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Introduction: The Method(s) to My Madness




Hello Esteemed Players of CN!

As this is my first entry to this blog (I admit I am an intense blogger), I will give an elongated introduction to my person in real life, along with where my origins to this game are derived from, and other 'stuff' that I think belongs in an introduction.

First and foremost, I am 19 years old (born October 10, 1989 in Manchester Hospital in Connecticut) and it's been an interesting life in my opinion. At the age of three, down in the oh-so-wonderful state of Georgia, I fell down a flight of stairs as I was reaching for my favorite action figure in the whole wide world: Leonardo, the only cool teenage mutant turtle (though Raphael was pretty sick). But this wasn't your average staircase as it was one of the ones where you walk down one flight, land on a platform, and another flight of stairs is directly perpendicular to the previous set of stairs. So technically, I fell down two flights of stairs at the age of three.

I hit a wall that ended at the second flight of stairs (there were three additional steps in the house that followed the second flight), and I broke my clavicle in a fashionable way; both sides snapped apart and pierced my skin, and the left side of my clavicle impaled my neck, but miraculously missed the carotid artery and transversal jugular. Just wanted to let ya'll know that random tidbit of information.

Life moved on, I moved to several places in Connecticut, met some really cool people and attended school. I have an intense passion for swimming (it is my sport of choice and what I am doing for college) and the bass clarinet (as of today I was accepted into an audition jazz group for bass clarinet, which I am psyched for as I beat out two people who were majoring in clarinet).

As of right now, I am a freshman in Brown University majoring in Biology, but I intend to transfer out at the end of the year to attend another school specifically geared for swimming, and simply has a better biomedical program (though who knows, I may go elsewhere for marine biology; I honestly have no clue at this moment). All I know, though, is that I consider myself to be an educated person who has at least the faintest idea about a lot of subjects (biology is my strong suit, as is many geologic processes, especially those geared towards oceanography and other aspects of 'oceanology').

That is me, in a nut shell. I've had a girlfriend, broke up, rinse, lather, repeat. Faced an unfortunate accident last year which now leaves me branded with the initials "MI" in my head, but I am still a lifeguard over the summers at a pool in South Windsor (Veterans' Memorial Park, the largest pool facility in New England).

So how I came to CN. I will not say who I once was, but I originally joined just after the first great war ended. I joined the ranks of NPO since they were the first to send me a recruitment message, and I sat there for a while not being all that active. Once GW2 came up and about, I got torn to shreds, and decided to quit... just like that.

However, while playing Day of Defeat with the 173rd (my guild), a fellow player named Verdale linked CyberNations on the forums and said to join CSN, and I said what the Hell, why not. So I joined CSN as soon as registration opened up again after GW3, and ran for Senate after I was nominated. Lost, miserably, but I was commended by several compatriots who were impressed by my platform. Regardless, that is how I re-entered the game.

Now as to where I came up with my name? Way back when, when Steam was young and was nothing like it is today (meaning bare, and carried the original 4 games), I bought the Counterstrike box so I could play Day of Defeat and such with my best bro in real life. I had to come up with a clever name, something that stood out, something that didn't need numbers. And I managed to think of something! SPACINGOUTMAN! What was more clever than that!? ... I honestly hate puberty and teenage rebellion because everything seemed so BA back then. I decided to keep the name, made up Mechodamia on the top of my head, and the rest, as they say, is history(?).

That's my prologue in a nut shell. I don't know what I'll be posting in this blog, but I assure you it will contain a plethora of rants, events with my nation, etc.



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