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To reaffirm bonds


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One of the older treaties the GDR had, made when a King still reigned in a nation named Austria, was with the Imperial Union, later renamed to the Phoenix Empire, which soon merged into the Holy American Empire.
Since then, the treaty of Mutual Defense, but optional Aggression still stood, but relations were somewhat lackluster, to say the least. Trade was there, of course, and both nations would come to each other's help if worst came to worse, which hadn't happened yet, incidentially.

However, Premier Obama felt there was a need to rebuild god relations with the HAE, thus sending a message to them.

[code]To: Holy Imperium of Man
From: German Democratic Republic, Premier Obama's desk

Dear Emperor Kevin Holihan,

For long, we've had a treaty of defense and aggression, but little diplomacy and little action shown in our relationship.
The treaty with your nation being one of the longest-standing ones the GDR has, I thought that we could perhaps
initiate talks to change this situation and show that we not just have this treaty, but still care about each other.

I thus ask whether we could send a representative to your nation to talk about economic ties and other such topics.

Premier Obama[/code]

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[quote]To: German Democratic Republic
From: Holy American Empire, Desk of the Emperor

To Premier Obama,

Indeed it has been too long since our nations managed their ties together. For two pledged to defend one another to the death, this is absolutely unacceptable. I would be most honored to accept your most dignified suggestion, as it bears much merit. There are matters we can discuss which may significantly interest you and your nation.

To the Honor of our Ancestors,
Emperor Kevin Holihan[/quote]

A reception was prepared in Foundation for the oncoming official(s).

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With the HAE acknowledging the need to strengthen relations, Premier Obama sent Foreign Minister Westerwelle, accompanied by the best scientist in the nation and a small entourage of other advisors and the like.
Word was that there was more than just the Imperial Cult in the HAE, which was why the old scientist had been sent as well, for Obama was curious about the nature of this. The cognitive abilities of the scientist had, amazingly, not deteoriated over the years, making him perfect for this kind of assignment.

Within the next 24 hours, the plane would come into radar range of the Holy American Empire, escorted until then by two fighter-planes of the GDR. Once HAE planes came to meet them, the GDR planes would move towards the nearest military base and request landing clearance to refuel and wait for the plane to return to the GDR.
The passenger plane meanwhile would continue to the HAE's capital city.

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Two of the Empire's Night-Haunter fighters flew out to the oncoming plane. They fell into an escort formation before sending their German counterparts an all-clear signal with the intent of taking over for the flight into Imperial airspace. The fighters were free to refuel and replenish themselves in the Empire and return with their dignitary.

The trek took a few additional hours, passing over the Atlantic coast and jungle interior of the Amazon. The structure built by both the Empire and the German Republic was visible on the horizon; a testament to the power and sheer capability of the two nations when combined. A relatively uneventful flight leading to the Imperial Capital, constructed on the ruins of La Paz once conquered from Top Gear.

One massive airport was reserved solely for diplomatic use near the massive cathedral which dominated the skyline. It was at this terminal that the plane was directed to touch down, after receiving clearance above the local traffic.


Emperor Holihan sat at his desk, awaiting the visitors.

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After landing, the FM and his entourage would be rbought to the Emperor, after going through any standard security measures. No weapons would be found and thus the delegation would likely be allowed into the Emperor's office.

Westerwelle and the scientist entered, the rest waiting outside.
"Emperor Holihan, hello. It's an honour meeting you," said Westerwelle, bowing slightly after walking to the desk, now waiting to be offered a seat.
The scientist didn't concern himself with such niceties and simply sat down on the left chair, nodding to the Emperor.

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The Emperor stood as well in deference to his dignified guests, nodding at the pleasantry.

"Please, be seated. I don't hold much stock in the pleasantries so inherent to international diplomacy." He noted with a bit of amusement that the scientist apparently didn't concern himself with such niceties either. So much the better.

"You'll forgive me if I'm a bit out of sorts, we haven't had a visit from our German friends in such a long time." A few files were sitting on the Emperor's desk, their contents were entirely relevant to the meeting and whatever course it may take. "So, you've come out all this way. I must say I look forward to tightening our bonds, for too long have we gone our separate ways in this cold world." A wry smile worked its' way onto the Emperor's face, almost in spite of himself.

"What can we in the Empire do for you?"

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"Mostly, this visit is simply to show we still care about each other and that the treaty between our two nations, though there is a thing I'd like to talk about."
He finally sat down, putting his briefcase on his lap, opening it. After a few seconds of searching, he found a map, namely that of an archipelago in the atlantic ocean, Madeira.
"You may remember that we wanted to talk about this archipelago a few years ago, though nothing ever came from that, unfortunately. I'd like to take this visit as a chance to renew these talks. However, if you have something that if of greater importance than this - which is quite likely - then please continue. Madeira can wait a bit. if you'dlike to talk about something else."

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"Of course not, I'd be more than happy to talk about transferring control of the Madieras. There is, of course the matter of what we receive in return..." Kevin phrased his next few sentences very carefully. "There is the standard things we are interested in; killing things better, making the red ones truly go faster, the like." He smiled and leaned forward incrementally. "Of course, one of the things I'm most interested in is whatever form of the [i]Liber Daemonica[/i] you happen to have in your possession."

As he spoke the room chilled in an almost unnoticeable sense, as if the words themselves were abominations against the universe.

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This time, it was not Westerwelle who spoke. He had stiffened somewhat, not having expected something like this, but suspecting air conditioning to be the culprit of the cooling room. He also suspected that this was why leclerc was sent with him.

In the meantime, Leclerc began smiling.
"Papa Nurgle sends his regards, Holihan. We have many things with which you could kill things better and easier. I was told that some of these things have truly staggering amounts of Dakka. Regarding the...document you asked about, there are one or two things we happened to acquire over time."

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"Uncle Nurgle has my love, as always." Kevin smiled slightly at the sheer irony of a human professing care for such a deity. "I'm sure the military will be pleased to hear their Dakka is going to get boosted. You know how they are about being able to smash heads, as it is." The Emperor reached for a file on his desk. "What I'm trying to do at this point is put together a repository of our combined knowledge of the Dark Gods, which is as of yet incomplete. I'm sure you have knowledge of Nergal, which is something I need to go along with Tzeentch.

"And, of course, Malal." His grin grew slightly feral.

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"Yes, they love smashing heads. They just love their Waagh.
Now, regarding this repository, I'm sure I could contribute some things concerning Nurgle to it. Now, do you have information about Slaneesh and Khorne, as well? Or are you still looking for knowledge about them?"

When Malal was mentioned, Leclerc's smile flattened somewhat. "Ah...Malal. An elusive entity. I do not know much about it, unfortunately, aside from some claiming it to be renegade."

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"Malal is my patron deity." Kevin smiled ferally, showing glistening white teeth. "He is the fifth Chaos god, the outsider. He represents the conundrum of Chaos destroying everything, including Chaos. A bit nihilistic, don't you think?" He opened up another file and pulled a document from inside. "Technically speaking, Malal grows stronger when the other gods of chaos grow, as well as vice-versa. And at the moment, Chaos in this world is very strong. As I'm sure you know, since we're having this conversation."

He opened another folder. "There are some artifacts to Nurgle on the Madeiras. Their position is marked on this map, as well as height surveys and geological data useful for establishing military bases and the like. Of course, not that either of us would [i]do [/i]such a thing." The Emperor closed the folder and dropped it in front of Leclerc.

"All I want is our nations to remain close, and any data you happen to find on Chaos."

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Leclerc nodded. "Chaos is strong, but could be stronger. there are some in this world attempting to stop it in its tracks."
He looked to Westerwelle, who seemed to have calmed, but still ever so slightly confused about the topic. [i]'Demons, gods? What the hell?'[/i]

"Those artifacts might be very useful for my studies and the GDR's general progress in certain scientific disciplines. And I'm...sure that nobody would [i]ever[/i] build a military base on Madeira."
The scientist took the folder.
"I can guarantee that we'll stay close, and that I will send you whatever information I have about Chaos."
He handed the folder to Westerwelle, who put it and his own map into the briefcase.

"Now, is there anything else you'd like to talk about, Emperor?"

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The scientist nodded to the Foreign Minister, who began speaking.
"Well...Other than what we are already importing via the usual channels, we may need additional building materials for the construction of a factory complex near Vienna, as well as a few defensive emplacements in our African state, Estuaire, where the Space Elevator stands. We're currently working to make the location somewhat more defensible in case our forces in Europe are overwhelmed and the government has to retreat elsewhere. Other than that, nothing, I think."

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"Likewise, Holihan."
Leclerc smiled after getting up, while Westerwelle began making a list of the materials needed, later giving it to one of the Emperor's aides shortly before leaving.
With this, the bonds between these two nations had been strengthened, and Madeira would soon receive a small influx of workers from the GDR.

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