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Security, making my stuff a little bit more safe.

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As of today I thought "why not make my PC more secure?", do I have something to hide? As some people say "no", well I can clearly say that is false. I have a lot to hide. And whit that I don't mean dirty pictures.

People that say I have nothing to hide are ignorant. Everybody has something to hide. You don't just give away all your personal password do you? Well I want to hide and the I mean securely hide my passwords that are stored on this computer. I could just put a secure password on this windows account is the first thing people think of. Yet that's not secure at all, as a intern at a all around PC shop customers tended to develop a special gift to put password on there windows accounts and not tell you about it. So there I was stuck whit a laptop that needed a password to get into the account and fix a problem. So I download a little tool(Not naming it :rolleyes: ) and burned it on a CD and put it in the laptop, and the password was gone under 15 minutes. Burning the CD was what took the longest amount of time. So that is clearly not a option to store my password secure.

[table][row][cell]So what is a secure system for the data then? Combine security elements. Making them suffer as long as you can. My current plan is that my computer needs a key to even find my hard disk. As seen on the left Image I need that key (The blue Storage device) to get recognized by my computer. When it is not there the hard disk will ask until the key is there. A thief will be totally surprised by seeing that, the data is useless whit out it. Yet if it is a close hey just could steal it. Rendering it the data stolen. That's where the second defensive line jumps in. Thanks to Treucrypt I could be even a more pain in the $@! than I already was. Encrypting the data for a second time.[/cell][cell]secureide1.jpg[/cell][/row][/table]

This doe's not help for viruses or other things that harm the computer software side, yet it really doubt that the want to go for the data. It's more likely they would steal my expensive graphic card.

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