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Whispering Sands


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OOC: Apologies to everyone for not responding sooner, had some internet troubles while moving O_O. But, battlefield connections online XD. Now... time for some fun.



Since their shadowy return several months earlier, the Aether Empire had worked tirelessly to restore a lost paradise destroyed by the heathens of Novak, Rebel Army and Carthage. The Coven of the Gnosis had acted together with whatever remnants remained of the original loyal Aether Forces and gathered once again the fragments of the great master dream of Zarfef. Then, with a tenuous peace secured through small skirmishes within Tazania and Rwanda, the Aether Empire began operation Sand Castles, using it's work efforts over the years to reform the land into livable conditions, securing their position through construction, jobs and winning the hearts of the people.

Their enigmatic new leader, Dante, continued his work within the Empire's high command from behind the curtains, working both simultaneously to mold national political affairs in the creation of a benevolent ruling party, while always remembering the Aethers terrible past by working to restore national military power, a fact of necessity with a namesake as controversial as Aether's. But time would need be given it's due first while the workers labored and the soldiers were trained, hence little fanfare was made public. There would be a time for fanfare and revelry, but this was not the hour in which it would yield it's fruit. This would then continue in turn till the present day, when the current order interactions would commence...

[B]The Gathering[/B]

[B]Aether Global Command Station Epsilon
Mnt. Meru Aether Empire (Tazania)

Beneath the steamy jungles of Mnt. Meru, was carved out one of the new homes of the Aether Empire, Global Command Station Epsilon. As it's greek denotation suggests, it is was one of several such bases of operation within and possibly without the Aether Empire. The reconstruction of these "evil lairs" had been one of Dante's primary objectives given to Aether Military Command as an objective key to the vision of Zarfef.

The Vons did not disappoint. At Epsilon, they ordered the construction of a prototype of the original command center where Zarfef planned on speaking to the Red Sands on top of the mountain's volcanic crater. As before in Dubai, entry and base structure was strongly controlled, with volcanic gases trapped within the rocks, stored for usage in "gassing out" unwanted spies like those present at the end of the Great War of Arabia. Power was also centralized and used the volcanic terrain to provide emergency geo-thermal energy sources for the base's communication, life-support and defense systems. Within were hallowed walls were Dante had set up command and issued many of his orders to the rest of the empire. Obsidian black walls with red lighting systems and instrument panels, which mixed with hushed tones and whispered orders. Here before the great council, he stood now, having a discussion of the future economic plans of the empire. One man who spoke before the great collective which spoke as one booming, ominous voice from the Z-4 Display screen.

Z4: [B]<As we expected, we are already receiving trouble with the reconstruction of Tensor Industries. Taeunas has declared it a "terrorist support organization".>[/B]

Dante: [B]Indeed, as was predicted, there is trouble when our great message rung out to the world. The forces of evil conspired once again against us. But we have understood this since the beginning, but we were also correct in saying that fate would provide. I wish to recognize the actions of the Nation of Nod, our old ally has sheltered us from the wind and neighbors to the north have expressed interests in our return. [/B] Dante Chuckled, [B]Queen Amyante has even sent a cask of rice wine for our great leader, Zarfef.[/B]

Z4:[B]<Indeed. The Heaven's rain down blessings more then evil tidings my student. We should hasten to forge those bonds that we have been given. It is only a shame that the Aether Empire doesn't know of my existence so that such fine gifts might be enjoyed. But that too will come in time.>

<The return of Zarfef would be a great thing indeed. But as said, it is not the given hour.>[/B]

Dante: [B]Indeed. We await the return of Zarfef joyfully, it gives fresh air to our labors. And that is why I am here today.[/B]

Dante: [B]As we know, the recent Draft of the National Governmental Economic Policy outlined in document #0604101 is nearing completion of it's 3rd major segment of 9. Funding has been acquired and allocated to the construction of a national tunnel and highway system meant to maintain and improve national infrastructure and boost the economy and large amounts of funds are being redirected towards the reconstruction of our economic abilities as well as institute a national military transportation grid such as used in Raochin during the Great War of Arabia. Even with Taeunas ruffling her feathers, if we remain externally peaceful and focus our efforts on forming a healthy and happy economic environment, money will flow and they will look like the hypocrites. [/B]

Z4:[B]<Indeed. As Aether doctrine declares, a happy people are the people of our ideal utopian world vision, and a strong economy is the backbone of our future military superiority and national defense. There is no need within an evil organization of evil to go out of their way in harming citizens, it is much better to have the masses in our favor. However Dante, that is not the primary goal of that document, do not forget Operation Brilliant Madness.>[/B]

Dante: [B]Have some patience my audience, I was just about to say. With the completion of our national reconstruction act, we will be poised to bring about the great master plan, the translation of the Scroll of the Essenes continues on plan and will act as the catalyst needed to bring about the construction of an OMP, Orudie Massovykh Porazhenie, the fruit of Greece and the inheritance of our people from the old world.[/B]

Z4:[B]<Yes. Azreal and the other members of the Gnosis were key in the security of much during that operation. While Greece eventually fell, the election in our favor there secured us a great deal of funds supporting our regenesis here within East Africa and by acquiring many of the Soviet scientists that supported their cause, we will soon wield the same weapons that last lead to our very destruction. But it is a costly endeavor, at a cost of approximately 182 Billion Standard Monetary Units, the development of this sword will be the Empire's most ambitious project to date, so given the effort, you can see why the national underground highway system was a necessary pre-requisite, it supports both the hiding of the transportation of goods, the development of items needed and the economic costs of hosting such a program of approximately ten war-heads. Three strategic weapons to provide a nuclear deterrent and seven tactical warheads for the defense of the national borders... closer to home.>[/B]

Z4:[B]<All the same Dante, don't get too hasty. Our goal isn't to make a flashy international display, the people are too easily swayed by fears of things they do not understand. It is essential to avoid final construction and implementation until AFTER the Scroll of the Essenes have been translated and then, only construct smaller warheads that cannot be shown off on fancy satellites and on the surface look no different from their more... conventional friends. These are weapons of deterrence and national security, not weapons to be used on future subjects of other lands.>[/B]

Dante: [B]Understood. I doubt that many nations will be able to make much of our actions given the amazing growth predicted after the translation of the Scroll of the Essenes. We will easily be the most [i]advanced[/i] terrorist organization in the world. [/B]

Z4:[B]<Pay little heed to their words. We knew this would happen. This is not the stage for the end though, instead it is the stage for the beginning. Your next order of business is to ignore these declarations by Taeunas allowing their competing nations to make a profit from their loss by the international market... in this way, their enemies will only prosper by their own capitalistic system. But your focus, your goal, is to reach out to the local leaders around your local region to help build a alliance web by which the new Empire can depend. It is our friends that will see us to the great new day. For we had shown in the last great war that we will be friends till the end, which is a greater victory then any that Novak ever won in those sands.>[/B]

Dante: [B]Very well, the time has come to step onto the world stage.[/B]

OOC: To be continued...

Edited by Zarfef
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