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Lifting the Veil behind the attacks on VE/CIS/NTO

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<Bilrow[GGA]> The only thing GGA is remember for...

[00:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> is bringing down CNARGF

[00:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> CNARF

[00:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> and that was unapproved action by the alliance

[00:35] <KevintheGreat> ald, we can continue on as we have, which is fine

[00:35] <KevintheGreat> but boring

[00:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> but it was just brought up the other day the forums

[00:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> and we were mentioned as being the reason CNARF was disbaded

[00:35] <KevintheGreat> i want to gamble on something again

[00:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> otherwise people don't pay attention and we are invisible

[00:36] <ALdbeign> again...better PR

[00:36] <KevintheGreat> i really don't mind being the villan

[00:36] <KevintheGreat> bad guys have more fun

[00:36] <ALdbeign> i know kev... i know :P

[00:36] <KevintheGreat> lol

[00:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> :P

[00:36] <KevintheGreat> but do you get where i'm coming from?

[00:37] <Lester[GGA]> The only concern i would have with this is how we will fund such an action.

[00:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> We have good pr...

[00:37] <KevintheGreat> i want some action, and action that can improve our poisition is a double bonus

[00:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> we are viewed like the boy next door

[00:37] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> :o LESTER SPEAKS!

[00:37] <Lester[GGA]> :)

[00:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> and the boy next door never gets the girl

[00:37] <Lester[GGA]> Bil woke me up

[00:38] <KevintheGreat> lol

[00:38] <Bilrow[GGA]> we are play by all the rules

[00:38] <ALdbeign> i think we should engage in a heavey recruitment from these two bi alliances

[00:38] <ALdbeign> *two bit

[00:38] <Bilrow[GGA]> we dot our is and cross our ts

[00:38] <ALdbeign> and if one of them gets pissy about it

[00:38] <Bilrow[GGA]> but yet it never gets us anything

[00:38] <Bilrow[GGA]> except no date to the dance

[00:38] <ALdbeign> umm we are a sanctioned alliance still

[00:38] <KevintheGreat> we aren't a superpower

[00:39] <ALdbeign> we could have less members and a higher average and we would be higher on the ratings

[00:39] <KevintheGreat> if we could edge out the competition for green recruits, we could easily become one

[00:39] <Bilrow[GGA]> for example...

[00:39] <Lester[GGA]> we are a hell of alot more super than we were when i joined though.

[00:39] <Bilrow[GGA]> NTO is on Green Team....

[00:39] <Bilrow[GGA]> they are all old /b/ members

[00:39] <KevintheGreat> i want to start a sort of monroe doctrine type deal in green

[00:39] <Bilrow[GGA]> easy casus belli to attack them

[00:39] <KevintheGreat> while whittling away at the smaller green alliances

[00:39] <Bilrow[GGA]> I am surprised VE hasn't done it yet

[00:40] <ALdbeign> lets hit VE

[00:40] <KevintheGreat> O_o

[00:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> We want to

[00:40] <KevintheGreat> i never thought i'd see you say that

[00:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> omg

[00:40] * Bilrow[GGA] falls over dead.

[00:40] * KevintheGreat falls over dead-er

[00:40] <ALdbeign> id rather see that than beating on n00bs

[00:40] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> well.. VE does deserve it ... or at the very least CIS...

[00:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> omg

[00:40] <ALdbeign> CIS is an issue also

[00:41] <Bilrow[GGA]> well we were playing the wrong angle then Kevin

[00:41] <Bilrow[GGA]> we take our VE and CIS first

[00:41] <Bilrow[GGA]> forget the little alliance

[00:41] <Bilrow[GGA]> ;p

[00:41] <ALdbeign> but the rality is...you recruit through fear and you have spies out the yinyanf

[00:41] <ALdbeign> *yinyang

[00:41] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> / confused

[00:41] * Bilrow[GGA] sigs ALdbeign.

[00:41] <Bilrow[GGA]> [00:40] <ALdbeign> lets hit VE

[00:42] <Bilrow[GGA]> that is so siggable

[00:42] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> how so on the fear and spies?

[00:43] <KevintheGreat> i don't propose recruiting on fear

[00:43] <ALdbeign> but kevin yes you do

[00:43] <KevintheGreat> i just want to eliminate the other options

[00:43] <ALdbeign> join another green alliance besides GGA and you will get attacked

[00:43] <Lester[GGA]> we have done realy well keeping spies out so far because the only deciesions are made right here and never realy posted for all to see.

[00:43] <ALdbeign> well

[00:43] <Bilrow[GGA]> I don't think, I think, ALdbeign is saying we should spy

[00:43] <Bilrow[GGA]> <_<

[00:43] <ALdbeign> the thing is we will recruit these people from their dinky alliance we destroyed

[00:44] <Lester[GGA]> lol

[00:44] * Bilrow[GGA] is confused too.

[00:44] * Bilrow[GGA] sits by BoT.

[00:44] <ALdbeign> they will secretly be looking for a way to get even

[00:44] <KevintheGreat> i'm not particularly wanting to go after their current members

[00:44] <ALdbeign> sure its not like AE where they can collect base locations or w/e

[00:44] <KevintheGreat> if we can get them to leave green, that would be wonderful

[00:45] <KevintheGreat> i want the future recruits

[00:45] <ALdbeign> and that increases our recruitment base how kevin>?

[00:45] <Bilrow[GGA]> right

[00:45] <Bilrow[GGA]> we don't want their members

[00:45] <Bilrow[GGA]> we just want them off green

[00:45] <Bilrow[GGA]> so that in the future any green nation created either goes GPA or GGA

[00:45] <ALdbeign> meh

[00:45] <KevintheGreat> everyone new that comes into green will eventually have only two options: gpa or gga

[00:45] <Lester[GGA]> cis and ve will not just leave.

[00:45] <KevintheGreat> that's where the initiative comes in

[00:45] <KevintheGreat> they owe us

[00:46] <Bilrow[GGA]> CIS and VE have pissed on Initiative enough lately...

[00:46] <ALdbeign> well killing VE will do more for raising our ranks than anything else

[00:46] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> Wait...Ald said to hit VE?

[00:46] <Lester[GGA]> true, very true.

[00:46] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> O_o

[00:46] <Bilrow[GGA]> but we will have trouble getting targets

[00:46] * Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG] dies

[00:46] <Bilrow[GGA]> if we don't call dibs on VE first

[00:46] <KevintheGreat> we've taken our lumps for goons and npo, now they owe us

[00:46] <ALdbeign> well

[00:46] <ALdbeign> even if we dont get enough targets...they will still be gone...and fail the next audit to boot

[00:46] * BearerofTruth[GGA] makes a note to release this to Rowan LMAOROFL

[00:47] <Bilrow[GGA]> ROFL

[00:47] <KevintheGreat> lol

[00:47] <Lester[GGA]> :)

[00:47] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> We set up the target list ourselves, assign people to the targets, and any excess we farm out to the other Ini alliances.

[00:47] <ALdbeign> seriously...

[00:47] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> That's how to fix that.

[00:47] <ALdbeign> there we go...much better than being nazis

[00:47] <Bilrow[GGA]> So that is a support to attack VE

[00:47] * Bilrow[GGA] writes this date in history.

[00:48] <ALdbeign> umm

[00:48] <ALdbeign> im more than supporting it :P

[00:48] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> he doing it right now?

[00:48] <ALdbeign> and do ve and cis still have an mdp?

[00:48] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> LOL

[00:48] <Bilrow[GGA]> Are you drinking?

[00:48] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> No, they don't ALdbeign

[00:48] <Bilrow[GGA]> No they have no treaties

[00:48] <ALdbeign> am i ever NOT drinking? :P

[00:48] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> They have one.

[00:48] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> LOL

[00:48] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> A PIAT with TOP

[00:48] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> That's it, though.

[00:48] <ALdbeign> okie well thats fine

[00:48] <ALdbeign> not taking both at once then

[00:49] <KevintheGreat> not without initiative support

[00:49] <ALdbeign> but $%&@ beating up n00bs

[00:49] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> I can see how VE/CIS are within reason to be attacked by us.

[00:49] * Bilrow[GGA] is so confused.

[00:49] <ALdbeign> just take them out and a whole world of green recruits will be there

[00:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> Is tonight opposite night.

[00:49] <KevintheGreat> i believe so

[00:49] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> Ald has a good point.

[00:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> Yes he does.

[00:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> I can see that point.

[00:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> but can we throw in the scum from /b/

[00:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> that is in NTO

[00:50] <ALdbeign> sure

[00:50] <Lester[GGA]> hopefully with VE/CIS out of the way or atleast being remomed will sway the smaller ones to vacate.

[00:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> that posted all the child porno

[00:50] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> ethnic cleansing... bad bad bad PR and self concious....

[00:50] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> Wait...Aldbeign and BearerofTruth[GGA] said we could attack VE?

[00:50] <ALdbeign> and also

[00:50] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> take out VE/CIS and stop...

[00:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> NTO also BoT

[00:50] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> we're doing what's right...

[00:50] <KevintheGreat> i want to make green our playpen

[00:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> they are all /b/ members

[00:50] <KevintheGreat> evntually

[00:50] <ALdbeign> we can do some spin

[00:50] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> Yeah.

[00:50] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> well..

[00:50] <ALdbeign> and help some of the other n00b aliances

[00:50] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> NTO has the easiest Casus Belli of them all.

[00:50] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> NTO ... there's a point...

[00:51] <ALdbeign> the random little !@#$%

[00:51] <ALdbeign> to show we arent trying to "cleanse" green

[00:51] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> the rest will piss us off later...

[00:51] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> and then maybe ...

[00:51] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> LOL

[00:51] <Bilrow[GGA]> any objections to

[00:51] <KevintheGreat> my final vision for green is a two alliance color, with some token alliances that we control indirectly

[00:51] <ALdbeign> well, mebbe they will decide they wanna be gga

[00:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> if they get more than 30 votes for a sentor without our approval

[00:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> they get attacked

[00:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> that way GGA and GPA can hold the senate

[00:52] <ALdbeign> or what kevin said

[00:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> and we don't have to worry about sanctions

[00:52] <ALdbeign> token alliances we control indirectly

[00:52] <ALdbeign> take out the big two competitors

[00:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> I'm game...

[00:52] <ALdbeign> and that /b/ group

[00:53] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> there ya go...

[00:53] <KevintheGreat> with VE and CIS out of the way through force, the other green alliances will know to tread VERY lightly with us

[00:53] <ALdbeign> and pick a couple promising newbie alliances and make them whatever cn calls a protectorate

[00:53] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> I can support all that... IT MUST BE PLANNED RIGHT THOUGH

[00:53] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> LOL ald...

[00:53] <KevintheGreat> absolutly BoT

[00:53] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> there called... PROTECTORATES

[00:53] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> LOL

[00:53] <ALdbeign> meh we didnt have those when i still actively played

[00:54] <ALdbeign> oh and if you need another 3mil sent out ill have it tomorrow

[00:54] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> I have a request ....

[00:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> ROFL

[00:54] <KevintheGreat> yes?

[00:54] <ALdbeign> as in monday ;)

[00:54] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> just so I'm kept in the loop if I'm unable to log in and ask questions, though I should be able...

[00:55] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> may I get a daily report in my email ? :D

[00:55] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> <_<

[00:55] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> once this op commences

[00:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> yeah....first thing we need to do is Kevin finish the Monroe Doctrine thing...

[00:55] <KevintheGreat> yeah

[00:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> target lists made up for VE

[00:55] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> that will also help me to the internal pr

[00:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> should we do one at a time

[00:55] <KevintheGreat> it's gonna have to be scrapped and reworked

[00:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> or go for VE/CIS/NTO

[00:56] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> well with the INI behind us...

[00:56] <ALdbeign> umm the monroe doctrine was isolationist and nuetrality

[00:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> We are going to call it

[00:56] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> it probably doesn't matter how you take 'em

[00:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> ALdbeign Doctrine

[00:56] <Lester[GGA]> lol

[00:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> for real

[00:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> lets call it that

[00:56] <Bilrow[GGA]> ;p

[00:56] <ALdbeign> the GPA is more a proponent of the monroe policies

[00:56] <KevintheGreat> lol nice

[00:56] <ALdbeign> i will quit

[00:57] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> LMAO... I knew he'd say that

[00:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> the BearerofTruth Doctrine

[00:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> gotta make a name for him

[00:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> before he retires

[00:57] <ALdbeign> if kevin is writing it its his

[00:57] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> um... I won't quit... but you won't like me for a long time

[00:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> BearerofBilrowtheGreat Doctrine

[00:57] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> LOL

[00:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> EmperorBearerofBilrowtheGreat Doctrine

[00:58] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> EBBG

[00:58] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> sounds like and UK music channel

[00:58] <KevintheGreat> lol

[00:58] <ALdbeign> EmperorBearerofBilrowsthegreatschild doctrine :P

[00:59] * BearerofTruth[GGA] 's brain explodes

[00:59] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> time for bed...

[00:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> ROFL

[00:59] <KevintheGreat> lol nice

[00:59] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> I catch up on the warmongering tommorrow...

[00:59] <Lester[GGA]> LABBK BBLAK KLABB

[00:59] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> good luck with the planning..

[00:59] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> oh...

[00:59] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> Lester....

[00:59] <ALdbeign> cya BoT

[00:59] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> what's your vote?

[00:59] <Lester[GGA]> I

[00:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> I vote for it

[00:59] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> Bil is obviously and AYE

[00:59] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> LOL

[01:00] <KevintheGreat> you know how i vote

[01:00] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> ON VE CIS TTO(or whoever they are)

[01:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> of course I am still so confused...

[01:00] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> no one else

[01:00] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> and I vote.

[01:00] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> aye

[01:00] <KevintheGreat> me and bil don't know what the $%&@ just happened

[01:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> I know.

[01:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> Now lester is going to get hippy on us

[01:00] <KevintheGreat> i think our months of warmongering have finally worn off on you guys

[01:01] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> What the hell just happened?

[01:01] * Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG] is confused

[01:01] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> You guys went nuts or something?

[01:01] <Lester[GGA]> we just had a unanimus vote didnt we?

[01:01] <Bilrow[GGA]> yep

[01:01] <KevintheGreat> looks like it

[01:01] <KevintheGreat> on condition that we plan this out 100%

[01:01] <Bilrow[GGA]> Jonathan I am confused...

[01:01] <Bilrow[GGA]> hold me

[01:01] * Bilrow[GGA] sobs.

[01:01] * KevintheGreat rocks back and forth in the corner

[01:01] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> and... VE CIS and those /b/ people...

[01:02] <Bilrow[GGA]> and BoT gets daily emails

[01:02] <Bilrow[GGA]> about the progress

[01:02] <Lester[GGA]> Is that what we just voted on? <-- BoT getting emails?

[01:02] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> are the only ones taken out

[01:02] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> oh yes... that tooo

[01:02] <Lester[GGA]> :)

[01:02] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> ROFL

[01:03] * BearerofTruth[GGA] cries from laughter

[01:03] * Bilrow[GGA] sobs uncontrollablly.

[01:03] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> I think bil and ktg are going to be catonic for the next 2 months

[01:03] * Lester[GGA] hands Bilrow a binky.

[01:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> Thank you.

[01:04] <Bilrow[GGA]> I can retire a happy Triumvirate.

[01:04] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> b/c of the binky!?

[01:04] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> damn...

[01:04] <Lester[GGA]> lol

[01:04] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> if I would have known it was that easy

[01:04] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> I could have pleasured you a long time ago

[01:04] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> <_<

[01:04] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> >_>

[01:04] <KevintheGreat> hawt

[01:04] <Lester[GGA]> lol

[01:04] <Lester[GGA]> night all.

[01:05] <Lester[GGA]> sleepy time for this old man.

[01:05] <KevintheGreat> g'night

[01:05] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> night lester

[01:05] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> night

[01:05] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> same here.. I'm out... be careful guys... please don't help me regret the decision to AYE on this one.

[01:05] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> although I have great faith in you :D

[01:05] <KevintheGreat> you won't

[01:05] <KevintheGreat> we will make this airtight before we go through with it

[01:06] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> Yeah.

[01:06] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> I don't want to become a Triumvir of a broken alliance.

[01:06] * Lester[GGA] is now known as Lester[GGA]|zzz

[01:06] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> So I won't let them mess it up.

[01:06] <Jonathan_Brookbank[ZERG]> :P

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