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  1. It's about time I caught a nuke or two. My idol, MtDogg, has already eaten 7 (at last count). I was starting to lose major face with him, it being obvious it takes nukes to put him down but no one bothering with me. Take that MtDogg!
  2. Also, to all the back and forth about whether what I do is stupid/smart, strategic/simple, noble/cowardly, etc... you can stop the debate: it doesn't matter. There's only one argument from my point of view: is it fun for me? And I will open and close that argument right now: Yes
  3. An interview! I like it. 1. What advice would you give to the inspiring rogue population? Don't expect victory, enjoy the processes. The thing about roguing is there is no finish line or end game, just an endless stream of battles. But that's what's fun for me. I'd rather play Doom than SimCity. 2. What silly mistakes do alliances or your opponents make that help you win your battles? Name a few examples. Attacking with cash. I can't tell you how many times I've checked in my account in the morning and found 1.7M waiting for me because of lost ground battles. So far FAN has been th
  4. "Welcome to Terrorists News at 11 Well folks, we're currently at T-minus 16 hours until nuclear rain for the brave and noble nation of Terrorists. And you know what that means... In preparation the nation has already started construction of a thunderdome. The debate on whether zombies and mutants are eligible for affirmative action programs is a hot subject in senate and more savvy citizens have begun fashioning themselves post-apocalyptic leather-based 'wasteland' outfits. Reports are already in from supermarkets that sale of green bananas is down 87%. Our more forward thinking industr
  5. Alright, I don't want to go back and forth. Give me 3m and we'll be done with this whole stupid thread. Thanks
  6. Not one bit. And I'll tell you what. You send me the 6 million and I'll pretend this whole thing never happened.
  7. I wouldn't argue that I am brilliant or even close. I'm not sure where to start in arguing whether or not I'm an "entity" so I'll leave that one alone as well. I do have fun doing what I do. People work hard on their nations, work hard to coordinate tech deals with lower NS folks. They send them 9mil, 12mil, 15mil... and then suddenly it's gone -- simply a part of my combined infra, soldiers and tanks. All I ever give back are cruise missiles. Most people just cut their loses and move on, but every once and a while it really pays off. When poor Sunny sent out his 3 million and waited li
  8. Keep on truckin', and don't let the haters get you down.

  9. I've never donated. I feel silly defending myself with such a statement. It's almost like an attempt to vindicate one's self with the argument "I'm a poor tipper," but it's a fact. And to open the books on my finances: Bills Paid: $13,069,462.91 Purchases Over Time: $260,396,197.79 Of course I'm upside down on tax collection (to pay: 276k collect: 113k) so most of the purchases were with stolen cash. And for the record, I've been ZI'd 4 times. It's hard to pinpoint which alliance is responsible since it tends to be a group effort, but I'd estimate it was: 1st time = Group effort, 2nd
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