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  1. Tricks like that only work once. Not to mention Lucius never told me what he was up to. I awoke to find him gone and the OWF in an uproar. You can believe what you like my friend, but I've complied with LPCs terms and am only interested in achieve peace for my fellow alliance members.
  2. The Free COBRA Army surrenders to the LPC, and sincerely apologises for it's aggressive actions.
  3. Well we pretty much agree on that. If I surrender, LPC will leave us be?
  4. We do not approve, and had no prior knowledge of this whatsoever. We are more than willing to do white peace, but we will not be press ganged into LPC. It violates our freewill.
  5. As the new leader of the FCA, I can assure you all we knew nothing about this. And we still desire to make peace with the LPC.
  6. You use the term "strong stance" rather freely. But I'll let Planet Bob be the judge. http://www.cybernations.net/war_information.asp?ID=804870&View=Charts#War_Logs For someone who accuses others of whining and complaining, you certainly &%$#$ about me a lot. I think you're becoming obsessed with me Monty. Your ramblings and threats are driving this thread off topic, and making negotiations awkward. So I suggest you cease your ranting and allow the leaders of our factions to work this matter out. And also suggest that all of our guys pay no attention to Monty. That's exactly what he wants.
  7. Yes, I'll agree to that. As I said, I don't know why a pay any attention to him.
  8. We made peace, I was order to redeclare. I followed my orders "chicky poo". You do very well at fighting those who can't hope to match you. During your attacks today you neglected to engage me in ground battle. Why is that? Was it fear? Though why I waste my time responding to you is beyond me. You don't know how often I wonder who that is behind your screen. Often I picture a ten year old boy, his failed language arts test on the desk, as he logs on to the CN forums and pretends to be the ultimate troll.
  9. Excuse me, but I'm trying to talk to the leaders of LPC. They at least understand the rules of basic English, and are capable of more then senseless ranting.
  10. I don't think an apology is really necessary. Tensions were high, we put up our dukes and had a brawl. Lets not forget that Monty carried out an aggressive attack on FCA too. A result of bickering on the forum, but no apology was requested and none is needed. Let's just do white peace and call it water under the bridge.
  11. Lucius never surrendered. He wasn't involved in the first round of wars. Some of our guys did surrender, but mostly I think that was because they were fighting for something they didn't believe in.
  12. I actually really like some of these ideas.
  13. Extreme or irrational fear of crowded spaces or enclosed public places.
  14. Yeah, just like the last one I had with him.
  15. COBRA LIVES....sounds like a Twitter movement.
  16. Some people don't want to join a big alliance. Noobs should be given a bit of a chance when they first come into this world. No wonder Bob is dying. We drive off all the new blood.
  17. I remember when COBRA and SNX got into a little tussle. Junka could have easily rolled me but he did not. He even gave me a few tips in fighting, those have served me well
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