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Are Reps A Bad Thing?




When dealing with reparations at the end of a war, there seem to be two extremes. The first extreme is that of white peace, where nations and alliances are released without cost or further consequence. The other extreme is burdening an alliance with incredible and crippling reparations that could permanently change the course of that alliance's history.

I have always been a fan of white peace at the end of a war. It seems to me that the damage suffered on the losing side of an outcome is enough. So, I have welcomed the recent string of early white peace offers in this war. In fact, my alliance has agreed to a white peace against one of our opponents.

The move toward white peace is generally seen as a reaction against the types of reparations that came out of the War of the Coalition. However, there could be some overreacting. The fact of the matter is, war is expensive, especially when war involves the use of nuclear weapons. While no alliance should assume that the entirety of the natural costs of war be repaid, it seems reasonable for the surrendering alliance to repay a portion of the costs involved.

In the case of this Great War 5 (Karma War), TSO's white peace was perfectly reasonable. Our war with Invicta was a result of a treaty string. We were not wronged or politically involved. Nukes never flew, and our battles only lasted one day.

However, there are other alliances far more involved, with higher costs for involvement.

I think that either extreme is not necessary. As more alliances enter cessation negotiations, they should consider a fair resolution for both sides.

What do you think?


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