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5 BR Aqua

von Metternich

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Pigs - fonzy66
Lead -
Sugar - von Metternich
Spices - zeeman101
Cattle - Makayla Smith
Oil - von Metternich
Rubber - zeeman101
Aluminum - typky
Marble - fonzy66
Gold - Makayla Smith
Iron -
Lumber - typky

BR: Fast Food, Microchips, Construction, Asphalt, Scholars
Aqua Only.
Thanks :)

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Okay, more fun - we have our gold/cattle trade. [url="http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=352609"]Makayla Smith of Republic of Eskardia[/url]

In the meantime, we need to replace Buddha who likely rerolled and now has furs/sugar. His original set was lumber and aluminum.

Looking for Lumber/Aluminum!

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[quote name='Buddha' timestamp='1305682964' post='2714002']
what? i haven't gone anywhere. i'm still in!

like i said, who is iron/lead?

So we've got a huge misunderstanding. Your name, Buddha, is tied to another nation out there, who has Furs/Sugar. I just looked at the link you posted above and saw that your ruler name is actually typky. In that case, we're good to go. I'll send a completed trade circle note in a moment to everyone.

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