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  1. Top comment on a YouTube video with over 3 million views. Ladies and gentlemen, I have ARRIVED. :D

  2. Age I was given: 17Where I lived: SacramentoWhat I was reading: Too many books to really recall.What I did:... http://t.co/TUodGibm

  3. Of all the days to reread those text conversations.. FML.

  4. http://t.co/svl8yX2M @kyriegothly tell me this doesn't remind you of Shaz!

  5. 17. FRANK HERBERT: Litany against fear http://t.co/CU6WpsiG

  6. What in the hell did I wake up to this morning? #pope

  7. Anyone know a cause for bleeding from the eye? >.>

    1. Tom Marvolo Riddle

      Tom Marvolo Riddle

      That happnes when you put something in there.

  8. Oh the Grammy's are tonight? I hadn't noticed.

  9. Do you ever sit on the phone with one of your best friends and wish that you could just reach through the cell waves and hug them? :/

  10. $%&@ you. $%&@ YOU $%&@ YOU $%&@ YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Nothing quite like seeing Pidgin pop up with Twitter messages that include the phrase "Defecators of the world"

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