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Black hole

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Compare it to a nuclear bomb, it expands and then sucks in. A planet is of course way bigger so the explosion is bigger. It expansed and it sucks in it keeps sucking, a comment or planet comes by it sucks it in but stretches it out first than rapidly shrink banging matter against each other feeding it with sucks in power. It is basically nothing creates a very gravitation. Lights gets sucked in(since it implosion is so be it can suck it in for a very big distance) but the implosion goes faster than the speed of light. So the light can't get out as it is slower than the implosion. Leaving a black spot behind(Duh it can't get out).

Every one rating me bad spelling; Try to explain that in a language that is not your native language.

The main point is that:

In a black hole, the planet is imploding, which sucks everything around it in, faster than the speed of light (Somehow)

This means that light is sucked in, as it cannot escape (It is moving slower than the speed the implosion is pulling it in), which leaves a black spot - a lack of light for the length of time that the implosion is 'sucking in' matter (And light) faster than the speed of light. After it slows down to below the speed of light, the light can escape.

Do you think the same way?

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