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Fall of South East China

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"Our nation has fallen into Anarchy,the capital building is surrounded by rioters and most of the army has abandoned,we ask for Cochin's aid."

This message is being repeatedly sent to Cochin.

OOC: Due to computer issues I'm going to have hand my lands over to cochin as a protectorate. Although I may return in August or September(possibly July).

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2nd Brigade of Third Infantry Regiment, based at Kohima is now deploying to South East China to assist them in restoring law and order. If the legitimate government of PRSEC is unable to maintain stability, the Kingdom of Cochin would establish Cochin Chinese Protectorate, and thus maintain stability and law and order until such a time as another government forms up in the land.

OOC: I shall maintain this land as protectorate for you, until such time as you return. If however in due time you feel unable to return please inform me that too, as I would be able to give this land to any new player who asks for it.

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