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Survivor 8





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All-Stars? WTF? Oh fine...

So here I was looking for the logo for the RL eighth season of Survivor, and I find out that it happened to be an All Star edition. Well, you know what that means - I guess only alliances who did well in the past are going to be allowed into this one.

But those are just details. The reason I made this entry (originally) was to get a sense of what type of competitions people were in favour of. I've put two questions at the top (I had a third but forgot it); feel free to answer yes to both if you wish.

  • Head-to-head competition involves direct comparison of only two alliances - a knockout stage where only one will advance.
  • At-large competition involves an overall ranking of alliances - think of this as "regular season" formatting. Examples would include the traditional (one out per day) and the last-man-standing format.

I think my third question was about whether you'd like to see some kind of regular competition going on - not necessarily to replace Survivor, but the equivalent of a sports league. I'm not sure it's an entirely good idea (even if it's with sub-Add Line alliances), but I'll put it up as an option anyway. Even if I don't run with it, I can't stop anyone else from doing it.

I should note that this is all for future planning - I don't expect to start any Survivor competition before October.



Recommended Comments

Head-to-head for three days in a best of three and all three days are still "played" even if an AA wins twice in a row just because.

You should try a scoring system along the lines of score/NS per member.

Also, I don't think I would like regular competitions as it would ruin the "special event" atmosphere.

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I voted regular, but by regular I take it to mean at about the pace we've been having special events. I also took it to mean that we had something going on, not necessarily the same thing going on each time. I voted before I read... :P

I like the variety, though. The Olympics format was really cool, I thought. Survivor is fine as well, but I think if that one was done too regularly it would lose its luster.

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