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New Journey To Undertake




I was just recently diagnosed with Stage 3A Lymphoma Cancer. A lump came up in the summer under my right arn and didn't hurt or grow. I asked my doctor about it and he was said it was probably nothing since it had none of the symptoms of lymphoma but sent me out and had a biopsy completed on it on December 29th.

It tested positive for lymphoma and after a full body scan it was determined that all my lymph nodes in my upper body were affected.

Yesterday. I had a port put in so that I can begin chemotherapy starting next Monday and will continue that treatment for at least two months.

I am not worried but oddly at peace with all this going on. I know that God is in control and that I will come out of this stronger and healthier.

If you ever have a lump come up on your body, I would highly suggest having a doctor take a look at it just to ensure it's benign or in the worse case it is cancer and you get it taken care of early.

Normal symptoms, none of which I have had or have, are night sweats, losing weight, lump growing and growing, multiple lumps, bloated feeling, and tiredness,



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Be stubborn and don't lose your sense of humor. When the chemo is destroying your body, P.G. Wodehouse books will be your best friend (if you're too sick to read, try to get someone to read it to you -- laughter is infectious). There is beauty and wonder in this world literally everywhere, don't ever forget it.

Fight hard and stay defiant, my friend.

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First week of chemotherapy is under my belt. Thankfully, not many side effects that could not be dealt with. Next week, I have one more day of out patient chemotherapy and then on Wednesday, I am being admitted into the hospital for a few days for that portion of the treatment.

It makes life so much easier with all this stuff with having a port place in me so that I'm not having to be poked and prodded in my veins.

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