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Islam Resurgent


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It has been months since official word regarding the Yaza Hajin & their efforts has been given. The voice of an Islamic revival that had been stifled many times is heard again. And now, a word from the Most Devoted:

Beginning with the rise of True Islamic states through a movement that launched a wounded Islam back to the forefront of global power & their systematic destruction by the imperialist led world.
The conflict, witnessed by millions through the eyes of western propaganda networks, was depicted through the imperialist’s politically biased & filtered views. The systematic irradiation of fundamental & independent Islamic governments by a coalition far superior in technological, political, & economic power, however what was little known was that from the outside the war was engineered, controlled, & manipulated by an elite group. A group which had inflated the illusion of Islamic extremists at the command of a terrorist empire on the verge of greater continental & global expansion as the world shifts into an age of reawakening to the true religion. Of an extremist movement that had gained control of swaths of the African continent nearly overnight, challenging Western hegemony & imperialist desires. Orchestrated unrest within the continent swung the door open to these powers who used radicalism & civil and regional war as a stepping stone towards the curb stomp of a rising Islam. They operate their nations in accordance with imperialist rules & seek from it worldly rewards disregarding the truth that is the laws of Allah- they are those who invite upon themselves His wrath. These forces have set up the system to destroy Islam, either directly through economic cohesion & indirectly using ideological warfare. They have divided & conquered, instilling diseased such as nationalism & racism into the heart of the masses- they’re biggest fear being Muslim unity & revival of the message brought by the last prophet to mankind & everything they do is geared to prevent this. They have manipulated Muslims, setting up & promoting divides where a façade of good relations with “peaceful” Muslim nations & communities are praised as bombs fall upon those “radical” Muslims who speak & act in truth stemmed from the revival of Allah’s message & His Will-a direct challenge to this horrific corruptions of the Western-led world . Created they’re own international order, compelling all to comply by their policies or be shut out. Without puppet, or nominal, imperial-backed Muslim communities to speak against Allah’s truly devoted, nothing would prevent the sweeping rise of the purist Islamic movements from coming to power peacefully. The African wars where a clear part in this agenda & they served many purposes:

To promote Imperialist unity
To justify excessive use of force
To permanently dehumanize the Muslim purist as a terrorist, insurgent, & violent extremist
To solidify divides amongst the Muslim nations
To act as a testing ground for an entire arsenal of military weapons & cocktails of anti-Muslim news & propaganda
But most of all it served to perpetrate a strong military-ready atmosphere against any Islamic uprising at any time, anywhere on the Globe

[center]Imperialism has forced a strong hand upon the very path of Islam itself & lay a firm grip on Muslim holy lands. But although they plan, Allah also plans. And Allah is the best of planners. The final victory will be with Islam & His Yaza Hajin. The sword of Allah has been drawn, yet an open hand awaits as well, still offered to His children whom are given a choice among the two.
God is Great.[/center][/color]

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