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  1. Friends and community is another part of it. Blowing up your alliance and the challenging fights is the most exciting thing I’ve done in this game. Thank you. (I have a hard time being mean.)
  2. There are options for peace if your serious. I have no desire for your alliance destruction or to drive you from the game. In all honesty, this game needs more drama. I welcome it. Your alliance is needed to keep the game interesting. I’m not excited about going back to a nation growth program and intense boredom. Yay! I understand there comes a point when we all want a break from war. The Government heads will need to work it out.
  3. You created some drama and I’m enjoying it. I hope you and your alliance stick around awhile. Now back to business. Where did my red nuke button go?!
  4. I love your dynamite kitty avatar! Also it’s good to see you again too. You have me beat. In this stage of the game, I don’t think I’ll ever have that many casualties. Thank you for making this game interesting.
  5. ....but, but I haven’t achieved 5 million casualties yet?
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