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What Did You Learn?




Best Lesson from the War  

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As this war continues to rage on, I wonder if there are a few lessons we can glean from the trends we are already seeing. I have a few observations based on conversations I've had and posts I've seen. Feel free to add to my list.

  1. SDI Failure - The SDI was the superstar wonder of the War of the Coalition. I heard one MCXA member's SDI stopped 10 nukes in a row during that war. However, this war there seems to be a different story. IRC chatter has been filled with stories of SDI's letting first nukes through. I heard someone say that so far their SDI has not stopped a single nuke. So, how is your SDI working?
  2. Warchest - Most decent alliances push their nations to build a large warchest, so it was surprising to see how many nations ignored such wisdom. I have seen spy reports from other nations that showed fairly experienced players lacking warchests and it makes me scratch my head. For instance, my one and only target had a puny warchest. By the time I recieved orders to blast him, he had only attacked two nations for one round. I spied him and found out he had only 3 Million dollars left. To be fair, he was only 26K NS. However, I was only 29K and my warchest was thirty times that size. Needless to say, he did not do well.
  3. Moar Spiez - In addition to warchest enlargement, most alliances push member nations to max out on spies, or to at least maintain a compliment that is appropriate for a nation's strength. I have heard horror stories of nations that either completely misused their spies or failed to have any at all. One of the funnier stories I heard was of a nation that decided to forgo changing their opponent's defcon with spies, and instead decided to destroy infra. Infra? Seriously? That's the most damage you could do? Funnier yet, were the nations that tried ground attacks without spy attacks first. Spies = good investment
  4. WRC - The WRC wonder is the great king of all things military. I cannot, for the life of me understand why a nation would not purchase one. While I was at NADC, a nation that was a member of the division I commanded refused to go the route of WRC. He would not even buy a Pentagon. It was unbelievable. Looking at stats, it appears other joined him in his war against all logic.

Any observations you care to make on all things war?



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While I was at war, there were two successful spy attacks on my nation.

One was a Destroy Money mission. This made me lol.

The other was a gather intelligence. Well, better than the destroy money, but jeez TOP, I was nuking your allies to pieces, you might have wanted to let them at least TRY to spy out my nukes.

A few of 'em did. Try that is. I killed a whole buncha spies after my nukes, heh.

My SDI did well enough I guess; I think it stopped 4 of 9 warheads overall.

But yes I love my WRC. And I'm pretty sure Orion ... doesn't. lol.

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I have to go with the warchest. Even if you have a WRC, being broke won't do you any good, you can get just as bill-locked and perhaps even more so.

I've never been one to hold money, but I listed to my fellow government members and tried to save. I had the choice of getting an FAFB and having a large warchest and having a WRC and having a small one. I chose the FAFB and I'm glad I did. I still got destroyed, but I had enough money to know that I would not be bill locked. If I had bought the WRC, I'd have been bill-locked very quickly.

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DK, I think you're right on. Warchest is valuable for a lot of reasons, not the least which is that it enables you to go deeper in a war, take more hits, etc. For this reason, should alliances consider the order of wonder purchases? Some alliances fast track WRCs. Should a more balanced approach be taken?

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