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  1. On 10/14/2018 at 12:12 PM, Sir Sexton47 said:

    that sucks, this is a pretty good game to play to bad we cant somehow boost it and get that man members back


    This was never a good game. It had poor gameplay design choices and sometimes toxic interpersonal drama that happened off site. It was just one of the better things to do on the internet in the pre-social media and desktop era and now it's a relic of that time.

  2. This game is just as bad as ever, now with 90% fewer players lol. :awesome:


    Anyway, I don't know why any of you are still here. I don't know what I'm doing here. CN still isn't mobile friendly and graphics are still Done By Silent, so I'm bored already. Did 2007 internet really suck this much? (Yes.)


    So, ummm... hello, I suppose. It was fun nuking you lot.


    (Now delete your nation, and achieve nirvana)

  3. Lulz will rule the world so long as Lulz has charisma and power. While it is my firm belief that most alliances are nothing more than rubbish and should be wiped off the planet for ever, and most of the so-called Lulz fall right into this category, the onus is on any aspiring political philosopher or leader to tell the world how they benefit from turning their guns against Doombird Doomcave instead of, say, the International or GATO or the New Polar Order. If you wish to rally the world, you must speak to their values. Nobody takes risks for abstract codswallop like civilised versus non-civilised alliances.

  4. Ah, let's see.

    Was recruited by the /b/ alliance in January 2007. Decided that they were a bit over the top and I wanted to play more seriously. Got recruited to the [b]Euphorian Commonwealth[/b] (January 2007-June 2007) for 80k in aid. It was a lot more then than it is now. Don't look at me that way. <_<

    I was in a commie alliance in a certain defunct moon game that decided to reform in CN, so I quit to join the [b]International Communist Party[/b] (June 2007). This did not go well. We were unable to secure a treaty agreement with ODN on time before NoV and Golden Sabres attacked. This is when I really started to become active in CN.

    I then followed KarlMarx and Finnish Commie to the [b]New Pacific Order[/b] (June 2007-May 2008). This alliance was a lot of fun and I was part of the legendary "NPO troll squad" back in the day, but there were very strong power struggles and cliques that were undermining the alliance. People I respected most like LordValentine, Doppelganger and Doitzel started to fall out of favour, while the alliance leadership decided that they were going to undermine NpO leader, and probably one of the greatest figures in CN history, Electron Sponge. After Doitzel and Doppelganger made their famous posts ([url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=26898"]Doitzel's De Profundis[/url]), well, being the tenacious and unpredictable girl that I am (which is why everyone* loves me), decided that I was going to defend them by opening up a counterargument on the NPO forums. By that time, I was a NPO council member, a pseudogovernment position with vague responsibilities, that was chosen by election. My influence was not enough to change the debate, and I saw no future in being one of the few pro-Sponge people. I resigned.

    I then joined the [b]New Polar Order[/b] (May 2008-some time in late 2009). NpO had a much more relaxed culture than Pacifica did, and people there genuinely got along better. This is the alliance I'm actually most known for being in, even though I achieved probably the least there. I tried for some of the deputy minister positions a few times, but I was somewhat depressed back then and would do things like disappear off IRC for a month at a time.

    Eventually I decided to join the SE incarnation of a TE alliance, the [b]SOS Brigade[/b] (2009-October 2010). This was a very fun alliance to talk to. I probably would have quit CN years ago if it wasn't for this group. I briefly resigned in January 2010, and created then what would become the genesis of my next alliance. Of course, SOS was incredibly poorly managed as an alliance, and had even worse power struggles than NPO did. I ended up as the Time Traveller, but I don't remember what that position was supposed to be, really. I watched my friends tear themselves into bitterly opposing camps. I never could get them to reconcile, which is one of the saddest things I've ever had to deal with while playing this game.

    So, in January 2010, I left SOS because I disagreed with Arrnea's plan to go to war on an optional aggression clause of a protectorate treaty to defend the \m/ side of what was originally the "Second Unjust War". I created a one nation AA called the New Sakura Order. I rejoined after the war was no longer about \m/ and instead about AlmightyGrub being a conniving fiend. This was used to create one of the more popular April Fools joke threads of 2010. Some of my friends from SOS told me they wanted to make an alliance like that for real.

    And so began the only alliance I've ever been the leader of, the [b]New Sakura Order[/b] (October 2010-May 2011) . I managed to keep the alliance channel, #sakura, one with constant fun. I took a more conservative and principled approach to foreign affairs than I think most alliances do these days, which really caught SOS Brigade off guard in the Tentacle Grape War. We almost turned the treaty web upside down with that one. Eventually, Haruhi (aka Elrich von Richt) started trying to push me into treaties I wasn't comfortable with, and recruited a lot of his RL friends into the alliance, who almost never showed up except to support things that he did. He eventually got my closest supporters removed from the government, and, well, did a lot of other things that I won't mention here. I was left in a position with no power base, and an advesarial government. I ended up resigning from the alliance completely on the fear that we would become tied to Nordreich, a move which I now regret.

    I then chillaxed in the [b]AOD Brigade[/b] (May 2011-August 2012). I didn't do anything noteworthy here, except being one of three members active on IRC. I've been out of CN politics for well over a year now. Eventually the alliance started to become so small that it might be seen as a valid tech raid target.

    And now I'm in [b]Anarchy Inc.[/b] since August 2012. Noteworthy for [u]almost[/u] letting my nation delete last week. (Oops.) It's kind of like NpO used to be a long time ago, but I'm not as interested in CN as I used to be. It's as if all the life has been sucked from this game and everything that happens is completely predictable. I think I've just been playing for too long.

    * = of course you do, right!?

  5. I officially hate these new forums. They wrecked the Chinese quote in my signature. And really, the best part of having a signature is having something that most people can't understand in it. :(

    Someone hand me a pitchfork, or something.

  6. People have been saying this since ancient times. (Well, at least since CN was young :P)

    However, this isn't a war game. It's not even strictly a competitive game, at least as much as TE is, as there's nothing to win. Not everyone wants to play constantly facing destruction. For some, it's just a hobby or a diversion. Some people like to play the political game. Some people like to role play. Some people just like the community, or their alliance.

    If you want to go to war, you're actually free to declare war on any nation in your range at any time. What you really want is to go to war without the consequences that you will face now. That's not going to happen, because as I said, this isn't strictly a competitive game.

  7. This is the same alliance and same alliance leader that pre-emptively declared a lopsided war on Christian Coalition of Countries in an obnoxious manner because they couldn't wait for the alliance to decide if they even wanted to defend New Polar Order. Part of the reason the War of the Coalition got its popular nickname, the "NoCB War".

    And now you've come out here to complain after you've fallen from grace~!?

  8. It seems to me that most of LSF's members are lazy (it takes less than 2 minutes to fix a mask!) and are ignorant of most conventions of diplomacy. I'm a bit surprised that they even have allies on paper with that type of behaviour.

    Anyway, I hope all of LSF will learn something from this and reform themselves, even if their allies do come to their rescue.

  9. [quote name='Roquentin' timestamp='1330996609' post='2934333']
    Katsumi: you had it right about the TOP-C&G thing, but you keep missing the mark on DH-NPO. I've revealed the actual reasons a million times and if people to this day can't see the reality, it's just depressing.
    Keep in mind that I've been "retired" from CN politics for several months now. :smug:

  10. I think I must have travelled back in time last night, because I'm reading a thread about Grenval~.
    And some of these posters, I haven't seen in ages~!

    I'd say good times, but we all know that's just [url="http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/NostalgiaFilter"]nostalgia filter[/url] or something...

    I remember that Pacificans did hold a certain standard of conduct related to out of character matters, but to say that NPO never used OOC stuff for IC purposes is completely disingenuous. And furthermore, the NPO "side" tended to go a lot further than NPO itself, if anyone remembers the stuff that the old \m/ and GOONS did, which took Electron Sponge driving a wedge into the Initiative before NPO stopped protecting them. The DH strategy of just attacking because they could was a step down in quality, but at least VE set up NpO to be rolled in the tradition of the past.

    The issue with CN politics today is not that there's no NPO vs GATO type of rivalries, in fact, the rivalries today are just as intense, but because the super alliances of the past have split repeatedly like Trotskyist groups into smaller bickering factions, and sign treaties all over the place because of poor FA strategy, the alliances today have to choose which commitments they're actually going to make, so wars tend to be won based on convincing long treaty chains in advance.

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