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Took Long Enough Treaty

Acca Dacca

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[center][size="5"]The "Took Long Enough" Treaty[/size][/center]

We, the signatory nations in order to form a stable organization, ensure peace and security, and extend a sphere of peace and prosperity, do hereby establish this mutual treaty of military and political cooperation.

[b]Article I:[/b] [i]Sovereignty[/i]
Each of the nations bearing a signature on this treaty hereby declares that they will uphold the values and honor of said signatories’ sovereignty. They agree not to invade, interfere in internal affairs, or oppress the other signatory that partakes in this treaty.

[b]Article II:[/b] [i]Non-Aggression[/i]
Neither nation shall engage in hostile acts against the other. Hostile acts are defined as actions which have the intention to harm the other nation. In the event such acts happen, the nation at fault is expected to pay equal reparations, if requested.

[b]Article III:[/b] [i]Economic[/i]
Both nations are required to not put any tariffs on imports from the other nation, and shall engage in free trade.

[b]Article IV:[/b] [i]Optional Defense[/i]
In the event either nation falls under attack, the other nation can be asked to come to its defense and declare war on the nation that attacked it, but is not required to.

[b]Article V:[/b] [i]Optional Aggression[/i]
Neither nation is obliged to partake in assistance in offensive wars, all military or monetary support is strictly to be decided by each sovereign nation, yet both are encourage to support each other when needed.

[b]Article VI:[/b] [i]Cancellation[/i]
In the event this treaty cannot last, and one nation does not see fit to continue it, that party may enact a cancellation period. This period will last for 72 hours, during which the treaty is fully active until the 72 hours are up, then this treaty shall be rendered as void.

[b]Signed For Carthage:[/b]
[i]King Muhammed VI[/i]

[b]Signed for the Sicilian League:[/b]

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