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Just wait until you see what happens with Maggie and Glen tonight. You would think they would have scouted a bug out location as part of their contingency plans.

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If this season keeps following the comic as it has been then the Baby is alive and Carol will come back.

I never read the comics but my wife has. From what I hear there are enough differences that there's at least some uncertainty. Would be messed up though if they actually killed off the baby.

You should play the games instead.

You mean Walking Dead: Survival Instinct? :haw: I did and I think I'm the only one that liked it.

As for the other ones that I think you're talking about, are they worth it (there's more than one, right?)? I feel like the wife tried out a demo of the first and wasn't impressed. They available on Steam?

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Yeah so far the show has had a good deal of deviation from the graphic novels but this season has been really close. I am disappointed in how quickly (and oddly) they ran through Michone's back story. That had some really gruesome action and really messed up story to it.

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