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Grassy plains panders to Nod

Lord Zephyr

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In a very nice looking letter Abraham Lincoln writes this:
[quote]To the Nod Foreign Ministry,

I formally request a meeting to discuss future relations with our closest neighbor. We can either meet in Nairobi or a location of your choice.

Thank you,
Abraham Lincoln

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OOC: What? You're the one who wanted it :P

IC: Abraham meets her at the airport/train station/truck stop and greets her,

"Hello Madam," Abraham bows, "Welcome to Grassy Plains N Such. Would you like to grab some lunch before we begin?"

Regardless of if she says yes or no he guides her to a Black Limousine, opens the door for her, gets in himself, and they drive off to either lunch or Grand General Mao's Palace, or perhaps even lunch at Grand General Mao's Palace.

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After a lunch at the place of choice, Lincoln moved them to the leaders Palace. It was fairly typical of a dictators palace, except there were many things in place to accommodate both humans and cats. Most doors had a smaller entrance on or near by them, the stairs had steps that could easily be walked up by a four legged creature, and there was a large pond in the main entrance with a sign in front of it that read "Grand Generals Hunting Grounds: Any poachers will be removed"

"Welcome to the Grand Generals Palace. Its really just for show but we do use it for some occasions." General Lincoln said. He lead Nyani to two big fluffy chairs by a table with two cups of coffee and some cakes on it.

"Now that we're all nice and comfortable lets get down to business. As you are well aware your nation is the closest neighbor to our fine country. Because of this I do believe it is imperative that we establish good relations with each other. Don't you agree?"

OOC: He then shoots her and launches missiles at everybody.

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Assuming she agrees.

"I have drafted this, see if it's to your liking."

[quote] Grassy-Nod Alliance

We, the signatory nations in order to form a stable organization, ensure peace and security, and extend a sphere of peace and prosperity, do hereby establish this mutual treaty of military and political cooperation.

Article I: Sovereignty
Each of the nations bearing a signature on this treaty hereby declares that they will uphold the values and honor of said signatories’ sovereignty. They agree not to invade, interfere in internal affairs, or oppress the other signatory that partakes in this treaty.

Article II: Non-Aggression
Neither nation that signs this document will attack or commit an act of war on the other while it is still in effect.

Article III: Defense
In the event either nation falls under attack, the other nation will come to the aid of the first and declare war on the attacker, providing as much aid as they can.

Article IV: Optional Aggression
In the event of an offensive war of either signer the other may choose to help with the attack. It is not required for either nation to help each other in an offensive attack.

Article V: Cancellation
In the event that either signer should decide to cancel this treaty they must give a 48 hour cancellation period before it is officially dissolved.

Signed for Grassy Plains N' Such:
Abraham Lincoln


Signed for the Nod:

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Nyani thought long and hard on the implications of this Treaty.

[b]"I will not lie to you. I have reservations on signing a Treaty that contains any clause that will seek to force our hand militarily- be it in an Offensive, or even Defensive capacity. My nation and its people have recently expressed its mockery of the Coalition that is currently attacking Tahoe as a band of roving sheep following a puppet master. This mockery stems from a number of nations citing Mutual Defense and Offense Treaties as being their sole reason for war."[/b]

Nyani thought long and hard. The GPnS seemed harmless enough, that was certain. However, in the event of a third military action against the NoN, Nyani concluded that it would be in her nation's best interests if one of its flanks was secured by outside support.

[b]"We will break our oath against signing such treaties in this case, and this case only. Know that we see the GPnS as close friends that might very well be a part of the NoN now, if it wasn't for outside interference. It is by this that I seek to treat your nation and its people as I would treat my own.

I will sign your document."[/b]

[b]Nyani Oshibutu[/b], Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Nation of Nod
[b]Signing for[/b]
[b]The Executive Minister[/b], Executive Minister, Executive Ministry of the Nation of Nod[/quote]

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"I assure you if you truly do not wish to help us in our defense for whatever reason then we will cancel this treaty in a heartbeat and we shall go our separate ways. I don't hope it comes to that and I don't think it ever will."

He offered his handshake and they returned to their respectful offices.

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