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Our Ideas and Goals




When we formed we knew we had to be different. We decided to take the path of Government and Politics instead of war and Tech Deals. We plan to have 5 Founders, the first 5 members of the Alliance, to create our charter. We then plan to adopt a flag and right now we have a forum in the works as we speak. Our setup will be as followed:


High Chancellor(Speaker of the House of Founders)

The House of Founders

The first 5 members of the Alliance including me

Low Chancellor(Speaker of the House of Commons)

All Members are directed into the house of Commons when they join but can resign if they wish.

The 9 Jugdes(Appointed by the President)

This will also be the line of Secession.



Recommended Comments

No It does not mean that at all. My Group Will Create a Multiple Trade Circles. I believe though that many people who play a nation simulation game would like to get away from the same old stuff. Remember though this is 23973450.jpg.


Plus we want NUKES! :nuke:

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