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This is getting out of hand.

For what it's worth, very few people in CN have much of an idea what I'm like offline. A geopolitical simulator/wargame/whatever this is is not a very good environment to get to know someone well.

'course, since I go by Haflinger in other contexts, it's possible if you feel like a stalker to figure out more about me. But I doubt anyone has.


When I criticize your character in Alliance Politics, it is by definition not an OOC attack. I am IN CHARACTER there. At least I try to be. If you think I - or someone else - is making OOC remarks, complimentary or otherwise, in AP, go ahead and report them.

I'm getting tired of people complaining about OOC attacks in an in-character forum. It breaks the character. It makes roleplaying harder.

And including all criticisms of actions people take in the game into the category of OOC attacks distracts us from genuine, serious attacks. Like DDOS, pornography, and death threats.


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