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  1. Hello, Seer. It's been quite a long time, my dear, since we last spoke.

  2. Lol, 2 months and a half? O.O Retire In Posts Seer. :D

  3. I must agree with Gran.

  4. Where are you? Did the government send you to Gitmo because they caught you goofing around on the internet during work hours? D:

  5. This has lived long enough and gone off track far too many times.
  6. I <3 Foggers. All hail the fainting goats! o/
  7. Just a reminder, this is not a thread about VE's treaties.
  8. Heh, almost the next day, I'm running out of time if I want to keep schedule. Well, today's feature is one sure to make Ken jump for joy. And by jump for joy, I mean jump up and strangle me. Submit to the moe! Sumbit to it! In other news, I managed to catch Ivan Moldavi's 666'th post a bit back. I always knew those Sith were evil. >:{ Finally, I leave you with this:
  9. Seer


    http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=65959 Akin to the billion dollar bill problem Visa had a while back, here's another wonderful little error that worked on the consumer's side.....almost. Some glitch somewhere caused the price of a 52" HDTV to drop down to the low, low price of $9.99. Seriously. Sign me up for that. Sadly, Minnesota-where Best Buy is based-has laws that deal with this, and Best Buy's polivy states that they can revoke purchases on account of error at any time, which is exactly what they did. Still, BEST. BUG. EVER. http://www.wpix.com/news/wpix-best-buy-hdt
  10. Baseballer's nation no longer exists, a topic about ZI'ing him seems somewhat pointless now.
  11. Well, today's little special is the red unity treaty put forth in Alliance Announcements today. If there is one word to describe this topic it is "interesting." Should shape up to be a real doozy, I'd say, so get in there and commment...civily, of course.
  12. Oh, uh, thanks?

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