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Metroid: End of the Federation

Kevin Kingswell

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It was a strange feeling, as if one was drifting along a river with no land in sight. Nothing but an endless view of water and more water. That was what this feeling was like and it angered her. Angered her in a way she had never truly felt before, it made her whole body come aflame and if she could she would have clenched her fists tightly together and screamed that name. That one name that had caused her so much trouble.

Samus. Samus Aran.

It was strange she thought. Here she was when she should be dead and yet she wasn't. Something had happened, something had occured that meant instead of being destroyed and being wiped from existance she had instead been able to survive. If only barely. Still it was better, much better than being dead and if she could concentrate. Yes. Yes if only she concentrated.

In the vast of space a long ship sailed through the stars with a load of cargo and a happy family onboard life couldn't be better. Yet in the cargo hold something was happening, something that marked the beginning of the end for not just this kind loving family but for the rest of the universe too.

A sudden bright light flared up inside the cargo hold of the vessel, bathing the hold's cargo with brightness and from the brightness a form began to take shape. Starting as nothing more than a dark spark the form began to condense into a black cloud, seeming to suck in the bright light the cloud grew and grew becoming more solid with every second.

From this clouded form a more humanoid shape began to take its place until on mighty wings of darkness the creature dropped to the floor of the hold. Concentrating once more the figure drew in the wings and reformed her shape into that of the famous bounty hunter Samus Aran. Straighting the figure turned its gaze from side to side as if stretching from a long rest, finally the figure flexed its arms and turned to face the hold's exit with but one thought on her mind.

"I have returned" thought Dark Samus with glee.

OOC: Anyone can join this if they want to. I have a plot thought up but you don't have to follow it if you want to join. You can be pretty anyone you want to be and do what you want as obviouslly this isn't following canon Metroid history.

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"Hey dear something is happening in the hold, looks like some sort of energy source" said the merchant's wife with very annoyed tone. One thing she hated more that her children and husband fooling around was unexpected events and this energy surge was very unexpected. Swinging around in her seat she saw that her husband had ,once again, totally decided to ignore her and was instead listening to his heavy metal music.

Shaking her head in disgust and promising herself that when she got back she would deal with him the woman made her way out into the ship's corridors and down towards the cargo hold. Stopping to pick up a small sidearm she opened the cargo hold's personal hatch to be met with the imposing bulk of Dark Samus. Before she could mutter one word Dark Samus raised her Power Beam and shot down the poor woman with a sharp cry.

Hearing his mother's piercing death cry her daughter and son ran as fast as they could towards the last sound of their mother. Their bodies would later be found in one of the ship's corridors killed by the same weapon that had killed their mother. Making swift progress Dark Samus made her way to the transport's bridge, killing the captain with a quick burst before taking a seat at the controls.

The vessel itself was nearing its final destination, a small Federation outpost above the planet Sigma X453. The transport it seemed, at least according to the ship's logs, made this run quite often and so she decided to let the autopilot take her in whilst she prepared herself to give the Federation soldiers a little surprise.

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