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From London to Moscow

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The Prime Minister had prepared the standard welcoming ceremony to greet the British King Albert I and Prime Minister Arthur Thwaites at Vnukovo International Airport. The honor guard stood along the red carpet that led from the plane to the Prime Minister while the band played the jaunty [url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oP3b6R1vfc"]Preobrajensky Regiment’s parade march[/url].

"Esteemed guests, dobry den! Welcome to Moscow." Premier Medvedev says as the King and Prime Minister left their plane. “We have been waiting for you. How was your trip?”

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Alfred and Arthur stepped out of the jet towards the waiting Russians. Alfred clad in his full naval uniform from his days in the senior service and Arthur in a simple yet elegant black suit.

"Mr President, it is a pleasure to finally meet you in person, please forgive his Majesty if he seems distant, he is old and I have a feeling that this music is reminding him of a more glorious age, ah here he..." said Arthur pleasently.

"Mr Medvedev, pay no attention to this young Gentleman, talking a bunch of tosh, I might be old but im not deaf!" he says loudly, hitting Arthur on the leg with his stick before continuing. "The flight was wonderful Sir, does my old heart good to be travelling again. Its also been a damn long time since I was last in Slavorussia I must say."

Arthur was now in his late 50's, but Britains issues had taken their toll on him, white, thinning hair, artheritis in his knees and constant headaches. War, politics and the constant battle, whilst silently raging, against Ireland would ultimately result in his death. He was in the early stages of heart failure and he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, stage 4. Doctors had given him perhaps four months to six months left to arrange his affairs.

"Mr President would you care to lead us on? It has bee many years since I felt the bitter bite of Slavorussian wind on my face."

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“Da” spoke the Russian “I have a helicopter waiting that will take us to the Kremlin.”

Several minutes later the Russian built transport helicopter landed in the courtyard behind the ancient citadel’s walls. When they arrived they were greeted by Emperor Justinian, dressed in ceremonial uniform, as he was reviewing a regiment of graduating army cadets. They performed maneuvers for the Emperor and his guests before they retired to the sanctity of the Kremlin’s great halls for more serious matters.

They had their meeting a small room connected to Georgievsky Hall, were the foreign guests were greeted. Hors d'oeuvres were spread out on a table around a samovar brewing tea.

“Your Majesty, Your Excellency, welcome to Moscow. The Prime Minister and I are glad to have you. To what do we owe your visit?” Justinian asked.

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"Your Imperial Highness it's is a pleasure to meet you again, it has been far too long. We have been diplomatically separated for quite some time, well we both know why.

You fought with the allies and the English for their Independance and we have only known each other through Zurich and our reliance in mutual security against threats to Europe.

I won't lie, it's a piss poor start from our side for not approaching your Imperial Highness and your excellency sooner to establish full and friendly relations with you"

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"What matters is that we’re here now. Now I hope you won’t mind, but I’m only here to observe, since I am still bound to the provisions of the regency. I will simply be your host this afternoon. As always the Prime Minister is fully authorized to speak on behalf of the government."

"Well should we skip right to business then?" Dmitry asks.

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"Of course your Highness of course. I shall get right to the point because frankly, I am on borrowed time, my age and cancer has finally caught up with me and this may very well be the last good thing I do for my country before my son takes the throne. Great Britain has selected its allies carefully, we very nearly left our brothers in Zurich out to dry when the first UK broke apart and the Scottish/Irish despots collapsed. But we stuck to our guns and Europe once again is a stable continant. However, we are allied every Northern European Nation apart from Slavorussia and the USI through the Zurich bloc, which, im not going to lie, is dead on its feet at the moment due to all of its dead weight. Livonia, Torun, Sweden. Its my belief Slavorussia and Great Britain stand to gain much by once again standing side by side. We are in an excellent position to honour a mutual defence pact through our forces stationed in Svalbard and Franz Josef Land, aswell as an early warning station for missile attacks on Europe from over the pole. Just as Slavorussia is Europes eastern shield against missile strikes from the east. We both are western, centeral, northern and southern Europes missile tracking shields and its first line of defence. By working together, much stands to be gained."

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“I agree with you Zurich is carrying around a lot of dead weight. Sweden and Torun are finished. I don’t believe they will survive much longer especially given their resistance to sign a peace treaty. As for Livonia, well for a long time we‘ve advocated independent Baltic Republics what a waste of effort that proved to be. They know nothing of their history nor of Zurich’s for that matter. If only the Germans could see how worthless they are.

That being said, I believe cooperation between us and outside of Zurich would benefit us both. Perhaps the rest of Europe would benefit also.”

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"With the four main northern powers unified, ourselves, Germany, Finland and Slavorussia Europe certainly would benefit. I must apologise, my hands Are not what they used to be, could you draft the treaty sir?"

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[quote]Article 1: Non Aggression

Great Britain and Slavorussia shall not undertake any act of aggression, be it direct or covert against eachother.

Article 2: Mutual Defense

Should a member of this pact be attacked by another nation, signatores are required to provide military and/or financial assistance to the nation under attack.

Article 3: Intelligence sharing

The undersigned Nations are required to share intelligence relating to national security.

Article 4: Cancellation

The Undersigned nations agree to give 72 hours notice before the cancellation of this treaty.

Signed for Great Britain

King Alfred Windsor

Signed for Slavorussia

Signed by
Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister
and ratified by the Parliament of the Empire of Slavorussia.

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