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Higher Reception




Almost every prayer or ritual is either a celebration of, or most usually, an appeal to a higher power.

Whether that divine succor is for power to achieve or restore balance, to grant wisdom or vision, or for strength to prevail over the trials and temptations of one's life, it is essentially a begging of a higher source (in what ever form we conceive of it) to grant some of its/their energy to the receptor.

Just like with the flow of electrons, in order to accept the flow of a higher potential, the path must be clear for that power to flow. In order to receive such power, we must be vessels prepared.

Just like a battery, or any chemical reaction, there is an abundance of energy at one end of the equation, and a deficit on the other.

We are not the power, we are the path for which that power flows.

The works almighty course through us, if we can only sense it.

Fear is a natural contraction in the face of danger. It closes off pathways. It contracts. Draws in for defense. In order to utilize one's personal resources to fight or flee, whether mentally or physically, it disengages from basins of power for greater mobility.

Thus, to be receptive to the great sublime, we must anchor ourselves in these basins of power, we must eliminate the action of fear upon our persons. We can accept it, experience it, allow it to flow through us, but we cannot allow it to control us to any inordinate degree.

Even in the face of danger, we must remain connected, the pathways must remain open, fear must be subjugated by what ever personal tactic available, and in that way, we bring greater power, an accumulate of personal AND connective energy, to bear upon the obstacles in our lives.



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