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The Remaking of VE




August 18, 2007First Meeting in #mehmehmehSpak, Bilrow, Egore and JonathonAugust 18, 2007

Session Start: Sat Aug 18 15:59:08 2007Session Ident: #mehmehmeh

[15:59] * Now talking in #mehmehmeh

[15:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> mehmehmeh

[15:59] * Spakistan[CIS] sets mode: +o Bilrow[GGA]

[15:59] <Egore> hey Bilbaby

[15:59] * Spakistan[CIS] sets mode: +s

[15:59] * Spakistan[CIS] sets mode: +l 3

[15:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> Hey Egore

[15:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> Great drama day in CN

[15:59] <Egore> haha yes indeed

[15:59] <Egore> Ok, here's the deal

[15:59] <Egore> I got to thinking

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> O_o

[16:00] <Spakistan[CIS]> ^

[16:00] <Egore> I really, really miss the VE, and I regret a lot of the things I have done as a leader

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> Was it before of after you drank...

[16:00] <Spakistan[CIS]> He wouldn't be coherent if it were after

[16:00] <Egore> and I was wondering if I would be able to recreate the VE, while respecting the GGA's senate and alliance protocols on green

[16:01] <Bilrow[GGA]> let me invite Jonathan in

[16:01] <Egore> alright

[16:01] * Spakistan[CIS] sets mode: +l 4

[16:01] <Bilrow[GGA]> he's the Triumvirate in charge of that doctrine with my name on it

[16:01] -windows.esper.net:@#Mehmehmeh- Bilrow[GGA] invited Jonathan_Brookbank into channel #Mehmehmeh

[16:01] <Egore> Basically, I am not mad at you, the GGA triumvirate, or the GGA

[16:01] * Spakistan[CIS] sets mode: +o Jonathan_Brookbank

[16:01] <Egore> And I can see why you did what you did

[16:01] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Hello, Egore.

[16:01] <Egore> Hey Jonathan

[16:01] <Egore> And basically, I was wondering if we could bury the hatchet

[16:02] <Egore> because I still see all this VE/GGA bashing on the forums

[16:02] <Egore> and I'm tired ofi t

[16:02] <Egore> *tired of it

[16:02] <Egore> Because it's unnecessary

[16:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> its understandable..alot of rank and file VE are upset...

[16:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> I don't blame them i would be as well

[16:03] <Egore> Yeah

[16:03] <Egore> and I mean, I was really pissed at the GGA when you did what you did

[16:03] <Egore> But through time, I understand why

[16:03] <Jonathan_Brookbank> The disbandment was a surprise to me.

[16:03] <Egore> I supported the disbandment

[16:03] <Spakistan[CIS]> As did I

[16:04] <Egore> And the reason why was, I couldn't imagine the VE on another color

[16:04] <Egore> But now, I can't imagine there not being a VE

[16:04] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Egore, have you been drinking again?

[16:04] <Jonathan_Brookbank> xD

[16:04] <Egore> so if you would allow us to, I would be willing to swallow my pride and be on another color

[16:04] <Egore> haha, I haven't drank in two months, unfortunately

[16:04] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Egore, how about this...

[16:05] <Jonathan_Brookbank> You recreate VE on green.

[16:05] <Egore> >_>

[16:05] <Egore> continue...

[16:05] <Jonathan_Brookbank> We offer you a protectorate agreement.

[16:05] <Jonathan_Brookbank> We'd have to vote on it, of course.

[16:05] <Egore> Why would you do that?

[16:05] <Jonathan_Brookbank> But that's a possible idea.

[16:06] <Jonathan_Brookbank> In it could be the agreement to vote for our Senator.

[16:06] * Jonathan_Brookbank shrugs

[16:06] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Just an idea.

[16:06] <Bilrow[GGA]> Because we don't hate VE.....

[16:06] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Yeah, I never did.

[16:06] <Egore> I'm not saying you did

[16:06] <Egore> I'm just saying

[16:07] <Egore> After trying to kick us off, it doesn't make much sense to me that you would allow us back on

[16:07] <Egore> I mean

[16:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> After discussion with the Elders...yeah..

[16:07] <Egore> I would be for that

[16:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> you are right

[16:07] <Egore> 100%

[16:07] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Yeah, it would be more likely to accept you on another color.

[16:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> start on another color..we offer a protectorate ship still

[16:07] <Egore> haha yeah

[16:07] <Egore> Well

[16:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:07] <ALdbeign> hell, ill send him money to help rebuild faster

[16:07] <Bilrow[GGA]> O_o

[16:07] <Egore> haha

[16:08] <Egore> I was thinking about a protectorate

[16:08] <Egore> I mean

[16:08] <Egore> It would be necessary of course

[16:08] <Bilrow[GGA]> because disbanding was never ever ever a wish of ours

[16:08] <Egore> but I don't know how the kids will react

[16:08] <Egore> Because I'm sure a lot of them still despise the GGA

[16:08] <Spakistan[CIS]> You don't think all this would cause trouble from the lowly ranked VE member?

[16:08] <Spakistan[CIS]> ^

[16:08] <Egore> I'm thinking a protectorate might be jumping into it a bit much

[16:08] <Bilrow[GGA]> well offer it and see

[16:08] <Egore> My membership might think I'm switching sides or what have you

[16:09] <Egore> Yeah, we could do that[16:10] <Egore> My hope is the following

[16:10] <Egore> That we can recreate the VE (green would be fantastic, but I completely understand if that is not possible)

[16:10] <Egore> Get protection from the get-go

[16:11] <Egore> And allow some people (like me!) to make a nation without getting jumped right away

[16:11] <Bilrow[GGA]> I agree...1. Recreate VE (not on Green)....

[16:11] <Bilrow[GGA]> 2. Protection for now

[16:11] <Bilrow[GGA]> 3. and Egore off our poo poo list

[16:11] <Bilrow[GGA]> :P

[16:11] <Egore> hahaha

[16:11] <Egore> well

[16:11] <Egore> I'm worried about GOONS too

[16:11] <Egore> Because, let's be honest

[16:11] <Egore> GOONS hold grudges

[16:12] <Bilrow[GGA]> welll you might want to ensure you get some other treaties as well

[16:12] <Spakistan[CIS]> You're telling me :P

[16:12] <Bilrow[GGA]> like CIS

[16:12] <Egore> and there's no amount of brown nosing I could do to get off their !@#$ list

[16:12] <Spakistan[CIS]> Can I suggest that a NpO protectorate and a GGA MDP may be safer?

[16:12] <Egore> I don't want to do MDP's yet

[16:12] <Egore> We can't risk being dragged into war until we're more developed

[16:13] <Spakistan[CIS]> Fair enough

[16:13] <Jonathan_Brookbank> We're MADP'd with NpO anyway.

[16:13] <Bilrow[GGA]> I am talking to Sponge

[16:13] <Jonathan_Brookbank> As well as NPO/IRON

[16:13] <Egore> Yeah

[16:13] <Egore> Thanks Bilrow

[16:13] <Spakistan[CIS]> Get sponge in here?

[16:13] <Bilrow[GGA]> if he is on Epser

[16:13] <Bilrow[GGA]> Esper

[16:14] <Bilrow[GGA]> he must be thinking

[16:14] * Spakistan[CIS] sets mode: +l 5

[16:14] <Bilrow[GGA]> LOL

[16:14] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:14] <sponge_afk> well, if they are just going to go around stirring up trouble I don't know if that's a good idea, but if they really want to give it an honest go we'd sure consider it

[16:15] <Egore> Damnit

[16:15] <Egore> I guess we can't then

[16:15] <Bilrow[GGA]> LOL[16:15] <Egore> My intention was to stir trouble

[16:15] <Bilrow[GGA]> LOL[16:15] <Egore> My god honest intention is to let the VE live again

[16:15] <Bilrow[GGA]> Yeah we aren't specifically looking to get into any wars..

[16:15] <Egore> I miss it

[16:15] <Egore> A lot

[16:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> well you probably need to approach Sponge on your own...

[16:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> he's stepping out for 30 minutes

[16:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> but is coming back after that

[16:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> hes also on coldfront

[16:16] <Spakistan[CIS]> Go easy on him

[16:16] <Egore> why am I approaching Sponge again?

[16:17] <Bilrow[GGA]> if you want to

[16:17] <Egore> oh, for a protectorate or something

[16:18] <Bilrow[GGA]> yeah I mean I know GGA can fight..

[16:18] <Bilrow[GGA]> but if GOONS are out to get you

[16:18] <Bilrow[GGA]> GGA isn't going to be enough support

[16:18] <Egore> Yeah, definitely[16:18] <Egore> Is it really that bad in GOONS?

[16:18] <Egore> You'd think they would do that?

[16:18] <Bilrow[GGA]> GOONS and \m/ are kinda cocky at the moment

[16:19] <Egore> I noticed...

[16:19] <Spakistan[CIS]> GOONS especially know no limits

[16:19] <Egore> well, if we became a protectorate of the NpO

[16:19] <Egore> that would guarantee us NPO support as well, right?

[16:19] <Spakistan[CIS]> Ordinance of the order

[16:19] <Bilrow[GGA]> TOP might be a good choice

[16:20] <Spakistan[CIS]> So yes

[16:20] <Bilrow[GGA]> since TOP was torn internally over the war

[16:20] <Bilrow[GGA]> with VE

[16:20] <Spakistan[CIS]> So was NpO

[16:20] <Egore> TOP vs GOONS will be no match though

[16:20] <Egore> We're gonna need some serious back up

[16:21] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Well...

[16:21] <Jonathan_Brookbank> GGA is MADP'd with all of those people.

[16:21] <Jonathan_Brookbank> As I said.

[16:21] <Spakistan[CIS]> The only way to stop then is to get tangled into the GGA/NPO/IRON/NpO side of the web[16:21] <Jonathan_Brookbank> NpO/NPO/IRON

[16:21] <Egore> Yeah

[16:21] <Egore> Hmmm

[16:21] <Egore> Well I was thinking

[16:21] <Egore> A Protectorate with the NpO

[16:22] <Egore> and a treaty of goodwill with the GGA, which could possibly upgrade to a MDP in the future

[16:22] <Bilrow[GGA]> Sounds Good...

[16:23] <Egore> what color do you think we should be then?

[16:23] <Egore> Pink, green, red, and black are out of the question

[16:23] <Spakistan[CIS]> Go orange

[16:23] <Egore> I was thinking blue

[16:23] <Spakistan[CIS]> Orange or blue

[16:23] <Egore> There's an alliance on blue called the Royal Dominion

[16:23] <Egore> has a lot of ex-VE

[16:23] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Yeah.

[16:23] <Egore> I think Brigade is on Blue too

[16:24] <Spakistan[CIS]> I don't know where MCXA stand in all this though

[16:24] <Bilrow[GGA]> Orange and Blue

[16:24] <Bilrow[GGA]> is my alma mater

[16:24] <Egore> I'm really cool with Doc Fresh

[16:24] <Egore> He'll be fine with this

[16:24] <Bilrow[GGA]> be careful

[16:24] <Egore> I know

[16:24] <Egore> I'll talk to him

[16:24] <Egore> No more assuming :P

[16:24] <Bilrow[GGA]> make sure Fresh talks to his leadership

[16:24] <Egore> Ok

[16:24] <Spakistan[CIS]> You think they'll pull from WUT when NPO do?

[16:24] <Bilrow[GGA]> he sometimes makes decisions without talking to his High Council

[16:25] <Egore> Alright, I'll make sure

[16:25] <Egore> So, is the GGA Triumvirate going to vote on if the VE can come back and if I can get amnesty?

[16:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> let us officially ask BoT

[16:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> but it shouldn't be a problem as long as its not green

[16:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> because we never wanted to see VE gone

[16:26] <Egore> Yeah

[16:26] <Egore> But some may have wanted to see me gone...heh

[16:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> oh and make sure Battleborn stays careful

[16:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> he had NpO coming to see if he could get off our list

[16:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> I don't know his new natiojn

[16:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> but he was impersonating Ivan on Esper

[16:27] <Spakistan[CIS]> Battleborn went all faggish

[16:27] <Egore> Yeah

[16:27] <Egore> I doubt he'll be coming with us

<Lines due to OPSec removed>

[16:29] <Egore> >_>

[16:29] <Egore> wut

[16:29] <Spakistan[CIS]> He did the worst account suicide ever

[16:29] <Egore> Brookbank?

[16:29] <Spakistan[CIS]> BB

[16:29] <Jonathan_Brookbank> What?

[16:29] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Oh, BB

[16:30] <Egore> what did he do?

[16:30] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I didn't even know he did an account suicide.

[16:30] * Spakistan[CIS] doesn't remember apart from it being lame

[16:30] <Jonathan_Brookbank> >_>

[16:31] <Spakistan[CIS]> Never really cared for him anyway, far too much ego

[16:36] <Egore> where could I find sponge?

[16:37] <Spakistan[CIS]> coldfront

[16:37] <Egore> channel?

[16:38] <Spakistan[CIS]> Query him

[16:38] <Spakistan[CIS]> He's AFK atm

[16:40] <Egore> what's the full server name?

[16:40] <Spakistan[CIS]> coldfront.net

[16:42] <Egore> thanks

[16:46] <Egore> weird

[16:46] <Egore> I can't connect to coldfront

[16:47] <Spakistan[CIS]> ./s -m irc.coldfront.com

[16:47] <Spakistan[CIS]> Try that

[16:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> or

[16:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> ./s -m irc.coldfront.net

[16:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> that's what I uses

[16:50] <Spakistan[CIS]> Check you being different

[16:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> LOL

[16:57] <Egore> heh thanks

Session Close: Sat Aug 18 23:09:54 2007

August 18, 2007

Query Sponge/Bilrow

During the above conversation

[15:42] <Bilrow[GGA]> http://z15.invisionfree.com/Cyber_Nations/...showtopic=81034 <- :)

[16:11] <sponge_afk> welcome to the free world

[16:12] <sponge_afk> heh

[16:12] <Bilrow[GGA]> Thanks :)

[16:12] <Bilrow[GGA]> VE is considering remaking (not on green)

[16:12] <Bilrow[GGA]> we are possibly going to offer protection because they fear GOONS

[16:12] <sponge_afk> black maybe :P

[16:12] <Bilrow[GGA]> would NpO be interested in possibly offering protection?

[16:14] <sponge_afk> well, if they are just going to go around stirring up trouble I don't know if that's a good idea, but if they really want to give it an honest go we'd sure consider it

[16:14] <Bilrow[GGA]> are you on Esper

[16:14] <Bilrow[GGA]> where we could invite you in a room

[16:15] <sponge_afk> no I'm not there at the moment, and I am just about to step out actually

[16:15] <Bilrow[GGA]> oh ok

[16:15] <sponge_afk> I should be back in about 20-30 minutes

[16:15] <Bilrow[GGA]> ok cool

[16:15] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:15] <Egore> My god honest intention is to let the VE live again

[16:15] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:15] <Egore> I miss it

[16:15] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:15] <Egore> A lot

[16:16] <sponge_afk> lol egore.

August 18, 2007

Query Bilrow and Egore

At the end of the previous conversation

Session Start: Sat Aug 18 16:30:12 2007Session Ident: Egore

[16:30] <Egore> mind of I ask something between you and me?

[16:30] <Bilrow[GGA]> Sure

[16:30] <Egore> In all honesty, how tense are things between the Unjust Path and the rest of WUT?

[16:30] <Bilrow[GGA]> very<Lines removed due to OpSec>

[16:32] <Egore> Can you do me a favor and see if I'm on the Enemies of GOONS list?

[16:32] <Egore> I'm fairly sure I'm not

[16:32] <Egore> so if I recreate

[16:32] <Egore> and we're protected by the NpO

[16:33] <Egore> they really can't do anything aobut it

[16:33] <Egore> because I'm not on the list

[16:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> my account is probably banned at GOONS

[16:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> they hate me now

[16:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> <_<

[16:33] <Egore> hahaha

[16:33] <Egore> yeah, I was banned a long time ago

[16:33] <Egore> I told you man

[16:33] <Egore> I always didn't like them

[16:36] <Egore> how does NPO feel about them?

[16:36] <Egore> They have the drinking buddies pact...

[16:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> not sure...

[16:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> that's something they are going to have to work out

[16:37] <Egore> yeah

August 18, 2007

GGA Triumvirate Discussion

Going on at the same time as the above convos

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> Jonathan

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [15:59] * Now talking in #mehmehmeh

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [15:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> mehmehmeh

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [15:59] * Spakistan[CIS] sets mode: +o Bilrow[GGA]

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [15:59] <Egore> hey Bilbaby

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [15:59] * Spakistan[CIS] sets mode: +s

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [15:59] * Spakistan[CIS] sets mode: +l 3

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [15:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> Hey Egore

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [15:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> Great drama day in CN

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [15:59] <Egore> haha yes indeed

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [15:59] <Egore> Ok, here's the deal

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [15:59] <Egore> I got to thinking

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> O_o

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:00] <Spakistan[CIS]> ^

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:00] <Egore> I really, really miss the VE, and I regret a lot of the things I have done as a leader

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> Was it before of after you drank...

[16:00] <Jonathan_Brookbank> O_o

[16:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:00] <Spakistan[CIS]> He wouldn't be coherent if it were after

[16:01] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Invite me in.

[16:01] <Jonathan_Brookbank> <_<

[16:01] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:00] <Egore> and I was wondering if I would be able to recreate the VE, while respecting the GGA's senate and alliance protocols on green

[16:01] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Tell him to invite me in.

[16:02] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Was Egore banned, or did he just delete his nation and go into exile?

[16:02] <Bilrow[GGA]> he just deleted his nation

[16:02] <Bilrow[GGA]> and went into exile

[16:03] <Jonathan_Brookbank> So, what's your opinion on him recreating and voting for us?

[16:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> well the PR side of us letting them come back

[16:04] <Bilrow[GGA]> and even doing a protectorate ship of them

[16:04] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Would be tremendous!

[16:04] <Bilrow[GGA]> would be awesome

[16:04] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Yeah.

[16:04] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Definitely.

[16:04] <Jonathan_Brookbank>

[17:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> and even doing a protectorate ship of them

[16:04] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I like that idea...

[16:04] <Bilrow[GGA]> suggest it?

[16:04] <Jonathan_Brookbank> k

[16:05] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:04] <Egore> so if you would allow us to, I would be willing to swallow my pride and be on another color[16:05]

<Bilrow[GGA]> he even offered another color

[16:05] <Bilrow[GGA]> take it

[16:05] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Oops.

[16:05] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I already said green.

[16:05] <Jonathan_Brookbank> >_>

[16:05] <Bilrow[GGA]> say we would have to vote for sure on that part

[16:06] <ALdbeign> another color

[16:06] <Bilrow[GGA]> yeah out of principle that would be the best thing

[16:06] <Bilrow[GGA]> but still offer the proctetorate ship

[16:06] <ALdbeign> and the protectorate part sounds good in that event

[16:07] <ALdbeign> hell, ill send him money to help rebuild faster

[16:09] <ALdbeign> also, we could make allowences for some of their members being green still

[16:09] <ALdbeign> as long as they are officially another color

[16:09] <Jonathan_Brookbank> [17:05] <Egore> My membership might think I'm switching sides or what have you<----I'm thinking this isn't a NEW idea...

[16:09] <Bilrow[GGA]> they have agreed to that for sure

[16:09] * ALdbeign is thinking of his trade partner

[16:09] <Bilrow[GGA]> they agreed to being on another color

[16:09] <ALdbeign> with resources that are damn hard to get ^^

[16:10] <Bilrow[GGA]> got to discuss with their guys about a protectorate ship

[16:10] <Jonathan_Brookbank> ALdbeign, how are you trading with someone in VE?

[16:10] <Jonathan_Brookbank> They disbanded...

[16:10] <Jonathan_Brookbank> O_o

[16:10] <ALdbeign> hes not in VE anymore

[16:10] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Ahh.

[16:10] <ALdbeign> he went to GPA

[16:10] <ALdbeign> but...he may want to go back to a new VE

[16:10] <ALdbeign> and his resource combo is impossible to get

[16:11] <ALdbeign> so im being greedy ;)

[16:11] <Jonathan_Brookbank> lol

[16:11] <ALdbeign> i went through hell trying to replace it

[16:11] <ALdbeign> after egore sanctioned me

[16:11] <ALdbeign> and he found someone else

[16:11] <ALdbeign> but that crapped out so he restarted it with me

[16:12] <ALdbeign> except for that spell hes my longest running trade

[16:12] <ALdbeign> been trading since last august

[16:12] <ALdbeign> or so...mebbe sept i forget

[16:26] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I vote aye, Bilrow[GGA], for reference.

[16:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> I vote aye as well

[16:34] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I'll be back later.

[16:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> hey

[16:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> I'm about to post this clarifiation

[16:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> As long as NPO is getting attacked by FAN the Grand Global Alliance will stand by her side and will not achieve peace without NPO.

[16:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> As long as NPO is getting attacked by FAN the Grand Global Alliance will stand by her side and will not achieve peace without NPO. The point of this was to ensure that our move out of WUT did not pull us out of that conflict.

[16:36] <ALdbeign> edit that last part

[16:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> to what?

[16:37] <ALdbeign> Second sentance... We did not pull out of WUT to escape our commitment to that conflict or something along those lines

[16:38] <Bilrow[GGA]> cool

[16:38] <ALdbeign> well i havent seen the thread...but it is more assumptive to drop "the point of this"

[16:38] <ALdbeign> and adjust the grammar accordingly

[16:39] <Bilrow[GGA]> Done.

[16:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> It almost brings a tear to my eyte

[16:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> eye

[16:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> when people like Moo

[16:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> and Mussolandi of NPO

[16:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> say things like besides NpO..GGA has been the best ally they have ever had

[16:40] <ALdbeign> yeah

[16:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> and that we have stood by them for almost a year....

[16:40] <ALdbeign> :D

[16:41] <Bilrow[GGA]> I'm getting emotional in my old age

[16:41] <ALdbeign> hehe

[16:41] <ALdbeign> im thinking about becoming more active btw

[16:41] <ALdbeign> if i can find the time that is

[16:41] <ALdbeign> i'll stay retired as far as leadership

[16:41] <Bilrow[GGA]> yay

[16:42] * Bilrow[GGA] gets you to work.

[16:42] <ALdbeign> but the current dramas have been the most interesting thing to happen in months

[16:42] <Bilrow[GGA]> well right now is the time we need you the most advisory wise

[16:42] <ALdbeign> the fan/cis war was a yawn

[16:42] <Bilrow[GGA]> so yeah I'm thankful...

[16:42] <Bilrow[GGA]> I know BoT and Jonathan wil be

[16:42] <ALdbeign> but the breakup of the initiative is interesting

[16:42] <Bilrow[GGA]> almost like history in the making...

[16:43] <Bilrow[GGA]> ;p

[16:43] <ALdbeign> i wasnt real thrilled with jopining it

[16:43] <Bilrow[GGA]> I am glad to be out of it

[16:43] <ALdbeign> yeah...it was too big and too successful

[16:43] <Bilrow[GGA]> Of course I had to realize that we have lots of members who never knew CN without WUT

[16:43] <Bilrow[GGA]> that's why we did a bigger internal post about leaving WUT

[16:43] <ALdbeign> i just wish NPO and NpO would have a total falling out lol

[16:43] <Bilrow[GGA]> than our 1 line external one that was closed right away

[16:43] <ALdbeign> now THAT would be interesting

[16:44] <Bilrow[GGA]> NPO and NpO seem to be patching things up slowly

[16:44] <Bilrow[GGA]> like brothers that fight

[16:44] <ALdbeign> yeah both are too smart

<Lines removed not pertaining to VE>

[22:31] <Bilrow[GGA]> oh yeah...

[22:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> Egore wants to come back and make VE

[22:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> not on green

[22:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> do you have a problem with offering a protectorship of them :P

[22:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> it would be good PR for us

[22:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> <_<

[22:32] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I'm tempted to just leave that thread with a post stating "If anyone wishes to know the true reasons why the Grand Global Alliance removed their signature from the World Unity Treaty, you may come to us to ask. If you are government in an alliance that needs to know, we will be more than happy to disclose our reasons to you. And with that, no further posts will be made by myself or any other member of the Grand Global Allia

[22:32] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Bilrow[GGA], may I do that and we stay out of the thread?

[22:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> That's fine with me

[22:32] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Because it's getting into the circular crap again.

[22:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> we are going in circles now

[22:32] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Just like when I talked to R in query.

[22:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> its the same 15 year old circular argument

[22:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> and not doing any good

[22:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> but...

[22:33] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> ewww I'm unsure of VE thing

[22:33] <Jonathan_Brookbank> lol

[22:33] <Jonathan_Brookbank> We thought you might say that.

[22:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> the protectorship part?

[22:33] * BearerofTruth[GGA] is thinking on it

August 19, 2007Query Bilrow/Egore

Session Start: Sun Aug 19 00:25:26 2007Session Ident: Egore[00:25] <Egore> hey[00:25] * Bilrow[GGA] waves.[00:25] <Egore> what the hell is going on in that thread?[00:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> You are seeing Step 1?[00:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> Desperation[00:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> actually Denial was step 1[00:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> Desperation is step 2[00:27] <Egore> >_>[00:27] <Egore> this is going to explode soon[00:27] <Egore> Well look[00:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> WUT is going to explode soon...[00:27] <Egore> if you can help me get the VE back on its feet[00:27] <Egore> I can offer my support[00:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> you best find a spot to hide :P[00:27] <Egore> what do you mean?[00:28] <Bilrow[GGA]> when WUT explodes..its going to be like the death star[00:28] <Bilrow[GGA]> debris shooting out everywhere[00:28] <Egore> hahaha[00:28] <Egore> yeah[00:28] <Egore> what do you think?[00:28] <Egore> TOP/GGA/NPO/NpO/IRON vs the Unjust Path?[00:28] <Bilrow[GGA]> not sure about TOP[00:28] <Bilrow[GGA]> they have about 50/50 membership that supports WUT actions[00:28] <Egore> ahh[00:29] <Bilrow[GGA]> just barely a majority to sustain what WUT does[00:29] <Bilrow[GGA]> but...[00:29] <Egore> This is why I get pissed off when I get !@#$ted on for leaving WUT[00:29] <Bilrow[GGA]> I don't see them hanging around this mess[00:29] <Egore> Other than getting trounced, I don't regret that decision one bit[00:29] <Bilrow[GGA]> It was a load off our mind today[00:30] <Egore> leaving WUT?[00:30] <Bilrow[GGA]> yeppers[00:31] <Bilrow[GGA]> even with the poor statistics of surviving once an alliance leaves[00:31] <Bilrow[GGA]> You know how when you are dating someone[00:31] <Bilrow[GGA]> and towards the end of the relationship everyday is a petty fight[00:31] <Bilrow[GGA]> that is what WUT has been like for the past 2 weeks[00:32] <Egore> yeah[00:32] <Egore> I knew this !@#$ would be coming[00:32] <Egore> It's because of GOONS and \m/ and the nature of their alliances[00:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> And the one person who could have swayed the GGA vote[00:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> Jonathan[00:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> they totally !@#$ted on[00:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> and made his mind up when the rest of us were already pretty much close minded on the issue[00:33] <Egore> yeah[00:33] <Egore> yeha[00:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> btw BoT is thinking about the protectorship thing [00:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> he wants to think about it a few days[00:34] <Egore> on green?[00:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> Green is no go for sure..[00:34] <Egore> haha damn[00:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> LOL[00:34] <Egore> I was being hopeful ;)[00:34] <Egore> I'd be cool with being blue[00:34] * Bilrow[GGA] writes up admin to make a new Green.[00:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> How about Emerald[00:35] <Egore> haha[00:35] <Egore> Fine, but we get dibs [00:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> ROFL[00:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> you could be like Sparta[00:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> on Pink[00:35] * Bilrow[GGA] runs.[00:35] <Egore> yeah i'll pass on that[00:35] <Egore> Pink is the reject color[00:35] <Egore> You're not implying anything are >:|[00:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> They chose that for themself...[00:36] <Egore> *are you[00:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> <_<[00:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> which was totally weird[00:36] <Egore> haha[00:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> well if anyone in the cyberverse has to worry about WUT attacking....[00:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> Sparta is one of the ones they hate[00:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> for some reason[00:37] <Egore> I didn't like them cause they had Silent for a while I think[00:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> was Silent in Sparta??[00:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> mg[00:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> OMG[00:38] <Egore> yeah[00:38] <Egore> anyway[00:38] <Egore> the thing I'm worried about most is me coming back to CN[00:38] <Egore> like, would GGA definitely protect me?[00:39] <Egore> even if GOONS doesn't like the fact I'm coming back[00:39] <Bilrow[GGA]> That's what BoT is having to think on...[00:39] <Bilrow[GGA]> he was little uneasy about that[00:39] <Egore> yeah[00:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> would definately have to line up treaties and stuff....prior to your announcing yourself[00:40] <Egore> and I understand[00:40] <Egore> what do you mean?[00:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> get some other people who would help like say CIS[00:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> or even NpO (if you are going to blue)[00:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> see about getting in BLEU[00:40] <Egore> oh definitely[00:40] <Egore> yeah[00:40] <Egore> so you'd be willing to go to war over me?[00:40] <Egore> how sweet...<Lines Removed for OpSec>[00:48] <Bilrow[GGA]> I took over 22 nukes total that month[00:48] <Egore> That !@#$%^&...[00:48] <Bilrow[GGA]> but it did show me that nukes aren't as bad as I thought[00:48] <Bilrow[GGA]> <_<[00:48] <Egore> Yeah, that's true[00:48] <Bilrow[GGA]> its a myth[00:49] <Egore> Though in the heat of an inter-alliance war where the outcome isn't decided, it can be pretty threatening[00:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> FAN tried to threaten it[00:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> and NPO called their bluff[00:49] <Egore> yeah[00:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> but NPO is also not #1 right now for it :([00:49] <Bilrow[GGA]> That hippy alliance is[00:50] <Egore> you should have took them out when you had the chance :P[00:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> ROFL[00:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> nah...[00:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> need a evil side of the force[00:50] <Bilrow[GGA]> as well as a good side[00:50] <Egore> haha[00:51] <Egore> yeah so anyway[00:51] <Bilrow[GGA]> I gotta head to bed...[00:51] <Egore> I think a conflict with the Unjust Path is inevitable[00:51] <Bilrow[GGA]> Definately conflict is inevitable[00:51] <Egore> so if you could help me get VE back on its feet, I'm sure my guys would have no qualms with help the GGA squash some GOONS :o[00:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> I will let you know what BoT decides and then the rest of us voting..[00:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> but it will be good to have VE back[00:52] <Egore> and it will be good to be back[00:52] <Egore> Thanks man[00:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> np[00:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> talk to you later...[00:52] <Egore> Well goodnight[14:46] <Egore> heySession Close: Sun Aug 19 20:46:02 2007
August 20, 2007GGA Triumvirate
[01:31] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> it's kind of amazing how we balance our PR isn't it?[01:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> yeah[01:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> we didn't plan this as a PR stunt[01:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> but it turned out as one[01:32] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> most of the time we don't[01:32] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Also, R helped us out on that a lot.[01:32] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> its just us doing what is right[01:32] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> aye[01:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> If we let VE come back with our endorsement[01:32] <Jonathan_Brookbank> His post and the subsequent trolling by WC and the GOONS.[01:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> that will help out PR as well[01:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> as long as they aren't on the Green Team[01:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> <_<[01:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> I told Egore he needed to work up some treaties with people like NpO[01:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> and others[01:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> before announcing coming back[01:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> otherwise GOONS would eat him up[01:33] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> aye... [01:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> he needs to plan this right[01:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> not like the OE thing[01:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> and just assume things will be ok[01:33] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> I still don't think I like it... but EGORE wasn't in power when VE did it's thing though right?[01:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> Egore was in power[01:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> he left 2 days before we attacked[01:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> so kinda left the ship before it sunk[01:34] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Tell him that if he doesn't play his cards right, we're taking everyone to perma-ZI with him.[01:34] <Jonathan_Brookbank> >_>[01:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> which in my opinion since he says he knew we were going to attack[01:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> that's kinda poor leadership[01:34] <Bilrow[GGA]> leave your alliance right before war[01:35] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> that's like the captain of a ship saying "peace" I'm outta here[01:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> Yep[01:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> That's what he did[01:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> I ate nukes for 7 days because of him[01:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> which I can forgive[01:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> I have moved on since then[01:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> <_<[01:36] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> wait, is SF actually ColeHammels[01:36] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> ?[01:36] <Jonathan_Brookbank> yes[01:36] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> GD it[01:36] <Jonathan_Brookbank> And we have his respect...[01:36] <Jonathan_Brookbank> lol[01:36] <Jonathan_Brookbank> What?[01:36] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> I just don't like the dude[01:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> BoT never holds grudges[01:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> NEVER[01:37] <Jonathan_Brookbank> lol[01:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> BoT will snap like ES in a minute[01:38] <Bilrow[GGA]> and start cussing and yelling[01:38] <Jonathan_Brookbank> ohshi-[01:38] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Not that again...<Lines removed unrelated>[01:40] <Bilrow[GGA]> LOL[01:41] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I still like how WC said we used the WUT to our advantage, but they had no problem with Valhalla rolling in there and using us to mop up legion for them.<Lines removed Unrelated>[19:11] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Bilrow[GGA], when you get back, Egore just checked in to see if we had made a decision.[19:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> Had we?[19:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> Or was BoT sill pondering?[19:23] <Bilrow[GGA]> Check out the rank masks at the forum[19:26] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I think BoT was still pondering.[19:26] <Jonathan_Brookbank> And I saw them, if you are talking about the color changes.[19:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> Yeah and made them wider[19:27] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Yeah.[19:27] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I like it.[19:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> You like them?
August 21, 2007GGA Triumvirate
[00:52] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> :( deleting old medal app[00:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> :)[00:52] * BearerofTruth[GGA] cries [00:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> so...[00:52] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> LOL[00:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> where are on VE[00:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> so when Egore drives me insane tomorrow[00:52] <Jonathan_Brookbank> lol[00:52] <Jonathan_Brookbank> He queried me, too.[00:53] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Said you weren't responding.[00:53] <Jonathan_Brookbank> >_>[00:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> or maybe I'll just ignore him and let Jonathan handle it[00:53] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Well, I DO need an answer to give him...[00:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> I am leary of the protectorate idea [00:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> becuase it would put GGA in undue danger[00:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> *because[00:54] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> aye[00:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> of course Green hell no[00:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> We would sign a lesser sort of document[00:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> like a TOF or something[00:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> for good PR[00:55] <Bilrow[GGA]> maybe<Lines Removed Unrelated>[01:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> To be honest[01:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> This situation would almost call for a NAP[01:00] <Jonathan_Brookbank> omg nap[01:00] * Jonathan_Brookbank goes to sleep[01:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> or something since we are still considered in a state of war with CE[01:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> VE[01:01] <Bilrow[GGA]> so there needs to be some sort of recoginition of the end of hostilities[01:01] <Bilrow[GGA]> It would set a bad precedent to let them disband[01:01] <Bilrow[GGA]> and come back months later[01:01] <Bilrow[GGA]> and think the get out of hostilities just because they disbanded for a little[01:01] <Bilrow[GGA]> *they[01:01] <Jonathan_Brookbank> But they DID satisfy the requirements...[01:01] <Jonathan_Brookbank> If they stay off green.[01:02] <Bilrow[GGA]> and it doesn't have to be anything major[01:02] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> no NAPS...[01:02] <Bilrow[GGA]> just a "Recogintion to the End of Hostilities"[01:02] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> exactly[01:02] <Bilrow[GGA]> kinda document[01:02] <Bilrow[GGA]> Where they agree on paper[01:02] <Bilrow[GGA]> to stay off green[01:02] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> but it still might gets us creamed[01:02] <Bilrow[GGA]> creamed like corn?[01:02] <Bilrow[GGA]> how so/[01:03] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> GOONS[01:03] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> need I say more[01:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> As long as we aren't treatied with VE[01:03] <Bilrow[GGA]> why would we get stomped[01:03] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> I just think they might pull that [01:03] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> possibly[01:03] * Bilrow[GGA] is missing the line of correlation.[01:04] <BearerofTruth[GGA]> maybe I'm tired[01:04] <Bilrow[GGA]> I mean we could always make sure[01:04] <Bilrow[GGA]> that Egore approaches GOONS also[01:04] <Bilrow[GGA]> but he probably wouldn't<Lines Removed Unrelated>[01:15] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Also, I do have a question in terms of long term goals/ideas...[01:15] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Are we attempting to align ourselves on one side, or what?[01:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> I personally don't think we should specifically align ourselves with one side...[01:16] <ironchef> <Bilrow[GGA]> she's here[01:16] <ironchef> * Jonathan_Brookbank hides[01:16] <ironchef> * Bilrow[GGA] dives behind Lester[GGA].[01:16] <ironchef> LOL[01:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> we should do treaties based off of friendshif[01:16] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Well, of course.[01:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> and who we know will uphold them[01:16] <ironchef> I know you love me:([01:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> I mean obviously I don't see us MDP GOONS[01:16] <Jonathan_Brookbank> But do we want to let fear of WUT retribution hold us back from treatying people?[01:17] <Jonathan_Brookbank> If we get along well with them, etc.?[01:17] <Bilrow[GGA]> We shouldn't fear WUT retribution[01:17] <Bilrow[GGA]> that's where VE failed[01:17] <Bilrow[GGA]> they started looking for the boogey man[01:17] <Bilrow[GGA]> behind every corner[01:18] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Alright.[01:19] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I'm just trying to get a general feel for the next 6 months or so.[01:20] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Making sure if my activity drops I can still have an idea of what's going on.[01:20] <Bilrow[GGA]> I think I am going to start doing what Phoib did at the CN forums[01:20] <Bilrow[GGA]> for Triumvirate/Edlers[01:20] <Bilrow[GGA]> Elders[01:21] <Bilrow[GGA]> like important annoucnement stuff in one thread..[01:21] <Jonathan_Brookbank> With the recent threads?[01:21] <Bilrow[GGA]> with links[01:21] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Not a bad idea.[01:21] <Bilrow[GGA]> so we can all stay somewhat on the same page[01:21] <Bilrow[GGA]> matter of fact[01:21] <Bilrow[GGA]> I will just copy Phoibs[01:21] <Bilrow[GGA]> :P[01:21] <Jonathan_Brookbank> lol[01:21] <Bilrow[GGA]> and put it in theTriumvirate section[01:21] <Jonathan_Brookbank> Or just link to it...[01:21] <Jonathan_Brookbank> I think we can all click a link.[01:21] <Jonathan_Brookbank> :P[01:21] <Bilrow[GGA]> Maybe[01:21] * Bilrow[GGA] looks at BearerofTruth[GGA][01:21] <Bilrow[GGA]> Who still hasn't read the academy thread
August 26, 2007GGA Triumvirate
[14:54] <andre27[gga]> let's see there's a diplomatic character[14:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> LOL[14:54] <andre27[gga]> a near hippy[14:54] <Bilrow[GGA]> Guess who the war mongers are[14:54] <andre27[gga]> a war monger<Lines removed harrassing and joke with the person who originated the idea of attacking VE to begin with>[14:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> Of course VE is coming back...[14:57] <Bilrow[GGA]> but not on green[14:58] <Bilrow[GGA]> Egore and I talk nightly[14:58] <andre27[gga]> you mean in the brigade?[14:58] <Bilrow[GGA]> he's trying to work out a protectarate with NpO[14:58] <andre27[gga]> lol[14:58] <Bilrow[GGA]> because GOONS will be looking to kill VE once they re-announce they are back[14:58] <Bilrow[GGA]> we voted unaninmous not to be their protectarote[14:58] <andre27[gga]> not surprising[14:58] <Bilrow[GGA]> because we didn't want to be curb stomped[14:58] <Bilrow[GGA]> by GOONS[14:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> but we will be drafting a "end of hostilities" document with them[14:59] <andre27[gga]> on the issue of being stumped[14:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> and VE will be located on blue[14:59] <andre27[gga]> what's up with sparta[14:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> fresh meat[14:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> once the GUARD breaks up[14:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> \m/ and GOONS will kill Sparta[14:59] <Bilrow[GGA]> just for the LOLZ[15:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> That's the main reasoning for us not getting a treaty with them[15:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> because again we don't want to be curbstomped[15:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> I would be happy with no war until Janaury[15:00] <ALdbeign> my previous offer of start up cash for egore stands...plz pass that along[15:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> January[15:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> I sure will[15:00] <Bilrow[GGA]> signed..<Line Removed >[15:01] <Bilrow[GGA]> Prodigal_ALdbeign[15:01] <ALdbeign> lol
September 6, 2007Query Egore/Bilrow
Session Start: Thu Sep 06 19:26:30 2007Session Ident: Egore[19:26] <Egore> hey[19:26] * Bilrow[GGA] waves.[19:26] <Egore> what's going on with GOONS?[19:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> Yesterday BAPS came in #GGA[19:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <electron_sponge> hehe[19:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> asked if someone they had been attacking was really GGA[19:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> our MoIA checked the roster and saw that he was on the roster[19:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> but he told them he wasn't sure what we do since he had changed his AA for some reason to None since Saturday[19:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> and then back to GGA[19:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:52] <Bilrow[GGA]> and that he was going to message me[19:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> he messaged me and I let him know the guy hadn't been expelled or resigned[19:26] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> and as far as GGA Charter he was still a member..until we found out otherwise from him[19:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> today BAPS come in #GGA and were told that[19:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> they get Alastor of GOONS to get me in a IRC with him[19:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> and tell me that they won't give peace unless the guy they attacked pays reps[19:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:53] <Bilrow[GGA]> for defending himself[19:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> [16:54] <electron_sponge> extortion[19:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> original issue[19:27] <Egore> mmhmmm[19:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> when the member ignored my pms and changed his aa again and GOONS attacked those attacking our member[19:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> GOONS want us to kick out someone for defending himself when they declared on him[19:27] <Bilrow[GGA]> or else pay 60 million in reps[19:28] <Bilrow[GGA]> NPO is pressuring hard right now to get GOONS to back down[19:28] <Egore> so what are you going to do?[19:28] <Bilrow[GGA]> but GGA is going into full war mode[19:28] <Egore> !@#$@#$ sweet[19:28] <Egore> Thank you Bilrow[19:28] <Bilrow[GGA]> we won't pay or kick out a long term member for defending himself[19:28] <Bilrow[GGA]> we refuse[19:28] <Egore> hey question[19:28] <Bilrow[GGA]> they can ZI us[19:28] <Egore> say there is a full scale war with GOONS and the UJP[19:28] <Egore> and you guys win[19:29] <Egore> can you make it a condition that GOONS is at peace with all alliances now[19:29] <Egore> so that the VE can exist?[19:29] <Egore> >_>[19:29] <Bilrow[GGA]> hell yeah[19:29] <Egore> haha thanks man[19:29] <Egore> I PMed ES about getting the VE back up and running[19:30] <Egore> and he never responded[19:30] <Bilrow[GGA]> We are going down fighting if we have to[19:30] <Bilrow[GGA]> we refuse to be extorted like Legion was[19:30] <Bilrow[GGA]> and others[19:30] <Bilrow[GGA]> Legion was recently extorted by \m/ similirarly[19:30] <Egore> Well hopefully NPO/NpO/IRON will take your side[19:30] <Egore> And take out GOONS[19:31] <Egore> see, if you didn't take out the VE[19:31] <Egore> you'd have another ally![19:31] <Bilrow[GGA]> LOL[19:32] <Egore> if you do go to war (oh god I hope you do), do you think the NPO will back you?[19:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> I hope so[19:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> I hope this will be the straw that breaks the camels back[19:32] <Egore> Yeah[19:32] <Bilrow[GGA]> GGA has been an ally longer than GOONS[19:33] <Egore> Well, I know you hope they do[19:33] <Egore> But do you think they will?[19:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> No idea.they are really pushing hard at this point[19:36] <Egore> Yeah[19:36] <Egore> Have you talked to them about the possibility?[19:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> we are in talks right now[19:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> doing alot of diplomat work right now[19:36] <Bilrow[GGA]> getting people lined up to defend us[19:37] <Egore> Nice[19:37] <Egore> It's going to be a hard fought battle, but necessary[19:38] <Egore> At the very least, you have NpO on your side, it seems[19:38] <Egore> Is ES on right now?[19:39] <Bilrow[GGA]> yeppers[19:39] <Bilrow[GGA]> on coldfront[19:39] <Bilrow[GGA]> just had the GGA member offer to be kicked to stop war[19:39] <Bilrow[GGA]> told him hell no[19:39] <Egore> niceSession Close: Thu Sep 06 19:49:14 2007Session Start: Thu Sep 06 20:11:44 2007Session Ident: Egore[20:11] <Egore> I'm talking to Sponge right now[20:11] <Bilrow[GGA]> Awesome[20:12] <Egore> I *think* this is how it's going to go down[20:12] <Egore> if we can get everything work out properly[20:12] <Bilrow[GGA]> ROFL[20:12] <Egore> So GOONS attakcs GGA[20:12] <Egore> NPO pulls out of drinking buddies/Initiative, NpO pulls out of drinking buddies[20:12] <Egore> after a few days[20:13] <Egore> Full scale war between NPO/NpO/GGA/IRON/BLEU/Others vs UJP/Others[20:13] <Egore> and when we can get our barings[20:13] <Bilrow[GGA]> I really don't want war :([20:13] <Bilrow[GGA]> I'm tired of war[20:13] <Egore> the VE will reform, make peace with NPO and GGA, and declare war on GOONS all in one fell swoop[20:14] <Bilrow[GGA]> Of course with timing that will help to make sure GOONS can get bandwaggonners on GGA using the name of VE[20:14] <Bilrow[GGA]> because you know they will[20:15] <Egore> like who?[20:15] <Bilrow[GGA]> well really not anyone[20:15] <Bilrow[GGA]> since everyone is kinda allied to NpO[20:15] <Bilrow[GGA]> if NpO goes one way they will follow them[20:16] <Egore> haha[20:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> there are soooo many alliances now its ridiciouls[20:16] <Egore> yeah[20:16] <Bilrow[GGA]> ridiculous[20:16] <Egore> yeah, that's true[20:16] <Egore> I think we'll be fine[20:16] <Egore> Bilrow, I know you don't want war[20:17] <Egore> But someone needs to take GOONS down a peg[20:17] <Egore> They're getting out of hand[20:17] <Bilrow[GGA]> and the sad thing is[20:17] <Bilrow[GGA]> GGA helped build up GOONS attitude[20:17] <Egore> how?[20:17] <Bilrow[GGA]> and its partly our fault[20:17] <Bilrow[GGA]> I mean ES and I talk about it all the time that we helped breed this situation that we are in[20:18] <Bilrow[GGA]> GOONS think they are unbeatable[20:18] <Egore> yeah[20:18] <Egore> so did FAN[20:18] <Egore> and look what happen to them[20:18] <Egore> I think we should give them a FANning[20:19] <Bilrow[GGA]> yeppers[20:34] <Egore> do you think there will be war tonight?[20:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> don't know[20:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> if not I will have blue war balls[20:35] <Egore> hahaha[20:35] <Egore> yeah me too[20:37] <Egore> well anyways[20:37] <Egore> i'll be going now[20:37] <Egore> later man[20:37] <Egore> perhaps we'll see you on the battlefield[20:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> ater[20:37] <Bilrow[GGA]> laterSession Close: Thu Sep 06 21:17:59 2007Session Start: Thu Sep 06 22:32:44 2007Session Ident: Egore[22:32] <Egore> why'd you back down?[22:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> I[22:33] <Bilrow[GGA]> I'll tell you[22:35] <Egore> hmm?[22:35] <Bilrow[GGA]> We aren't paying nothing<Lines Removed Due to OPSec>Session Close: Thu Sep 06 23:29:18 2007


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