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Himynamistan military dispositions


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Currently, two Himynamistan carrier groups are stationed off the Pacific coast, near Puerto Vallarta. The other four are in the Gulf of Mexico region. One is now based in Tampico, a second in Kuutsmil, and a third in Santo Domingo. The fourth carrier group is patrolling the international waters north of Cuba.


Most of Himynamistan's air force is defensive. It is known that, within minutes, Himynamistan's fighter squadrons can be in the air and ready to fly supremacy missions. Given the small geographic area of Himynamistan, such force concentration could prove decisive in a defensive battle. Offensively, the geography of the region lends itself to many water routes to potential targets, limiting both the need for flyover requests as well as opportunities for enemy anti-air defenses to engage them. The air force of Himynamistan is the most technologically advanced in the region, especially with the addition of the HF-35 carrier-based stealth fighter.


Currently, Himynamistan military forces are in a defensive posture, with force concentrations along the HAE border and in fortifications overlooking beach areas. Hyminamistan's land forces, like its air forces, are very technologically advanced and would enjoy significant advantages on the defense. Offensively, their airmobile divisions are considered some of the best troops in the world, and would form the vanguard of any military action.

Himynamistan also trains its militia divisions in guerrilla tactics. This means its police forces not only have constitutionally permissible functions as military units, but irregular ones at that. While normal civilians would be expected to possibly join resistance movements against invaders, these militia units would form the cadres of those movements - and could, quite possibly serve in a "revolutionary vanguard" role, infiltrating enemy positions and creating havoc in rear areas.


It is estimated that Himynamistan possesses an arsenal of nuclear weapons roughly on numeric parity with any of its nuclear-armed neighbors. Analysts note, however, that Himynamistan's technological advantages would likely translate both to greater accuracy and higher yield of its nuclear forces. Defensively, Himynamistan possesses a number of space-based and point defense systems that have a roughly 60% chance of knocking out any one incoming continental or theater ballistic missiles. Sub-launched missiles from proximate launch zones would likely be immune to space-based defenses, but correspondingly more vulnerable to ground-based point defense systems.

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