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The Boston Congress

Sargun II

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[center] [b][font="Book Antiqua"][size="7"]THE BOSTON CONGRESS[/size][/font][/b]

[i]The flag of the Boston Federacy.[/i]

[i]The images on the ceiling of the Boston House.[/i]

[i]The image on the ceiling of the general Senate.[/i]

[font="Book Antiqua"][b]The Boston House:[/b]
John Smith
Robert Johnson
Michael Sullivan
David Brown
James Murphy
Mary Williams
Richard White
William Martin
Joseph Jones
Paul Miller
Thomas Anderson
Susan Silva
Patricia Davis
Mark McCarthy
Ron Paul[/font]

[font="Book Antiqua"][b]The general Senate:
[/b]Barbara Wilson
Nancy Roy
Daniel Gagnon
Jennier Thompson
Donald Moore
Peter Hall
Charles King
Joesph Wood
Elizabeth Adams
Mark Libby
Donald Hall
Charles Robinson
Peter Stevens[/font]

[[OOC: No posting without permission. [b]Period.[/b]]]

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