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  1. caleb ryals

    The Honor of Hyrule accords

    since i am currently logged in for once in a lifetime, i feel an obligation to post. o/ us o/ them
  2. caleb ryals

    A FEAR Production

    may you have a long and prosperous relationship. o/ FEAR o/ TCW
  3. caleb ryals

    This Is The Announcement You're Looking For

    o/ NATO! Love you guys!
  4. caleb ryals

    Do Meat shields help an alliance?

    [quote name='IYIyTh' timestamp='1324020489' post='2879713']If you need psychological motivation in a text-based clicking game there's something wrong with you. [/quote] "like!"
  5. caleb ryals

    A few announcements from the Kingdom

    o/ Kingdom of Hyrule!
  6. caleb ryals


    [quote name='ones' timestamp='1299042962' post='2649257'] congrats to all KoH it was fun. erik weren't you a POW from day.. three was it. hmmm [/quote] just an FYI, erik surrendered due to some RL problems that kept him from being active enough to fight.
  7. caleb ryals

    KoH Recognition of Hostility with VE

    [quote name='Frodark' timestamp='1296322655' post='2609615'] While we may have misinterpreted your reasons for the peace talks, it does not change the fact that there is unpreparedness in alot of your alliance. As previously stated, we respect your reasons for warring with us. Its the same reason we joined VE in the attacks...we like to give back what little we can. This point has never been disputed. Actually if you care to look back at a few of our posts we respected you for declining. However declining the offer is what got you where you are today. Your own President stated in the OP that the problem was that VE protected us because he felt we had an "agreement". Just because you are now seeing that your leaders failed to do their homework and verify that those they were talking to had any right to make such agreements does not mean that you should then go desperately search for another reason to justify yourselves. Grasp at straws much? [/quote] Im one of those leaders, and i do my homework. im not justifying anything. i was upset to hear what we thought was a breaking of the 1 on 1 agreement, now i'm ok with it once i realized there never really was one. hey, miscommunications and mistakes are a pervading part of political life, and I'm always willing to be understanding about that. [quote]I'm going to have fun rolling you [/quote] thank you. its good to hear that at least im not a boring enemy (over the week, you'll learn i'm not easy guy to troll).
  8. caleb ryals

    KoH Recognition of Hostility with VE

    [quote name='Callebaut' timestamp='1296274775' post='2608525'] Honestly, the spin and fail in this thread is astounding. Hyrule and Misfits were in peace talks already due to Hyrule's lack of preparation (7 mil warchests on nuclear nations). They asked that we both step out of the war, Misfits said that we were willing to agree to a white peace, but would continue to fight Polar once our slots were free. They declined. Impero, who we had informed of the entire situation, and was well aware of what was going on, then joined the peace talks. Hyrule was given two days notice that VE would put Hyrulean nations in their target lists for the next rotation if peace was not agreed upon. Hyrule declined, and here we are today. And the claim that Hyrule thought there would be no retaliation from our side is also false. Erik, their Minister of Foreign Affairs, was well aware within a day of war that we were talking with our allies. Sho mispoke and was misinterpreted in that he was assuaging Hyrule's great fear that IRON would activate our recent treaty, when it is not even written in spirit to be military. [/quote] The reason we didn't immediately send peace terms wasn't due to our lack of preparation, we sent them because we had previously decided to stay out of the war and we didn't want a drug out conflict ready for one or not. your declaration on NpO gave us the opportunity to be benficial to our protectorate is some way. though small, it was better than doing nothing. secondly, our reason for declining your counter offer was because it refuted our entire reason for declaring on you guys in the first place, to end your fight against NpO. [quote]Think some of you who have been immediately jumping on the "VE Sucks!" bandwagon before taking the time to know what you're arguing about are going to look back on this time and be embarrassed about how you've behaved. Take a breath, think about what you're saying, and then put forth an argument that makes sense. Now it's already been explained several times that this gentlemen's agreement between KoH and Misfit Nations involved a low ranking government member who did not have the authority to make such an agreement. It's also been explained KoH knew what would happen if they did not accept the white peace terms offered. They did not accept the terms. Fine. Now there are two offensive wars by VE against KoH. That's right, two. Just man up and have some fun. This is not the end of the world for anyone and from what I'm hearing, KoH is learning some valuable lessons in war fighting, war chest importance, and diplomacy. KoH will be a better alliance for having participated in this war, but the biggest lesson they may learn is that being whiny and complaining during wartime is poor form. [/quote] whiny about getting declared on? oh, no. we do not have a problem fighting you guys. sure, we knew we would lose a good bit of pixels, but pixels are pixles, how many billions of them are there on the internet??? let's not go there, math! why do you think we rejected your counter-offer? we're not stupid enough to believe it to be an idle threat. we saw it coming. no, our problem is not that you are protecting MN by attacking us, which yes, I find very honourable. our problem is you posted your declaration in a blog, not on the OWF, with no actual gov signatures in it at all (and what was that said about its not official without signatures?), showing blatant disregard for KoH's sovereignty as an alliance. perhaps to spare yourselves humiliation for attacking a mini (which happened anyway), or simply because you didn't really think of it as a big deal. either way, we at KoH felt dishonoured by your lack of respect in the way you decided to declare on us, not the declaration itself. and we don't know anything about proper diplomacy? [quote]You can clearly see we are defeated. We have an enemy with half the WCs we do, who has their members sending requests for peace to our members every day, who has had one of their top nations surrender, and who cant take two more nations attacking them. Man if only we could see the writing on the wall.......riiiiight [/quote] you left out the part where your alliance only had half the nuke capable nations that we had at the start of the war, which did have a large impact on the turnout of the past week of fighting
  9. caleb ryals

    KoH Recognition of Hostility with VE

    [quote name='Felix von Agnu' timestamp='1296267649' post='2608329'] If you are referring to the performance, in progress does not mean over. Feel free to applaud when you surrender though. [/quote] not on your life!!!
  10. caleb ryals

    KoH Recognition of Hostility with VE

    [quote name='LittleRena' timestamp='1296267160' post='2608311'] Oh, if that's the case, enjoy getting malaria [/quote] this post is SO WIN!!!!
  11. caleb ryals

    KoH Recognition of Hostility with VE

    [quote name='Felix von Agnu' timestamp='1296267039' post='2608306'] A thorn is overstating it. More like a buzzing mosquito. EDIT: Please hold your applause until the end of the performance. I would hate for you to not hear your descent. [/quote] oh trust me, its already happening. have you not even checked your blog?
  12. caleb ryals

    KoH Recognition of Hostility with VE

    *stands up and claps CONGRATULATIONS MISFITS AND VERIDIANS!!! You have now made yourself the stock of CN!!!!
  13. caleb ryals

    Blog War

    no OWF post! no signatures! no decency!
  14. caleb ryals

    Joint Announcement From TSA and KoH

    [quote name='Britishdude' timestamp='1295818713' post='2594430'] o/ Sexy flag dwarfs other sexy flag EDIT: Actual first, take that Wilfried [/quote] i was first for the previous announcement!!!