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Report =/= reply




Often we handle reported messages, somehow some people just can't play nice.

Regularly, we also get reported messages and in the report reason we find...an answer to the non-offense message. You'd think people would know the difference between report and reply...

But funniest is when those two situations come together (which happens more often than you'd think!)

Someone wants to reply to a message with a flame...and accidently hits report instead of reply.

Now that's making our job easier :P

For all of you bored, Justy's bar is trying to reach 1000 pages before New Year starts, so...join in the fun (though normal forum rules apply there, so no spam, k?)



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Haha, I love it, I can see someone doing that too, see that's what stinks about not being a mod, you don't get to see who the eejit is who submitted his own report instead of replying lol.

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