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Transvaal National Census 2011


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As announced by Staatspresident van Haesten one month ago, a national census has been taken in the Republic of Transvaal. Although the black community has higher birth rates and nuclear strikes on Pretoria and Bloemfontein which killed primarily whites, extensive immigration from Europe and North America has offset the growth in the black community. The Afrikaner population has dwindled to less than half of the white population primarily because of this immigration from Europe, most of whom are classified as Anglo's (irregardless of their nation of origin, except Germany which has its own national classification).

Tahoan refugees form almost a third of the population of South West Africa province and have increasingly began moving inland to Botswana, encouraged by government programs to remove natives from their lands to open up territory for farming. Lesotho is the only territory that recorded no permanant white residents, while the Atlantic Ocean Territories recorded no black inhabitants.

[b]2011 CENSUS DATA[/b]

Total Population: 32,800,000

[u]WHITE SOUTH AFRICANS:[/u] 16,500,000 (50%)
5,800,000 Afrikaners
9,490,000 Anglo South Africans
380,000 Portugese
290,000 Tahoe-Transvalers
540,000 German South Africans

[u]BLACK SOUTH AFRICANS:[/u] 13,550,000 (41%)
13,550,000 Blacks

[u]COLORED SOUTH AFRICANS: [/u] 4,300,000 (9%)
2,450,000 Colored South Africans 2,450,000
300,000 Asian/Indian South Africans

29,100,000 Total

[u]Cape Province:[/u] 6,630,000
1,300,000 Colored
4,800,000 White
330,000 Black
200,000 Asian/Indian

[u]Orange Free State:[/u] 2,280,000
1,230,000 White
700,000 Black
300,000 Colored
50,000 Asian/Indian

[u]Transvaal:[/u] 12,850,000
5,500,000 White
6,800,000 Black
400,000 Colored
150,000 Asian/Indian

[u]South West Africa:[/u] 1,140,000
690,000 White
150,000 Colored
300,000 Black

[u]Rhodesia:[/u] 6,100,000
2,900,000 White
3,200,000 Black

2,500,000 Total

[u]Botswana[/u]: 1,300,000
1,020,000 Black
300,000 Colored
80,000 White

[u]Lesotho:[/u] 1,200,000
1,200,000 Black

[u]Tristan da Cunha:[/u] 250
250 white

[u]Ascension:[/u] 800
800 white

[u]St. Helena:[/u] 4,200
4,200 white

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The term Coloured South African refers or referred to an ethnic group of mixed-race people who possess some sub-Saharan African ancestry but not enough to be considered Black under the law of South Africa (more mentioned below). They are mixed race and often possess substantial ancestry from Europe, Indonesia, Madagascar, Malaya, Mozambique, Mauritius, Saint Helena and Southern Africa. Besides the extensive combining of these diverse heritages in the Western Cape — in which a distinctive 'Cape Coloured' and affiliated Cape Malay culture developed — in other parts of Southern Africa, their development has usually been the result of the meeting of two distinct groups. Genetic studies suggest the group has the highest levels of mixed ancestry in the world. However, the maternal (female) contribution to the Coloured population, measured by mitochondrial DNA studies, was found to come mostly from the Khoisan population. Coloureds primarily speak Afrikaans but encompass a unique culture within Transvaal.

Legally, most Coloured South Africans are considered citizens with voting rights unlike most Black South Africans who are citizens of either Botswana or Lesotho Territories and therefore not eligible to vote in national elections except for non-voting delegates.

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