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Geography of Mechodamia




Mechodamia consists of 5 regions: Sandoria, Illsinich, Cardona, Bladerio, and Deris. Each one of these regions surround the centerfold region Sandoria, which is the capitol of Mechodamia. In itself, Mechodamia is a small country that (at the current time) only 108,000 loyal citizens.

Illsinich is, to say the least, an agricultural region that isn't built up in an urban lifestyle. Actually, there are practically no huge sky scraping cities in Illsinich at all, with the exception of Bonda (the city responsible for the mass distribution of Illsinich's produce). It has a rough population of around 9,000 citizens and controls 7.8% of Mechodamia's economy.

Cardona is founded as the manufacturing-based region of Mechodamia, and is solely responsible for the production of Mechodamia's vehicles and other industrial goods. It has a rough population of 19,000 citizens and controls 27.2% of Mechodamia's economy.

Bladerio is focused on the importation and exportation of all goods made in Mechodamia. It has a rough population of 15,000 citizens and controls 31.9% of Mechodamia's economy.

Deris is the building blocks to Mechodamia's military, and is responsible as the "proving grounds" for Mechodamia's finest. It has an astounding 44,000 citizens which are all recruited soldiers, and controls 2.4% of Mechodamia's economy.

Sandoria, Mechodamia's capitol, is the center of Mechodamia's day-to-day happenings. It is the foundation of Mechodamia's government, and is the propitiatory region that created the great nation of Mechodamia. It has a population of 21,000 citizens and controls 30.9% of Mechodamia's economy.



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