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Rebel Army Broadcasting Network


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The Rebel Army Broadcasting Network is an international news corporation dedicated to bringing news to the public eye. Its goal is to bring about a greater awareness of international politics to the citizens of the world, and it aims to do so by having a large, active reporting base to report news as it happens.

[b]International Headquarters:[/b] Baghdad, Rebel Army

[b]Domestic Locations:[/b][list]

[b]Foreign Headquarters:[/b] [list]
[*]Carthage City, Carthage
[*]Athens, Athenian Federation
[*]Shanghai, United States of China
[*]Muscat, Novak
[*]Mecca, Novak
[*]Riyadh, Novak
[*]Aden, Novak
[*]Jinan, People's Republic of China
[*]Bangkok, People's Republic of China
[*]Phnom Penh, People's Republic of China
[*]Vientiane, People's Republic of China
[*]Hong Kong International Settlement Zone
[*]Paris, France
[*]Perth, Australia
[*]Mercton, J Andres
[*]Munich, German Democratic Republic
[*]Vienna, German Democratic Republic
[*]Ljubljana, German Democratic Republic
[*]Urumqi, Cochin
[*]Mumbai, Cochin
[*]Calcutta, Cochin
[*]Louisville, United States of America
[*]Glasgow, Scotland
[*]Tokyo, Japan

OOC Information:

The RABN is not a player in world events. Though specific characters within the organization may hold influence with international leaders, the organization itself is not a recognized nation in CNRP; therefore, it is not allowed to act as a nation. Rebel Army also has not authorized the controlling player (hawk_11) to have any control over Rebel Army; therefore, the Rebel Army Broadcasting Network is not capable of acting in an official capacity for the player Lavo. That is all that will be said on the issue.

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