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Out of the ruins...came the light


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Men in gray radiation suits dashed through the streets of what was once Vaer Rannar. One group dashed around the corner right into another group, and the first group fired opened fire, slaughtering them. The soldiers resumed their dash. A total of five groups dashed through the gray labyrinth of the ruins. Rifle fire barked out once again,and again, leaving dozens of soldiers dead. A squad with red rad suits dashed out of a building and joined the fray that now included three of the surviving groups. Leutnant Halvorsson of the Imperial Knights opened fire with the light machine gun attachment for his AMAWS. Gray suited shapes twisted and danced as he filled the air with a hail of lead. His fellows from the Gloomwalkers fired, taking out the ones they judged were the leaders, also taking out any heavy weapons they saw. Halvorsson felt a searing pain begin to walk up his leg and into his chest even as fell to the ground, soundless inside his helmet. He looked up into the sky and saw his Lord, Faliondron swooping to greet him.

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Leutnant Bashar Ormsson and his squad dashed through the ruins of what was once the bright and lively city of Vaer Rannar. They knew the other squads were after them, and that lent greater speed to their feet. they were going to the center of the city, to the place where once sat the reactor that had exploded and destroyed the city, taking half of the Andonian and Golekhi armies with it.

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