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North Star Seeks Alliance Membership

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On behalf of his majesty, Lord Christopher, I bring you greetings from the people of North Star.

North Star is a new, small nation seeking opportunities for expansion and prosperity. We believe an Alliance would be the best means by which to achieve these goals but, before doing so, we must be certain any Alliance reflects the values and beliefs of North Star citizens.

We seek maturity. Forums and engagements in which profanity and locker room humor are readily shared is not for us.
We seek peace. Blood lust is senseless. We will, however, join in the defense of our shared values and beliefs.
We maintain sovereignty. North Star will not unwillingly submit itself to governance by others.
We value humility. True leadership florishes in the soil of service. We will not offer alms or sacrifices.
We appreciate the KISS: Keeping It Simple & Straight-forward. Extensive application processes and boot camps will not be considered.
As mentioned before, we seek expansion and prosperity. Financial and technological incentives will be given weight.

The government of North Star seeks what is in the best interest of our nation. If this requires "going it alone" then so be it. But we believe an Alliance DOES EXIST which shares our values and vision? Is it you?

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Consider Pax Corvus ;
Pax is a neutral alliance; we do not sign treatys which would require our participation in pointless conflicts,

We focus on the growth and happiness of our member nations : we provide an efficient tech trading system, skilled and knowledgable mentors, and an atmosphere in which ALL nations, regardless of size and time accrued, are encouraged to voice their thoughts and opinions; those who wish to take an active role in government operations are encouraged to do so : yet we are also a welcoming home for those who wish only to grow in peace and quiet..

Our growth has been swift and steady [ we should soon eclipse 2 million alliance strength]

this link will take you to our forums; there is a thread in which you can post questions if you wish.


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[quote name='Lord Christopher' timestamp='1302652412' post='2689734']

We appreciate the KISS: Keeping It Simple & Straight-forward. Extensive application processes and boot camps will not be considered.


I'd encourage you to rethink that. Alliances that don't require new members to learn, are alliances with lots of people who don't know what they're doing.

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