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  1. We have 2 nations ready to fight for whoever will claim them as their tribute.
  2. yes they do. this is just an experiment
  3. The rules of this test Hunger Games are simple, Each entered alliance will have a Tribute. Each Tribute's alliance will be ____ Tribute. Full aid will be acceptable in these games, so you can send as much aid as you want to the tributes. A tribute is out when I deem it beaten. A cannon will be fired by adding a link to a cannon firing in the comments of the actual game entry. The dead will be announced at 10 A.M. server time Monday-Friday. NEW RULE: An alliance does not even have to send one of it's members to fight. I have several eager new nations ready to fight for whatever alliance
  4. gorbachove is now debating on joining the Hunger Games. the roman empire is interested. Promethia is interested.
  5. gorbachov of COMECON has requested COMECON join the games.
  6. They are doing the Large Nation Hunger Games. I am doing the Minor Nation Hunger Games.
  7. The first Hunger Games for nations in the strengths of 0-500 will begin Monday January 27, 2014 at 10:00 A.M. server time. The Reaping will occur Friday January 24, 2014 at 9:00 A.M. server time. Alliances must only place their alliance name in the comments of this entry to sign up. ONLY ACTIVE MEMBERS WILL BE CHOSEN IN THE REAPING. I will brief you on the rules on Thursday. May the odds be ever in your favor, Lux
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