood before the Executive Minister. Arrayed in a set of tattered Aeon Militant fatigues, he felt small before the tiny figure that arrayed herself on a throne of iron.


[left][b]"I want him to kneel,"[/b] the woman purred with a throaty voice.
'So the stories *are* true'[/i] he thought to himself as he regarded the woman more closely. Sitting in armor much too big for her slender frame, an enormous claymore laid across her greaves, Essar held no question over who was the former owner of the items. Inhaling a deep breath, the man removed a small electronic device from his pocket before attaching it to a small holographic projector.

"Those who searched me when I approached Temple Cuatro made absolutely sure that the gift I offer to you is not radioactive or otherwise harmful to your Eminence. My armor on the other hand..."

[b]"KNEEL!"[/b] came the witheringly violent command from the once calm and conceited looking woman. At once, two Elite Cadre bodyguards moved in from the shadows - a gauntlet clamping on his shoulder, a boot crashing into the back of his knee. With a sickening crack he fell, the cold floor of the Temple's Inner Sanctum doing nothing to numb the agonizing pain.

Essar grunted out in agony as he felt more blows bite into his unprotected skin. The follower's of the Princess did not wear the hardy fatigues of the Nodic militancy - in its stead, a much more light and much less protected cloth was used with looks superceding functionality.

"My Lady, please! The data recorded on that hard drive was personally recovered by your most humble servant for use in liberating Nod from the followers of the Usurper! The irradiated ruins of the Great Scar did I brave in order to help our righteous caus-"

[b]"Those who follow the Usurper prostrate themselves before Her, do they not? They break the vow of the Nodic militant - the promise to never to kneel before anyone?"[/b]

[i]I cannot believe it[/i], Essar shuddered as he fought to control himself. He had endured the sickening sight of seeing his beloved nation crumble under the weight of its own heresy, played along - sometimes painfully so with the Aeon's disgusting practices of pacifist, unconditional love - only for the chance to see some hope of resistance that he felt sure would arise. Leaving his barracks one night, he had journeyed towards the Great Scar, towards the tomb of the once industrial satellite city of Debre Zeit.

He remembered the agony of seeing the destruction first hand, and the initial despair when he could find nothing of value from the former cradle of Nodic military innovation. He ended up delving deeper and deeper within the catacombs of the deserted Nod Military Industries (NMI) headquarters, when he finally found it.

[b]"Am I not worthy of such blasphemy?!"[/b] the woman screamed - her screeching cries the shrieks of a banshee - the weight of her words held by something Essar could not place.

Resigning himself to his fate, Essar strained to do as the woman commanded, "I abase myself before you, your Eminence."

[b]"Much better."[/b]

The woman crowed on her throne, still bespattered by the blood of the Executive Minister before her. She did not wash the rebuilt armor, for upon it were still the tell-tale signs the original wearer's loss of life. In many places, perforations from the bullets that killed its master were clearly visible.

[b]"Speak, Slave. I have little time for a traitor twice named."
Essar spoke as if his life depended on it. It most likely did.

"Project Gorgon is a weapons system... You... most likely put it in motion prior to the destruction of hallowed Addis Ababa-"

[b]"As well as my former corporeal form, correct" [/b]she interjected.

"Y-yes, your Grace. It is the culmination of all knowledge obtained in the name of a Nodic goal for a series of unmanned air combat vehicles... a... 'sixth' generation... a concept far too alien to a warrior as humble as I am-"
"-a warrior turned slave, Slave. Do not forget it. If you think the notion of mere drones will be enough to sway my favor, I shall quickly see to it that you will meet Temple Cuatro's barber. Your hair wants some cutting, and perhaps your neck could use a trim!"

[/b]"Of-course..." Essar struggled to speak through the continuous pain his shattered knee placed him in. After a few gurgling breaths to steady himself, he took a moment to look at the thoroughly pleased Executive Minister before quickly reverting it downwards.

"This is no ordinary drone system your grace! While men command it from the surface, the Gorgon's have within their shells an artificial mind!"
"I am well aware of the venerated Electronic Voice Assistant, Slave! Guards, seize this twice named Trai-"[/b]

Essar's body seized up as he shuddered, channeling every ounce of strength to fend off the Elite Cadre long enough to elicit a roar.

"This mind is full of hatred! It is not the cowed mind of a subservient EVA! Violence IS its sole vocation!"
"Stop, let him be for a moment."[/b]

"The monstrous, murderous machine mind of Stheno, Euryale and Medusa can never be defeated. Its seething wrath and urge for blood are fueled by searing hate! Beelzebub himself will fear, the new, proud Nodic state!"

[b]"Your stories appeal to my most base emotions, Slave. You will be spared,"[/b] she finished resignedly, motioning for her silent guardians to hoist the wounded man from his crumpled position. Slowly lifting the man away by his armpits, they brought him first before their master.

[b]"You will comply - the interrogators will. Not. Be. Gentle. I will attain this information - even if I have to stab it out of you."

[/b]Essar's cries and screams of unyielding pain would add to the otherwise brooding atmosphere of Temple Cuatro's citadel for days on end. Such was the price for treason, after all. A twice named traitor would naturally receive double.[b]
OOC: Dialogue inspiration,[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azEvfD4C6ow&feature=player_embedded#at=101"]lol[/url].

[/left] [/center]

Edited by Executive Minister
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Ceresa smiled. It seems the defector, Essar really had pulled through for Nod - the Executive Minister called his bluff and accepted his returning 'gift' to Nod. For that she was rewarded it seemed.

The young technician looked as if staring at a beautiful newborn baby. Based on the extreme processing and analysis capability of the ubiquitous Electronic Voice Assistant (EVA), BAAL, or Biologically Assisted Artificial Lifeform would be the crowning achievement of the Nod Military Industries(NMI) teams that perished in Debre Zeit while developing project Gorgon. Initially coming to fruition as a limited AI capable of automatically assuming command and control subroutines to streamline ease of operation for ground-based 'pilots' of the Gorgons, BAAL would eventually be tasked with assuming direct, autonomous control of its host aircraft should the link between the craft and its operator be severed. It would act as an interim emergency 'self-sufficient' contingency should control between the aircraft and controllers be lost or jammed.

Exotic AI patterns present in BAAL would enable the Gorgons to recognize the intent of other aircraft, intelligently predict what they would do next and decide if they should change their flight paths or otherwise act accordingly. Of course, if you can teach it how to recognize hostile aircraft, you can also teach it how to kill them.

But Essar was essentially wrong in his violently induced ramblings - BAAL, the 'artificial mind' of Project Gorgon was not full of hatred, and violence while ultimately a desirable goal, was not its 'sole vocation'. BAAL was merely an innocent mind for war to warp and corrupt for its own twisted ends.

Capable of utilizing the constantly shifting and 'mutating' algorithms present in its source code, BAAL was not merely a messenger like its forerunner, EVA. BAAL was capable of 'evolving' behaviors based on empirical data, such as cause-and-effect reasoning via incoming sensor data, or more 'concrete', textbook sources like integrated databases. BAAL was capable of taking advantage of both past and present information sources to isolate characteristics of interest pertaining to a present problem at hand with an unknown probability distribution. These captured characteristics are archiveable, ready to be brought up by BAAL to be applied to future pertinent observed variables. With such a comparison, more precise relations can be developed, and BAAL can produce increasingly useful output in response over time.

In short? Much like a gurgling infant child, BAAL was capable of learning.

The major concept behind BAAL was its ability to progressively 'learn' to recognize complex patterns and make intelligent decisions based on 'knowledge' that is constantly advancing. The main difficulty is that such a cascading process can often lose focus in the presence of abrupt deviations from present norms. If an incoming unidentified object (a missile) is travelling at a certain speed and vector, and suddenly a nearby BAAL loses contact with the rest of its companions, a present BAAL would surmise that perhaps that incoming object was the cause of that loss. It would then communicate with other surviving BAALs and compare its 'thoughts' with the rest of the squadron. BAAL would learn to ensure such objects do not near it, or any other friendly aircraft ever again. But what if another time a civilian airliner is inbound? Would it calculate that this incoming object was something to be avoided or eliminated?

The solution? An intelligently 'controlled' value. A human factor.

The set of all possible outcomes is much larger than any database conceivable by man. A human subject would be integral to ensuring the BAAL develop a focused, goal driven 'personality' or tendency of response in the face of incoming unknowns should it find itself without its controlled value. In much more crass terms, each individual BAAL entity would constantly run through its mechanical mind "what would X do?", where X could be Jesus, Satan or Bob Marley. Given its own guiding figure, dubbed biological assistant, a BAAL would develop its own tendencies, contributing its own unique insights on incoming unknown variables as a part of a larger network of BAALs relegated to squadron, wing or even airforce levels.

Ceresa would be tasked with preparing this iteration of BAAL, Unit 021 for its own biological assistant.


Ceresa frowned. She did not start the diagnostic routines just yet. BAAL should not be reacting to nothing - she didn't introduce any unknown variables for it to respond to. Quickly shoving aside that thought, she passed it off as merely a gripe for one of the lowlier technicians beneath her to check out and fix.


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Ceresa's smile was noticeably absent as she logged on to her console deep within Temple Cuatro. Slamming a tiny fist against her thigh, her fingers worked in a flurry as she brought up the overnight work logs on her personal EVA terminal. Furrowing her eyes as she saw the answer, she quickly discarded the data, turning her attention to the relatively crude command-line interface designed to allow her to 'communicate' with BAAL.

"There is no way BAAL could have jumped from V1.0 to V4.3200000 on its own, without external input," she muttered, her voice tinged with disbelief.

She checked the logs - all overnight technical work was suspended due to a special gathering held by the Executive Minister herself. Ceresa saw the request for a gripe check she made the day before was still in the 'IN' folder. No one had gotten to it. BAAL had been updating itself at an insane pace overnight, her mind raced as the thoughts flew past. There would not be such precision in BAAL's console version if it was not needed. Quickly running the math through her mind, BAAL had updated itself once every millisecond for nearly 12 hours - almost the exact amount of time it had been left alone, without input from Ceresa's console.

This was bad, she realized. BAAL was faulty - running in a cascading infinite loop, wasting resources needlessly as it learned from nothing. Her teeth were still clenched as she noticed something else.


Again the same unnecessary output. BAAL was needlessly responding to nothing, no doubt wasting more resources as a result of what Ceresa deemed to be an extensive flaw, not gripe, within BAAL's source code. No technician could fix this. Those NMI fools probably bit off more than they could chew, she muttered under her breath as she began to work feverishly to find some 'duct tape' solution she could come up with in time for the Executive Minister's scheduled inspection later on in the month.

>[b]BAAL LS[/b]

Rubbing her chin thoughtfully, Ceresa narrowed her search, selecting a deeper directory.

>[b]BAAL CD CC_25_H[/b]

She began to calm down as familiar figures and filenames flooded her terminal. The .EVA files were solid - there was no need to troubleshoot such a tried, tested and ubiquitous system. BAAL was built upon EVA's framework, the problem had to lie elsewhere. She quickly surmised that BAAL's odd shift in linguistic syntax was a good place to start.

>[b]BAAL CC_25_[b]H[/b][/b][b] CD LING_INTF_DEF[/b]
:. . .
:. . .
:. . .

[i]'Restricted by whom?!' [/i]she swore at no one in particular.

Ceresa would spent the rest of a stressful day repeating this cycle - every time she thought she made some headway, she ran into an infuriatingly impossible roadblock. It was as if the blasted machine was throwing every error announcement in the book at her. 'BAD COMMAND OR FILENAME' here, 'SPECIFIED FILE NOT FOUND' there and everything inbetween.

'Scrap the project, hope to God Project Gorgon itself isn't nearly as screwy' she thought as she signed off for the day, another nine hour shift completed, right back at where she started. Nowhere.



From behind a one way pane of glass, the woman became impatient.

[b]"What the hell is she doing, socializing with what is most likely the most important component of Project Gorgon?"[/b] the Executive Minister quipped to herself, causing Ceresa's immediate superior to begin a lengthy assault of self-abasing mumbles and stammers.

Ignoring those around her with an almost instinctual arrogance, she continued.

[b]"BAAL is performing well beyond expectations, is it not?"[/b] her piercing gaze affixed upon a much more coherent technician.

"Yes, your Grace," the woman curtsied before speaking, an almost mocking gesture were the situation not as dire as it was. She wore merely a standard set of Air Militant Command officer's fatigues - not a skirt in sight. This wasn't the Aeon - apart from the ubiquitously alluring tunics and jumpsuits - Nod did not need to pretty up its women, especially for combat.

"BAAL has performed admirably in simulated trials of all current AMC airbreathing assets, your Grace - including rough estimations of both the [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raduga_Kh-55"]Strategic Long-Range Munition model 07[/url] or 'Serenader' as its called in the NMC, as well as the T-280."

[i]"Excellent, and have you tested its flock propagation processes?" [/i]another technician interjected.

"Yes, Sir. The system is operational, but we're working on a completely secure form of data transmission and acceptance."

[b]"Very well, I require a full report on the first of these 'Gorgons' at once. If I am to believe that nostalgic fool Essar has provided us with the key to winning this upcoming war, I want to know about it. Its bad enough we've got to steal manufacturing processes out from under our own noses to build the damned things."[/b]

"Of course, your Grace."

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[i][b]<We abase ourselves shamelessly before you,>[/b][/i] the armored man spoke with an electronically distorted growl as he placed the barrel of his weapon against the cold, metal floor, near his knelt knee. Placing a heavily gauntleted hand upon the stock of the rifle, a dozen more behind him followed in his wake. Placing his other hand to his chest, he bowed his head in reverence to the Executive Minister. His brothers behind him soon did the same, paying their respects to their de facto leader.

[b]"Do you now?"[/b] came the sharp reply, booming down at them from the iron throne of Nod. It seemed the EM did not wish her appearance to be seen this day - the lights of Temple Cuatro were still dimmed deep within its Inner Sanctum - only clouds of blood red mist served to illuminate the chambers amidst red paper lanterns.

[b]"Slave, have you found anything else?" [/b]The armored man said nothing as he continued to bow his head, kneeling before the woman. Instead, the Executive Minister raised her voice within the chamber, to the man's companions.

[b]"Perhaps I should reacquaint you all with the punishment for treason? Forfeiture of all worldly possessions was it not?"[/b]

It was a cruelly ambiguous sentence indeed, as a number of bindings began undoing behind the nape of the lead Elite Cadre. Soon it became readily apparent to all present that Essar's cranial protection suite was a custom-made piece of attire - the man was still as the helmet began undoing itself with no action from its wearer involved. With a sickening squelch, the synaptic fibers holding his CPS together parted, and a number of the 'special' additions to his armor sprung out from niches within his collar, unleashing the horror of what lay beneath.


[left][i][b]<My Queen,> [/b][/i]came another distorted growl, surprisingly not from the mouth that was still agape from weeks of endless torture, or even the head that tended to loll to the side if it were not for the articulator arms that supported it, but from a flashing red light near his Adam's apple.

[b]"Yes, Slave?" [/b]came a mockingly simpering reply. As Essar began to speak, it became readily apparent that the remains of his head did nothing for his body any longer except serve as a case for his brain. The pulsing red light from his Adam's apple strobed out the reply to his master.

[i][b]<We have recovered the rest of Project Gorgon from Debre Zeit. It has been uploaded to the Brotherhood database within Temple Cuatro.>[/b][/i]

[b]"Excellent, Slave. You and your men may leave now."
The synaptic fibers pulled up and over Essar's head, once again reforming the faceless visage of an Elite Cadre with another squelch. With the articulator arms languidly folding into place, he arose along with the rest of his men.
[i]<By your command.>[/i]
A Nodic militant owns nothing except the flesh on his bones and the soul in his heart.


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[b][size="2"]Model 01: Stheno, 'the Strong One, the Forceful'[/size][/b]

OOC: Much less prominent vertical stabilizer[/center]

[b][size="2"]Name:[/size][/b][size="2"] MILitary Aviation Complex (MILAC) F-27 'Stheno'[/size]
[b][size="2"]Type:[/size][/b][size="2"] Intelligent Unmanned Hypersonic High Performance Superiority Fighter[/size]
[b][size="2"]Length[/size][/b][size="2"]: [/size]18.27m
[b][size="2"]Wingspan:[/size][/b] 10.8 m (Main Fuselage Maximum Width of 9.4 m)
[b][size="2"]Height:[/size][/b] 5.34 m (Main Fuselage Maximum Height of 4.86 m)
[b][size="2"]Propulsion:[/size][/b] Turbine-based Combined Cycle Engine ----- Non-Afterburning Ultra-Compact High Speed Turbine // SHock-Induced Combustion RAMJET (SHCRAMJET)
[b][size="2"]Empty Weight:[/size][/b] 10,200 kg
[b][size="2"]Maximum Take-Off Weight:[/size][/b] 28,500 kg
[b][size="2"]Minimum Fuel Weight:[/size][/b] 6,375 kg
[b][size="2"]Maximum Fuel Weight:[/size][/b] 8,925 kg
[b][size="2"]Weapons Stations:[/size][/b] 3 Internal Bays (1 x 10 Large Station Bay (600 kg per station), 4 x 3 Small Station Bay (100 kg per station) ); Total of 22 Stations
[b][size="2"]Normal Payload:[/size][/b][size="2"] Only Internal Bays; 10 x 600 kg Stations + 12 x 100 kg Stations = 7,200 kg[/size]
[b][size="2"]Maximum Payload:[/size][/b] [size="2"]Only Internal Bays; 10 x 600 kg Stations + 12 x 100 kg Stations = 7,200 kg[/size]
[b][size="2"]Normal Combat Weight:[/size][/b][size="2"] 10,200 kg + 8,925 kg + 7,200 kg = 26,325 kg[/size]
[b][size="2"]Thrust-to-Weight Ratio:[/size][/b][size="2"] Turbine Stage (Mach 0-4) Up to 6 Atmospheric[/size], SHCRAMJET Stage (Greater than Mach 4) Up to 2 Atmospheric
[b][size="2"]Combat Range:[/size][/b][size="2"] Essentially Unlimited, typical defensive pattern of 9,000 km, offensive/pursuit greater than 13,000 km[/size]
[b] [/b] [b][size="2"]Operational Altitude:[/size][/b][size="2"] 26 km[/size] typical engagement
[b][size="2"]Maximum Altitude:[/size][/b][size="2"] Slightly Exo-atmospheric[/size]
[b][size="2"]Maximum Speed:[/size][/b][size="2"] Mach 4 (Turbine Stage) Mach 12 (SCHRAMJET stage)[/size] at Operational Altitude, Mach 25 (SCHRAMJET) stage at Exo-atmospheric Height
[b][size="2"]Special:[/size][/b] 3 x Independently Traversing 500 kJ directed-energy laser weapon (500 kJ beam energy total per shot, realized as 50 pulses of 10 kJ each with one pulse every 10 nanoseconds) ; 3 km effective range (maximum damage output), both radar and electro-optically guided

-Optional Comprehensive Vernier Thruster Network for SUSTAINED Exo-atmospheric Use

[b]Role:[/b] The F-27 Stheno is an aptly named air superiority fighter designed to perform toe-to-toe against premier air breathing threats and come out on top. The mythological figure of Stheno was often noted for her ferocity in battle, and her disproportionately large kill count in comparison to her sisters Medusa and Euryale. It is with the F-27 that the AMC wishes to emulate Stheno's fierce example for usage in protecting the Brotherhood at large. While not as flexible in deployment as its sister the Medusa, the Stheno is geared with a much larger airframe with an unconventional bullet-like shape. Outfitted with a much larger payload of internally carried munitions, Stheno's requirement of needing to take-off from full sized runways is offset with its much higher destructive power.

[b]Airframe and Performance:[/b] A wholly unconventional aircraft in and of itself, the airframe of Stheno is made of exotic composite materials. Temperatures on the airframe were expected to be around 1000 degrees Celsius over a large part of the surface, with maximums on the leading edges approaching 1700 degrees as well as within the engine due to the extreme speeds she was designed to perform in. The skin and skeleton were thus in need of high temperature light weight materials, including alloys of titanium and aluminum, carbon/carbon composites, titanium metal matrix composites and silicon carbide fibers. Of particular note was the cryogenic hydrogen tank, integrated with the fuselage - the whole assembly including volatile and combustible cryo hydrogen was successfully tested with mechanical loads and predicted temperatures. The largest percent of the airframe was created from the aforementioned aluminum-titanium due to the great tensile strength of the alloy and its light weight compared to other alternatives.

In transonic and supersonic speeds, this airframe is extremely unstable, relying not on the stub wings for lift, but the actual body of the aircraft. This lifting body affords Stheno large amounts of lift, enabling it to conduct maneuvers at high angles of attack without the need for more complex maneuverability-enhancement systems. This, and the high thrust-to-weight ratio afforded by the non-afterburning turbine affords the Stheno a supreme maneuverability in this speed range, creating an apt 'dog fighter' (a more accurate term would be adept WVR fighter).

At higher speeds, Stheno utilizes its airframe in a hypersonic waverider configuration giving it a potent interception capability unmatched by even the Medusa. The cryo-hydrogen fuel used in all stages of the combined cycle engine is an excellent coolant - from the primary tank and pumping system fuel is pumped through a heat exchanger to the rear and through the engine nozzle, cooling both. Some fuel is also pumped forward to cool the avionics and processing hardware. Another network of tubing contains a dedicated portion of cryo-hydrogen fuel to both cool the skin and leading edges of the airframe and transfer that heat over to the combustion chamber of the aircraft. This extensive cooling network serves to both reduce the IR signature of Stheno's airframe as well as lessen the magnitude of its exhaust.

The electrical power supply - typically a set of electrochemical double-layer ultracapacitors - provides the aircraft's electricity, in a more compact, efficient, and denser form than any batteries ever could. Commercial ultracapacitors achieve an energy density of around 6 Wh/kg; NiMH batteries of around 60 Wh/kg; lithium-ion batteries of around 120 Wh/kg. The Stheno's ultracapacitor bank overcomes this limitation by using a matrix of vertically aligned, single-wall carbon as an electrode. The capacity of a given ultracapacitor is proportional to the surface area of its electrodes. Typical ultracaps use electrodes made of activated carbon - extremely porous, giving them a huge surface area. However, the pores are irregular in size and shape, and reduce efficiency.

The vertically-aligned carbon used in the Stheno's banks have a regular shape, and a size that is uniform, only several atomic diameters in width. The result is the same huge surface area of typical carbon, with a much much higher rated efficiency. Thus, the Stheno's powerplant ultracapacitor boasts an energy density higher than 60 Wh/kg, a power density greater than 100 kW/kg (three orders of magnitude higher than batteries), and a lifetime longer than 300,000 cycles.

[b]Propulsion/Shock Mitigation:[/b] The Stheno is fully capable in both trans-and supersonic flight with its novel approach to propulsion - a turbine-based combined cycle engine. The TBCC is a multi-flowpath concept that utilizes an ultra-compact turbojet propulsion for take-off up to and including flight at mach 4. The air feeding the turbine section enters via a low-speed air inlet, dedicated to the turbine's combustion chamber. Past mach 4, the low-speed inlet closes flush with the airframe, and the high speed inlet takes over.

The first stage of this combined cycle is an ultra-compact, high performance, non-afterburning turbine engine. This turbine stage offers a high-supersonic speed, extended range, high fuel efficiency and the ability to trade speed for range in a mission-specific capability. Based on the famous engines that provided the pivotal A-1 Krieg Fast Close Air Support craft's supersonic cruise capability in a simple and inexpensive engine, advances in turbine cooling technology has allowed the turbine stage to offer more than six times the specific thrust of said engines [color="#FF0000"]OOC: SR-71 engines[/color], allowing Stheno to cruise at similar Mach numbers when needed without the high fuel consumption of afterburners.

The high speed inlet feeds compressed air to a SHock-induced Combustion RAMJET, which facilitates propulsion to speeds of mach 12 in atmosphere, mach 25 in exoatmospheric conditions. The SHCRAMJET differs from typical RAM/SCRAMJET hybrids by injecting fuel in the inlet of the JET, and not a combustion chamber down the line. The mixture is burned much closer to the inlet, which dramatically decreases the length of the overall engine. Typical SCRAMJETs have difficulty burning fuel in their combustion stages at very high flight speeds, which require longer and heavier engines. In the Stheno's secondary SCHRAMJET mode, the fuel/air mixing and combustion processes are separated, fuel and air is premixed in the inlet itself, taking care to avoid premature ignition of the flow. A blunt body conveniently located near the flow creates a shockwave, the ensuring shock-induced combustion is rapid and results in a very short and lightweight combustor. Articulated shock bodies in the intake function to slow down incoming air by forcing it to go through the shockwave, similar to the function of the plates in a variable geometry intake. These plates can fold flush with the engine floor and ceiling for smoother operation under high speed mode without the risk of adverse shockwaves forcing the air out and choking the engine.

The extended duration expected of Stheno to operate at these speeds proved cost prohibitive given the potential metal fatigue inducing stresses of both the shock and heat of such high speed flight. The Stheno thus has two primary stress, heat and shock mitigation systems used for operating at these high speeds for long periods of time, aid in aircraft survivability, and reduce maintenance requirements. The first is the aforementioned networks of pumped cryo-hydrogen fuel. The second is much more novel in approach.

The aircraft houses a laser 'airspike' array in the nose section of the airframe. The concept behind this array is simple - at higher speeds a forward facing laser is activated, giving Stheno the capability to actively control the external aerodynamics and thermodynamics of its airframe by substituting directed energy for mass. With this laser array, traditional hypersonic rules and boundaries are surmounted - ultralight, blunt-bodied, lens-shaped or saucer-shaped vehicles were possible.

Traditional sharp-nosed hypersonic vehicles generate a conical bow shockwave that causes massive heating at the tip of the craft's nose and leading edges of the airframe. The air spike concept uses concentrated laser energy projected forward from the moving aircraft to drive air radially from the path of the aircraft and transforms the conical bow chock into a weaker, parabolic-shaped oblique shock. This shock is tilted aft, with respect to the vehicle. A pocket of low density, low-pressure, hot air in the shape of a parabola is formed infront of the aircraft, reducing drag and heat transfer that is normally destructive for a vehicle at high speeds. An laser array airspike equipped vehicle travelling at mach 25 would actually be subjected to mach 3 conditions within the protective pocket formed behind the wave.

This airspike can be pulsed, rapidly changing the speed and geometry of the protective air pocket surrounding their moving vehicle. While serving to exponentially increase the air vortex pattern to levels that would show up on Nodic radars designed to look for such disturbances, this flaring air can mask Stheno's actual heat signature beneath pulses, while also serving as a mild heat dispersion tool should a beam of directed energy be detected as incident on the airframe.

[b]Stealth:[/b] Omitting the electro-optical stealth enjoyed by its sister, Medusa on the basis of Stheno's own high speeds and the vulnerability said stealth had to EM attacks, Stheno is thus geared towards a more conventional radar absorbant material based stealth that is passive and invulnerable to EM damage. The basis for this RAM based stealth is a fiber-based material instead of conventional iron-ball paint, designed to effect over a wider range of wavelength. The fibers are conductive compared to their dielectric background, while being resistive in their own right. The fibers are dispersed throughout the RAM in the form of ribbons of solid stainless steel, acting like damped, harmonic oscillators. Cut to one half the length of a variety of radar wavelengths, this RAM is capable of a wider range of absorption when radar energies, including multi-frequency sweeps are incident on Stheno's skin. This skin can be sprayed on by maintenance crews, easing maintenance tenfold.

Heat ablative troughs line the entirety of Stheno's propulsion system, radically reducing its thermal output like its predecessor, the MILAC F-23 Black Widow. Of course, with previous Nodic expertise in skin-friction based thermal detection, this would not be enough. It would prove to be ultimately impossible to reduce Stheno's skin-friction to invisible levels, nevertheless, its on board cooling systems work tirelessly to reduce skin and leading edge temperatures as much as possible - at least for on board IR countermeasures to be effective.

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The Executive Minister brooded atop her throne of iron. Progress had gone well - the Aeon suspected nothing of what was to come. The Nodic faithful had hidden their beloved leader well from the usurpers and infidels - it would only be a matter of time before the great insurrection would spark, turning into a glorious conflagration of Nodic fury. Nodic loyalists would rise enmass, spilling traitorous blood in the fields, the cities, the streets - for all to see.

Soon, all would know that East Africa belonged to Nod.

But there were problems that needed to be addressed - now. Project Gorgon was indeed ambitious, but it was also incomplete. Both Stheno and Medusa models had already been built at least once - several fully functional airframes coming 'hot off the presses' from the commandeered Ceylon printers. They would serve admirably as remotely operated UACVs in the interim while that Ceresa woman and her underlings toyed with BAAL. Other machines churned out other necessities of war - ammunition, ordinance - but it was not enough in her mind.

The final iteration, the last Gorgon sister Euryale was proving troublesome. While Nod expanded its independent industrial capacity underground and in sympathetic provinces to the North and East, it was having problems working on the R&D of Euryale, as well as the new offensive breakthroughs designed specifically for the Gorgons. She had summoned the aid of one from her Inner Circle - a man she had found herself turning to far more often that she would have liked.

The man came with little fanfare, gliding past the Elite Cadre bodyguards without trepidation. His demeanor was one of amusement, eagerness to be 'reunited' with his old verbal sparring partner. The guards were, to say the least, very interested in the man has he went past, their cold stares penetrating even their armored visors as heads swiveled to follow the guest.

"Oh my!" he exclaimed with a hand placed to is chest as he neared the throne, "I have stood aside and watched as Nod seemed to crumble into dust with your demise! It was agonizing! Simply [i]agonizing[/i]!"

[b]"Do you seek to mock me, [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=89291&view=findpost&p=2378321"]Iago, Master-of-Assassins[/url]?"[/b] came the harsh reply. [b]"I have slaughtered what I have deemed to be much greater men for much lesser insults."[/b]

"Oh how all of Nod has wept for your loss, yearned for your return - [i]myself especially included,[/i]" came Iago's instant response. The silvery voice seemed a shade more earnest as he kneeled and bowed with a flourish.

The pair remained in silence for what seemed like ages. The tension was palpable. Already, several of the Executive Minister's Honor Guard had begun to prepare for Iago's immediate summary execution. The man - the former head of the Ministry of National Intelligence remained in his self-abasing position, while the EM merely stared. Finally, a nerve twitched across the armored woman's face, and she began.

[b]"You may rise Iago, but know this - I keep you only because I see use in you. Should you displease me, you will become useless... and useless things have a way of disappearing."[/b]

"[i]Indeed[/i]," the man said with evident reverence as he rose slowly with hands outstretched. Hunching his back, he almost whispered "and if I may, that is a way I am much familiar with."

[b]"Good," [/b]came a satisfied reply.

The guards eased their tension - the would have to wait for a different fool.

Vera Carilass sniffed before absentmindedly waving her hand. Immediately, a number of orange projections sprung from the ground. Iago quickly gazed at each one, making a mental note to 'retrieve' the prototypes at the earliest convenience for a more detailed dissection. He recognized the three Gorgons immediately - 'Medusa', 'Stheno' and a third one that he surmised was 'Euryale'. Each was held within a separate projection, which seemed to serve as a pedestal of sorts. To his left were a number of missile-shaped objects - things far beneath his attention. To his right were other objects, but he had little time for mere tools.

"Now that the unpleasantness has been done with, to what service might I be set for my dearest Minister?" Iago questioned.
"We have pushed our industrial capacity to the brink of usage - work shifts have been extended, and the only down time our manufacturing processes have are for mandatory maintenance. We have put all the Sri Lankan printing modules on 24 hour shifts, and have ordered our microplants to build up our stockpiles across the board. The Nodic Militancy will soon be equipped with innumerable supplies, fearsome weapons and the best our people can bring to the table in such short order. "[/b]

"But you have a problem," was the simple reply.

[b]"Euryale is taking far too long. Our teams have had a hard enough time evading Aeon patrols in order to reach the destroyed NMI headquarters - what they have recovered of Project Gorgon from the ruins has either been incomplete, or corrupted. We will need time to work out inconsistencies."[/b]

Iago clutched at his elbow, resting a gaunt chin on a deceptively frail looking hand.
"But this will require resources and production capacity that we do not have - especially considering the weapons systems designed specifically for the Gorgons. We simply cannot build both at once, yet we cannot live without either."[/b]

Iago loved it when the Executive Minister - this one or the 'old one', he was far too intelligent to believe they were one and the same - came to him for aid. It got 'the juices flowing', so to speak. His answer was as cryptic as ever, if not enthusiastic.

"Forgive me - I am unsure as to whether or not you remember the talks we had together as your... [i]other[/i] self... but I have always held close to my heart the phrase 'fortune favors the audacious.' This circumstance has already fallen under this simply delightful category."

[b]"Audacity? My people are doing whatever they can - barring raiding Aeon salvage dumps for parts and components."[/b]

"It is quite simple my Lord," he said in a curt voice. "We let the Aeon build these weapons for us."

Vera cocked her head to the side, as if questioning her hearing. Shifting the weight of her massive claymore to the side, she shifted position on the throne peering harder at the man before her.
"Are you mad, Iago? Give to our enemies a principle advantage right before we destroy them? Perhaps you are useless."[/b]

Iago took a deep breath. Impatience soon set in to his demeanor.

"Tell me, my most esteemed leader, should the Aeon possess these weapons, where are the most likely to deploy them?"

Vera frowned. With the GPn'S comfortably snuggled within that wretched Rhianne's bosom to the west, and the whore weaving and dancing to bed the PRA to the North West, the answer came soon and suddenly. As if sensing this revelation, Iago went in on the attack, driving home the point she had nearly come to.

"The Aeon would not station the majority of these weapons near territories they hold the strongest, simply because the borders at those areas are simply filled with Aeon sympathizers. If that Avatar-of-War were the military mastermind the ACN made him out to be, it would be reasonable to suspect he'd deploy such offensive weapons to the North or the East. Areas the Brotherhood holds in secret."

Tonguing the inside of her cheek, the EM paused. She soon found Iago's slippery-yet-cheerful demeanor to be insufferable.

[b]"And what of the exotic technology that was used to develop them? Would it not be a good chance that the Aeon could reverse engineer such weapons for use against us?"[/b]

Iago grinned - an act that contorted his face almost gruesomely. Skin was pulled taut over his hollow cheekbones and bald head, the pale tone of his skin turning nearly bone white.

"My people can easily slip the schematics of such weapons into the Aeon databanks. Their origins will merely be lost in bureaucracy. As for your last concern..."

He paused, savoring the moment of silence. He had [i]this[/i] EM wrapped around his finger, he finally surmised as she clanked atop her throne to lean in closer.

"... that risk is simply a part of the audacity."

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[font="Arial"][size="2"][url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=99339"]Vera Carilass[/url][/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"], the Executive Minister of Nod, was a changed woman. No longer was she the carefree, ignorant and naive child tossed about by fate like a candle in the wind. Something had taken up residence inside her - a primal urge for a greatness that lingered on the edge of her grasp. It was a driving force to reclaim all that was lost when Addis Ababa became the Great Scar in East Africa, and on the Nodic people as a whole. Gone was their sense of individuality and pride, in its wake was a deeply seated fear that even the most stoic of facades could not deny.

The otherness inside her grew sick as she watched the news being distributed by the Aeon Princess. It knotted her stomach as the scenes of senseless pacifism, overt idealism and outpouring unconditional love from the Aeon capital of Awasa trickled into what few sectors she held under control. It pained that new-found sense of purpose within her - pained her that the Executive Minister's rule was one that laid in the shadow of the Aeon. She often steadied herself from uncontrollable fits of rage by thinking of the scorpion - it often stung those that created shadows for it to hide.

Perhaps the Nodic people would suddenly wake up? Shift alliances enmass yet again should the sight of the Nodic state loom in the horizon?

Enter no conflict against fanatics unless you can defuse them. Oppose a religion with another religion only if your 'miracles' are irrefutable or if you can mesh in a way that the fanatics accept you as god-inspired. This has long been the barrier to science assuming a mantle of divine revelation. Science is so obviously man-made. Fanatics must know where you stand, but more important, must recognize who whispers in your ear. The East Africans were once loyal to Nod, many still were. If a clear alternative to the Aeon foolishness was shown, Vera was sure there would be a massive uprising.

This was a possibility. Or maybe these wonders stolen from the Sri Lankans, as well as other technological breakthroughs would simply slice through the Aeon's great heft?

All 3-D manufacturing plants present in areas secretly controlled by Nod were commandeered, working full-time and creating advanced weapons, electronic and structural components for the Nodic Military. These newfangled 'LASER' weapons were already being placed in the hands of the most worthy within the Nodic Militancy - the Elite Cadre, Fate Operatives and Vera's personal Elite guard. 'Persuaded' Sri Lankan technical staff had already been selected and distributed throughout these facilities, working with members of the NMI, NDII and MILAC in other potential applications for stolen and commandeered Sri Lankan technology.


Nod would win the day the way it always did. Through strength, determination, and mindless hatred.

Project Graeae would be merely another vector with which the true Nodic people could express these qualities. Vera peered at the Sri Lankan data pad she had been absentmindedly fondling infront of her. Lightly depressing the activation switch, the device thrummed to life. Automatically synching with the PDDS she recovered in what seemed like ages ago, the data pad was a buzz of activity as millions of undecipherable symbols streamed past its screen.


[size="6"]Project Graeae - A Sixth Generation of Brotherhood Air Dominance[/size][/color][/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]


The Brotherhood's Air Militant Command (AMC) has traditionally found itself operating as a direct result of foreign aggression upon its own soil or interests, typically in the form of encroachment of both air-breathing aerial and ordinance assets, as well as the most recent invasion of Sudan by the defunct Empire of the Twelve Gods.

These incursions are almost always perpetrated by states with a considerable intermediate/long-range BVR strike capability, placing the AMC's ability to effectively counter attack at significant risk. Extreme first-strike losses incurred by such enemies are a serious and real threat to the Brotherhood's capability to fend off potential adversaries for the Nodic skies. The eventual suppression and dominance of enemy air assets would be nigh impossible. The penetration of hostile airspace in a counter-attack or secondary strike role was virtually non-existent, only being surmounted by the skill and bravado of the men and women of the AMC.

The AMC in partnership with MILAC came to a troubling conclusion - no asset within the AMC's vast inventory of aircraft could dependably obtain a favorable outcome in face of this ever present threat. No aircraft, save for the A-1 'Krieg' Fast Close Air Support (FCAS) craft had the speed, acceleration or ability to strike as fast or as hard as required without the usage of nuclear weapons or overwhelming numbers. Given the truly unique geopolitical circumstance surrounding the Brotherhood, both of these methods could not be depended upon to be used safely. A sixth generation of combat aircraft would be required to fill in this gap, eventually phasing out older airframes all together.

Both manned and unmanned systems were considered within Project Graeae, with an unmanned concept ultimately being chosen. It soon became apparent that the Brotherhood would design and produce a networked system of ultra-high performance, intelligent, weaponized unmanned aerial combat vehicles.

A UACV is in many ways superior to a manned aircraft - human beings lose consciousness when flying at high speeds and performing violent maneuvers to both achieve kills as well as avoid being killed. While the AMC is ripe with strong, determined and valiant pilots willing and able to lay down their lives for the good of the Brotherhood - even some missions are too dangerous for them to handle. The replacement of such fine men and women would undoubtedly become cost-prohibitive.

But a number of underlying issues with unmanned vehicles would need to be addressed and surpassed in order for such a daring program to succeed. UACVs are indeed the future of the Brotherhood, as they suit its needs perfectly.

[b]Navigation/Primary Target Acquisition:[/b]

The key to surviving and ultimately being successful in aerial combat is this visual/situational awareness - if you can accurately observe an opponent's present move, and anticipate his next a fraction before he observes and anticipates yours, then a decisive factor has fallen in your favor. That is why Project Graeae has made it an integral part of its capability to afford all airframes a wide view with excellent fidelity across the board.

An overlapping system of multiple, yet synchronized multi-spectral sensory nodes would provide this 'vision' across the electromagnetic spectrum. Incorporating the latest innovations in Nodic active/passive search, track, targeting and threat recognition, the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] utilize an advanced sensor package that puts other AMC assets to shame. Consisting of multiple redundant and layered active/passive focal plane arrays based on [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"][url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=65298&view=findpost&p=2565486"]Nodic[/url][/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] advanced IIDU technology, active rosette tracking scanners as well as laser detection and ranging, all assets produced under Project [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] are capable of utilizing a layered approach to 'seeing' the battlefield in various capacities such as infrared, visual, as well as microwave and ultraviolet spectra.

As a scene is surveyed by a [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"], a simultaneous wide and low field of view is combined, avoiding the 'soda-straw' effect on lesser one camera UAV systems. Sensory nodes are fully capable of operating alone or in tandem with other nodes - ie: they can focus on the same target or look around separately. The combined wide-angle view allows a [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] to stay oriented in the battlespace at large, while the low-angle 'zoom' can give a close-up view of a small portion of the battlespace for search, track and targeting purposes. At the same time, the operator can independently move this narrower view to another target while tracking the original target with a laser designator, or relegate it to another form of search, track and targeting onboard.

Electronics/Secondary Target Acquisition/Intelligent Control:[/b]

The [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] incorporate an active phased array, low probability of intercept radar to supplement its primary EM-spectrum sensory system. The radar will employ electronic antenna scan exploiting over 1,000 transmit/receive/phase-shifter elements, each of which is a wholly self contained module. This arrangement results in a highly robust design which doesn't require mechanical pointing, as main lobe shape and direction are controlled electronically, and which gracefully degrades in performance as modules fail. The use of electronic beam shaping/pointing provides major advantages as this class of radar may timeshare its antenna between modes, optimise lobe shapes to modes, tolerate violent manoeuvring and also selectively direct nulls at troublesome jammers as a potent ECCM.

Project [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] is intended to be commanded and controlled by dedicated operators outside the airframe, where commands are vectored in a variety of means - most prominently via a low probability of intercept, frequency hopping data link that utilizes the spread spectrum technique. This suppresses interference by other frequency users (friendly and enemy). It provides multiple access (user sharing) and ends multipath interference (self jamming). This technique spreads signals across a very wide frequency band of the operating spectrum, causing the transmitted signal to be hard to distinguish from normal levels. This link uses an indigenously produced data syntax created specifically for project [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"], in addition to overlapping encryption methods to ensure operational security. This link utilizes pre-emptive ECCM to ensure command and control is not compromised so easily.

Yet the nature of the modern battlefield dictates that wireless electronic signals are never completely tamper or jam proof. That is why Project [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] employs a dedicated onboard Artificial Intelligence on all unmanned systems. Dubbed BAAL, or Biologically Assisted, Artificial Lifeform, this AI capability forms a part of a [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]'s standard electronics suite. Due to the nature of Project [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]'s unmanned status, each Model retains a substantial data analysis and processing capability, as well as a signals intelligence package courtesy of BAAL. BAAL is also responsible for more rudimentary command and control routines to streamline ease of operation of Nodic pilots, while also acting as an interim emergency 'self-sufficient' contingency should contact between the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] and controllers be lost or jammed. BAAL is capable of performing pre-installed goal-oriented missions aimed at safely leaving a compromised battlespace, returning to base, or eliminating the source of jamming due active measures including identifying, engaging and destroying the jammer, or counter jamming the jammer.

BAAL, in addition to the exotic propulsion systems present in all Project [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] models make this series a true 'sixth' generation, unlike any other series of aircraft on the planet. New Synthetic intelligence patterns present within BAAL allow the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] to recognize the intent of other aircraft - ie: accurately predict what they will do next and decide if its own flight course should be changed based on that insight. Capable of utilizing the constantly shifting and 'mutating' algorithms present in its source code, BAAL was not merely a messenger like its forerunner, EVA. BAAL was capable of 'evolving' behaviors based on empirical data, such as cause-and-effect reasoning via incoming sensor data, or more 'concrete', textbook sources like integrated databases. BAAL was capable of taking advantage of both past and present information sources to isolate characteristics of interest pertaining to a present problem at hand with an unknown probability distribution. These captured characteristics are archiveable, ready to be brought up by BAAL to be applied to future pertinent observed variables. With such a comparison, more precise relations can be developed, and BAAL can produce increasingly useful output in response over time.

Of course, if you can teach a UACV how to recognize hostile aircraft, the next logical step would be teaching it how to fight them. The BAAL system is capable of mimicking and remembering evasive and offensive actions undertaken by its operator, storing this information for later usage should contact be lost during a hostile encounter. Networked BAALs onboard [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] aircraft are capable of communicating on their own accord at anytime during assisted or independent control of their vehicles. Utilizing communications methodology designed to be impossible to detect, BAALs transmit and receive data via point-to-point laser, free-space optical communication, entirely separate from the command link from the aircraft to the controller. Using a multi-beam, multi-path communications architecture, BAAL transmissions are extremely secure and precise. It is from this communications path that BAALs can download and upload instructions, share insights on data accumulated on a squadron level and even archive successful solutions and output to add to the collective consciousness BAAL shares with all its iterations.

BAAL also forms an intelligent fly by wire system (IFCS) that its own airframe utilizes to impact survivability- IFCS is both adaptive and fault tolerant, accomplished through the use of flight control software that incorporate the self-learning neural network technology inherent in BAALs design. It is capable of identifying aircraft characteristics through the use of the neural network in order to optimize aircraft performance, and even train itself to analyze the flight properties of the aircraft. The IFCS learns flight characteristics of its airframe in real time through the airframe's own sensors and from error corrections from the primary flight computer, BAAL. Using this information, the IFCS can create different flight characteristic models for the airframe. The neural network only learns when the aircraft is in a stable flight condition, and will discard any characteristics that would cause the aircraft to go into a failure condition. If the aircraft's condition changes from stable to failure, for example, if a control surface is damaged by enemy fire and is rendered unresponsive, the IFCS can detect this fault and switch the flight characteristic model of the airframe. The neural network will then work to drive the error between the reference model and the actual state to zero.

Common Defensive Characteristics:
The unmanned nature of Project [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]'s specifications allows a number of inherent advantages that are shared amongst all three models:

-Extreme maneuverability especially at high mach numbers; Lack of a soft human factor allows the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] the ability to perform violent maneuvers at transonic and supersonic speeds, while a hardened airframe capable of withstanding 100gs++ of stress coupled with advanced heat, drag and bow shock mitigation systems present on advanced [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] models allow [u]relatively[/u] superb maneuvering even at impossibly fast speeds. [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] have the capability of completely dominating WVR combat, while giving even the strongest contender a run for its money in the BVR battlefield.

-Progress on the optical front; visual stealth is enhanced when a pilot is taken out of the loop. Canopy glint is eliminated, entirety of the shell can be hardened imperviously to Electro-magnetic attack, including Nodic EM surface to air missiles and neutron weapons.

-Immense reduction in airframe size compared to contemporary aircraft. Project [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] hulls enjoy a smaller profile across the board with no tangible loss of capability due to life support and pilot protection equipment no longer being present.

However, specifically designed characteristics are present to enhance survivability of the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"].

- Electro-optical stealth that does not rely on on heat-vulnerable metamaterial structures nor does it interfere with active/passive data and sensory capabilities across the entire EM spectrum. [color="#FF0000"]OOC: If I use my EM bending metamaterial on an aircraft, then that would mean that my aircraft would be blind. A very, very bad choice.[/color] A [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] hull is covered in layers of semireflective scales. The 'colour' of a [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] can then be determined by the wavelengths of light interfering with each other between the scales. A brilliant blue, for example, is actually every colour in the visible spectrum being reflected in such a way that blue is amplified. The two reflective layers control optical appearance by electronically steering the distance between them by microscopic amounts. Colour is then determined by the wavelengths of light interfering with each other. This system merely utilizes the ambient light present in a battlespace - massively more energy efficient than other active systems. This efficiency and relative simplicity comes at a price - the scale system does not grant perfect visual stealth, instead acting more like a 'flickering skin' to combat incoming ordinance with staring array seekers, as well as a rudimentary 'adjustable paint-job' for camouflage.

-Electromagnetic protection; deputized Sri Lankan weapons designs utilizing directed energy laser weapons stress the need for the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] to be protected from massive spikes of EM energy that can cause damage. Due to the nature of the Nodic air defense network's widespread distribution of the NT-280 'ASCENSION' nuclear point defense missile, the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] must be able to operate safely within an atmosphere of constant and deliberate EM attacks. The external hull is layered with the many components of the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] system, and is designed to be made in as few pieces as possible to promote energy dissipation and propagation, spreading the impact of friendly fire accidents that can occur once Model-01 'Deino' is released and limiting imparted damage [color="#FF0000"]OOC: Deino is another model i'll be posting later on, with an onboard 'Lynneth-laser[/color]'. Immediately beneath the electro-optical stealth present on the extremities of a [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] hull is a coating of nanoscopic structures designed to [u]keep[/u] EM waves from bouncing off.

Instead, a dedicated 'directed channeling' system utilizing this absorbent material is placed between this layer and sensitive sensory equipment that is vulnerable to extreme EM propagation. This layer works in conjunction with standardized EM hardening systems to protect sensory equipment by diverting harmful EM waves to dedicated exchangers made up of nanoantennas and nanoheaters for harvesting energy such as electrical, optical and magnetic, and then converting them into manageable thermal energy. These dedicated 'exchangers' harvest this diverted EM energy and convert it to thermal energy in a safe manner. This heat can then be managed by the circulated cryogenic hydrogen coolant that is used by the cooling system shared across the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] platforms. Should an unmanageable amount of heat be presented, these heat sinks are designed to be able to be expelled from the airframe during an emergency.

Of course, this directed channeling system is a passively initiated system; should a massive amount of EM propagation be incident on a [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]'s airframe, the outermost layers unprotected by the channel (incidentally the Electro-optical stealth) would be disabled.

- Integrated Defensive Electronic Countermeasures; IDECM has been a design that the AMC and MILAC have yearned for their aircraft for a long time now. With the advent of the exotic technologies present within Project [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"], the IDECM has been realized. Comprised of an onboard techniques generator (TG) and a fibre optic towed decoy, the IDECM is used for aircraft self-protection against radio frequency and infrared threats from both air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles. The jamming system uses a combination of onboard transmitters (the TG) and the fibre optic decoy to decieve enemy radars and missile systems.
The IDECM integrates many specific electronic self protections on a host aircraft in a multi-layered approach. Defined as a radar warning receiver, missile warning system, chaff/flare dispenser, radio frequency jammer, and laser warning receiver/dazzler. The IDECM stimulates the fiber optic towed decoy to transmit and appropriate countermeasure technique, or dispense the appropriate disposable decoy. Integration of these systems is intended to provide a threat detection and response capability - a [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Graeae[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"], or rather any Nodic aircraft equipped with the IDECM can sense a threat, detect what kind of threat it is, and then compile the most appropriate countermeasure to increase survivability.[/size][/font] [font="Arial"][size="2"]
[b]Emerging Offensive Technologies:[/b]

[u]Advanced Standard Ground Attack Missile (AS-GAM)[/u]; Designed to replace Stabber-A air-to-ground missiles, the AS-GAM is a dedicated air launched tactical supersonic strike missile. It will accept a variety of payloads, accommodate a number of differing active/passive seekers and be successful in both a short-range assault, close-air support or anti-shipping role.

[u]Ultra Performance sYnergistic Extended Range System (UP-YERS)[/u]; An answer to the apparent lack of a precision stand-off capability within the AMC, the UP-YERS is a premier stand-off munition designed to be an intimidating scalpel capable of flying at hypersonic speeds. Combining a standard kinetic penetration round dispersal capability with whatever warhead is selected, this weapon would fill an intermediate role in the Nodic arsenal - intended to strike against high priority targets like bunkers, political hubs and air defense detachments.

[u]Strategic Long-Range Munition model 08 (SL-RM mod 08);[/u] An upgrade long in the making, the mod 08 of the SL-RM is an extensive overhaul of the weapon that has seen more action against live targets than any other in the Nodic arsenal. It was the mod 07 that famously destroyed the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"][url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=80873&view=findpost&p=2188761"]RRN Pyotr[/url][/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"], and was used in a [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"][url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=96792&view=findpost&p=2568624"]daring strike[/url][/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] through the Strait of Gibraltar at the Monagesque Navies stationed in it. With similar dimensions, and range with an increased speed and payload of 1000 kg opposed to the 800 kg provided by the model 07, the model 08 is a clear step forwards in the Nodic strategic arsenal.


[b]Model 00: Pemphredo, 'the Alarm, the Warning'[/b] [/size][/font][center][font="Arial"][size="2"][img]http://i710.photobucket.com/albums/ww106/mofailla/Newish/chinesestealthUAVfightdarksword-1.jpg[/img][/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]
OOC: Disregard Canards, vertical stabilizers are much less prominent

[/size][/font][/center] [font="Arial"][size="2"]
[b]Name:[/b] MILitary Aviation Complex (MILAC) FU-25 'Pemphredo'
[b]Type:[/b] Intelligent Unmanned Hypersonic High Performance Interceptor
[b]Length:[/b] 16.2 m
[b]Wingspan:[/b] 13.3 m (Main Fuselage Maximum Width of 9.6 m)
[b]Height:[/b] 5.2 m (Main Fuselage Maximum Height of 4.4 m)
[b]Propulsion:[/b] NACHT with Constant Volume Combustion (CVC) add-on
[b]Empty Weight:[/b] 9,400 kg
[b]Weapons Stations:[/b] 3 Internal Bays (1 x 4 Large Station bay (650 kg per station), 2 x 2 Small Station Bay (250 kg per station)); Total of 8 Stations
[b]Maximum Payload:[/b] Only Internal Bays; 4 x 650 kg Stations + 4 x 250 kg Stations = 3,600 kg
[b]Normal Combat Weight:[/b] 9,400 kg + 3,600 kg = 13,000 kg (fuel not included)
[b]Thrust-to-Weight Ratio:[/b] Up to 6 Atmospheric
[b]Combat Range:[/b] 6,600 km
[b]Combat Radius:[/b] 2,800 km
[b]Operational Altitude:[/b] 20 km
[b]Maximum Altitude:[/b] 28.5 km
[b]Maximum Speed:[/b] Dry Thrust Only Mach 4+
[b]Special:[/b] 4 External Stations containing SEAD-MA-EM systems[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]

[b]Role:[/b] The [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Pemphredo[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] is designed as a fully capable and reusable unmanned air combat vehicle – able to take-off and land from an airstrip like a conventional manned aircraft, the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Pemphredo[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]'s compact and lightweight form enables it to take off from shorter than normal runways. Its superb thrust-to-weight ratio of 6 in atmosphere afford it unparalleled acceleration and energy maneuverability – the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Pemphredo[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] can change its air speed and altitude violently in order to meet or evade a perceived threat in an instant, in many cases far too drastically for any human to survive. This capability affords the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Pemphredo[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] unsurpassed threat response and cements its role as a high speed, high altitude interceptor. With its payload of 3,600 kg and 8 stations the [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]Pemphredo[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"] can be outfitted with 4 long range SARAH-37 and 4 short range SIR-73AC missiles – extremely capable in both BVR and WVR combat.

[/size][/font][center] [/center] [font="Arial"][size="2"][b]Propulsion:[/b] Non-Afterburning Compact High-speed Turbine with Constant Volume Combustion (CVC) add-on - the NACHT, or 'night' as secretly-German technological liasons dubbed it in their mother tongue is a wholly unique and indigenously produced propulsion system. A combined cycle system acting as the smaller basis for larger Turbine based combined cycle engines present within Project Graeae, NACHT is the culmination of work striving towards a compact, high performance, high mach turbine - ultimately a high temperature, non-afterburning turbojet. This high temperature is realized by the utilization of specifically engineered alloys and composites - most prevalent being CMSX-4. An ultra high strength, single crystal alloy, it is a second generation rhenium-containing, nickel-base SCA, capable of higher peak temperature/stress operation of at least 1163 degrees Celsius.

The NACHT itself is coupled with a CVC addition to enable the Pemphredo to escape the velocity limitations of the turbojet concept - a common air inlet is used for both the turbojet engine that is to carry the aircraft from a stop to Mach 2+ and the CVC that would take over and propel the aircraft to Mach 4 and over, propelling the aircraft through a common nozzle. The overall effect is a relatively small design able to propel the airframe from rest to speeds topping mach 4.

This engine utilizes a networked series of tubes, channels and jackets around the common air inlet, combustion chamber, nozzle, engine, aircraft skin and airframe leading edges before being fed into the combustion chamber itself to preheat the liquid hydrocarbon fuel as a fuel saving mechanism. Fuel consumption can be reduced by [url="http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20100167221"]5% to 40%[/url] or more by pre-combustion heating the fuels. The heat circulation towards the combustion chamber is used to heat the heat transfer fluid -cryo hydrogen- which exchanges heat with the incoming fuel stream, while also serving to reduce the thermal signature of the Pemphredo during stealth conditions at transonic speeds.
[/size][/font] [font="Arial"][size="2"]
The NACHT in conjunction with the CVC addition is fully capable in all forms of flight. It is very maneuverable in both trans- and supersonic flight with its maximum airframe loading approaching 100gs an the absence of a human onboard and is capable of extended periods of hypersonic flight to both engage and disengage the enemy. In order to be dependably maneuverable in both the WVR and BVR stances while retaining relative mechanical simplicity, the Pemphredo forgoes typical thrust-vectoring and other propulsion-dependent mechanisms barring thrust and acceleration for agility.

Instead, the Pemphredo relies on structural design elements like employing relaxed-stability concepts in all dimensions to reduce stability and increasing handling. The airframe is always on the verge of being out of control without constant input from the intelligent fly-by-wire system. The engine's high thrust ([url="http://www.popularmechanics.com/science/2875216"]5 times the specific thrust[/url] of the [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pratt_%26_Whitney_J58"]A-1 Krieg[/url]'s venerable design) is able to maintain the Pemphredo's high corner speed, counteracting the drag of tight turns necessary in BVR combat. [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]It can climb quickly to store potential energy, and dive just as fast to quickly recoup needed kinetic energy. [/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"]This capability, in turn, allows the aircraft to maintain enough kinetic energy to perform violent maneuvers at close range.
[/size][/font] [font="Arial"][size="2"]
The hypersonic nature of the NACHT eliminates any need for afterburner - the speed for the FU-25 affords it the ability to take off or launch from one portion of Nod, fly across the nation to engage an enemy and land on the other side of it on a single tank.

[b]Stealth:[/b] The Pemphredo has an airframe shape designed with reduced radar cross section in mind; it resembles the shape of a contemporary stealth aircraft of the manned nature at first glance. All weapons onboard are held internally, with the only external equipment being four specially shaped pods on the underbelly, each housing one SEAD-MA-EM system. These drones can be used to create a false number of radar returns on enemy radars, serve as decoys for the appearance of a much larger Nodic force, as well as serve as a much smaller slave drone to the larger FU-25 - able to perform both reconnaissance duties for its host, as well as combine its own SIGINT capabilities with that of its host to suppress key targets. The cooled leading edges and skin of the Pemphredo give it a reduced thermal signature comparable to that of its predecessor, the F-23 Black Widow at sub- to low-supersonic speeds.[/size][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"][/quote]

Vera cursed under her breath before deactivating the datapad. All that technobabble was hurting her head. Dismissing the information to that of her servants beneath her, she began to long for the age where man would beat another man's head in with a simple rock. Everything was much more understandable back then. [/size][/font]

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