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On the uncharted backwaters of the internet, in a game known as "Cybernations", existed an alliance so amazing primitive that they still thought trade circles were "a pretty neat idea". Now this alliance had a problem. Most people in it were unhappy for pretty much most of the time. Solutions were tried, mostly involving little yellow circle with three black triangles, but this usually served to make things worst, and it wasn't the multi-colored shapes that were the ones who were upset in the first place.

So roughly 5 months after some people went to war over who gets to go to war with who, a young player sitting alone in IRC finally had a revelation. She had figured out how to make every be nice to each other and then no one would have to go to war with anyone.

But before she could go tell someone, a disaster struck, a disaster so horrible that no one would ever know about her revelation.

This is not her story.

This is the story of a guide. A guide more famous then Supah_dudez 23 more things to do in bill lock and more controversial then Trollerfan3324 series How 2 Tr0ll, h0w 2 fl@m3, and h0w 2 g3t b@nn3I).

Now on to the story.

So yeah, not so good for an opening sequence, but its a parody so what do you expect? Anyway, I'll be posting one of these each week and perhaps two, depending on the reception, so I hope you all enjoyed, and that a rap!



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